Bondageseil - schwarz

Das beste Bondageeseil für erotische Fesselspiele welches wir kennen und ausprobieren konnten!  Es ist schön locker geflochten und läßt jeden Knoten zu.

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    Mehr Infos

    Das beste Seil für erotische Fesselspiele welches wir kennen und ausprobieren konnten! Nach langer Suche haben wir endlich eine Quelle in den USA gefunden, eine kleine Seilerei, die uns dieses Seil fertigt.

    Es ist schön locker geflochten und läßt jeden Knoten zu. Selbst Anfänger tun sich besonders leicht mit diesem schönen Seil. Dieses Seil liefern wir Dir fertig konfektioniert, sozusagen "ready-to-use", in erprobten Längen.

    Durchmesser ca. 10 mm, schwarz




    MEO Black Bondage Rope Review

    Bondage rope is a staple in just about every kinky bedroom. When the amazing folk at MEO sent me their Ropemaster Anal Hook for review they were generous enough to send me some of their Black Bondage Rope to use with it.

    The importance of good bondage rope can’t be over-estimated. Without the right type of rope submissives may suffer chaffing and cutting in from long term restraint. It’s always worth investing in a few lengths if you regularly indulge in rope bondage.

    The Correct Length

    The MEO Black Bondage Rope comes in two pre-cut lengths of 3 metres and 10 metres. 3 Metres would be a perfect length for securing ankles and wrists. Whilst a 10-metre length is great for harnesses and suspension.

    The packaging for MEO Black Bondage Rope is familiarly unfussy. MEO favour a no-nonsense approach to packaging and this is no exception, arriving in a clear plastic bag.

    Opening the bag, I found a solid wrap of black coloured rope. The dye is consistent and thorough, I can see no patchy colour as I unravel it and pass it through my hands. There is no noticeable scent, to the MEO Black Bondage Rope.

    Silky Finish

    The finish has a loosely woven silky feel. I find no pulls or snags in the lengths and it easily slides across itself as I start to tie slip knots to test it. There is a slight elasticity to the lengths as I tug on them.

    A stunning sheen covers the surface of the MEO Black Bondage Rope, it actually catches the light. The Jet-black colour is a great contrast against my pale skin.

    The rope itself is constructed of many tiny tight braids, it’s exceptionally strong and I’d have no issues using this rope for suspension.

    Easily Retrievable Ends

    Helpfully MEO have marked the ends with bright yellow antifray thread. This is such a bonus when using the ten metre lengths as locating the ends isn’t always easy and the vivid yellow is immediately noticeable.

    MEO state on their website that the Black Bondage Rope is specially made for them in Germany and from how handsome the rope is I have no trouble believing this. It feels so sleek as it runs through my hands. Although there is friction and heat there is no burn and this is impressive.

    Using MEO Black Bondage Rope

    So, what is it like to use MEO Black Bondage Rope? I found whilst being bound with it, it felt warm and soft against my skin, whilst still providing the much needed “rope bite” I look for in rope bondage. I suffered no chafing or rubbing, despite long term binding.

    The thick 10 mm circumference of the lengths makes for great weight distribution. It also allowed many passes to sit neatly alongside each other without any movement. Once knotted it stayed tight and undoing it required nothing more than a wriggle of the ropes to loosen the knots. We found no problems with tangling during use either.

    Rope Marks not Dye Streaks

    If like me, you like the marks left by rope binding then you’ll be just as pleased with the MEO Black Bondage Rope as I was. Whilst it didn’t cut or rub it did leave me with some nice rope marks on my skin as a pleasant reminder of play.

    None of the dye transferred during use, not on clothes or sheets. This is great as I’ve experienced colour bleed with ropes before once sweat and bodily fluids are introduced.

    Caring for your Rope

    As with anything used in the bedroom you’ll need to wash your MEO Black Bondage Rope lengths. I washed mine in warm soapy water and lost barely any colour even in washing. After drying the rope was as good as new and felt just as silky as when I unwrapped it.

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    • 2 von 2 Kunden fanden diese Bewertung hilfreich.

    Das Seil ist super und fühlt sich gut an

    Das Seil ist super und fühlt sich gut an. Die Dicke ist für uns ausreichend (wir haben nicht vor Suspensio-Bondage zu praktizieren) .. Alles in allem können wir das Seil empfehlen.



      Loving this i use it for fun things and the quality for it is beyond believeable overall it is quite amazing


        Does its job

        This rope is great It's a great length, so you can tie your partner to anything or just tie them up themselves. Rope feels great on the skin, too, very silky feel and no burning!

        • 1 von 1 Kunden fanden diese Bewertung hilfreich.

        Perfekt für Bondage

        Mein Freund und ich haben uns diese Seile mal als Einstieg in das Thema Bondage gekauft weil uns Hanfseile zu teuer waren, und wir sind wirklich sehr zufrieden mit diesem Einkauf!! Wir können das Produkt nur an alle Bondage-Freunde weiterempfehlen!!

        • 1 von 1 Kunden fanden diese Bewertung hilfreich.

        Tolles Material und angenehm auf der Haut

        Das Seil ist sehr schön, gut verarbeitet, von tollem Material und angenehm auf der Haut. So macht es Spaß damit zu fesseln.


          Five stars

          Good price and good quality.


            Excellent bondage rope

            After trying several types of rope, this became my go to.


              A recommander. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

              Bon produit. Corde très douce. A recommander. . . . . . . . . . . . . .


                Je recommande

                Produit conforme à la description
                Excellent rapport qualité prix
                Corde agréable à manipuler, parfaite pour une découverte en douceur

                • 1 von 1 Kunden fanden diese Bewertung hilfreich.

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                Bondageseil - schwarz

                Bondageseil - schwarz

                Das beste Bondageeseil für erotische Fesselspiele welches wir kennen und ausprobieren konnten!  Es ist schön locker geflochten und läßt jeden Knoten zu.

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