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ZackZack schnurloser Reizstrom-Power-Massager

ZackZack schnurloser Reizstrom-Power-Massager

Deine empfindlichsten Stellen kannst Du jetzt nicht nur mit einer starken Vibration verwöhnen, sondern auch mit prickelndem Reizstrom von zart bis hart. Und das alles auf Knopfdruck. ZackZack an Hoden und Penis oder im Po angewendet verursacht ORGASTISCHE GEFÜHLE, die Du so sicherlich noch die erlebt hast.

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    Mehr Infos

    Deine empfindlichsten Stellen kannst Du jetzt nicht nur mit einer starken Vibration verwöhnen, sondern auch mit prickelndem Reizstrom von zart bis hart. Und das alles auf Knopfdruck.

    ZackZack an Hoden und Penis oder im Po angewendet verursacht ORGASTISCHE GEFÜHLE, die Du so sicherlich noch die erlebt hast.

    Mühelos erreicht der kabellose und kompakte ZackZack alle Deine erogenen Zonen! Je nach Grad Deiner Lust wählst Du zwischen 5 Reizstromstärken UND 5 Vibrationsstufen. Verwöhnen oder Bestrafen – all dies macht unser ZackZack möglich.

    · Größe : 27 cm Gesamtlänge, 6 cm Kopfdurchmesser
    · Material: ABS, TPR, Silikon
    · Batterien: Benötigt 4-AAA Batterien (bitte separat bestellen)
    · Kombiniert geile Vibration und verwöhnenden/bestrafenden Reizstrom
    · Genieße 5 Stufen an Elektrostimulation von zart bis hart und 5 Stufen an Vibration
    · kabellos und kompakt – einfach in der Anwendung und perfekt für die Reise.




    Starke Vibration, verhaltener Stromfluss

    Ich war anfangs sehr begeistert von der Vibration des Massagers, allerdings hätte ich mir von den Stromimpulsen etwas mehr Power gewünscht. Die Abstufungen der Stärke des Vibrators fand ich relativ ok, wobei ich mir dann auch parallel einen intensiveren Reizstrom gewünscht hätte. Für ein E-Stim-Gerät hätte ich hier mehr erwartet. Was allerdings bei meiner Bewertung sehr abwertend ins Gewicht fällt, ist die Tatsache, dass nach einem Tag Passivität ( der Massager liegt nur unbenutzt im Schrank) die Batterien komplett entladen sind. Das ist nun nach insgesamt 3 Zyklen passiert, so dass ich annehme, dass das nicht an den Batterien liegt sondern, an dem Massager. Also, nehmt die Batterien nach Benutzung raus, sonst ist beim nächsten Spiel die Enttäuschung groß, da das Teil dann nicht funktionsbereit ist.

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    I’m going to need batteries. A lot more batteries.

    Combining powerful wand vibrations with light electrostimulation, the Meo ZackZack Cordless Vibrating Estim Wand Massager is the sex toy of my dreams (at least in theory). I mean, seriously—I adore wands. I electrocute my vagina pretty much daily (for health reasons, of course) so this toy was practically made for me.

    Whoever decided to combine these two sex toy ideas had a true spark of inspiration, as the Meo ZackZack Estim Wand is a thrilling addition to anyone’s toy chest. I mean, a good wand is worth its weight in gold as it is (and this is a very good wand), but by adding electricity suddenly there’s a whole new element to your play session.

    The Meo ZackZack Estim Wand isn’t just effective—it’s daring. And it’s one dare that I’m happy to take any day of the week.

    The Meo ZackZack Estim Wand is a simple-but-effective wand vibrator which adds the additional element of electrostimulation in to the mix.

    Now when I say ‘electricity’ a lot of you may shudder or be taken aback at the mere thought and let me start by saying I totally get that. I avoided electrostimulation for a long time, assuming it would be a painful experience reserved to those who count themselves as masochists. I honestly don’t know what impulse came over me when I eventually agreed to a demo of electrostimulation in action but I was happy I did because I’ve been a huge enthusiast ever since.

    Much like paddles, whips, and pinwheels, Estim toys look and sound scary but actually offer a wide range of sensations and a huge amount of control.

    On the gentler settings it can feel like the gentle prickle of pins and needles (without the horrible accompaniment of that dead-weight sensation) or the timid tingle caused by a feather running across the skin.

    On the higher levels these tingles do become more sharp and precise, but never are they capable of inflicting serious harm. Estim technology goes through diligent safety checks to make sure the only pain they inflict is the controlled and consensual kind, so as long as you read the instructions for your product you should be a-okay.

    When it comes to the Meo ZackZack Estim Wand the 5 different levels of electrostimulation are actually incredibly tame—providing a gentle and diffuse tingle on the lowest setting and a sharper prickling sensation on the very highest, but not once going past the level of strength you get when someone touches you and you get a sudden jolt. These sensations are also very broad and deep—spreading across the entire vulva and tickling the vaginal opening when applied to this area—which I think works very well with the overall function of a wand.

    These electrical currents are provided by a set of rings around the head of the wand, so if you want contact then all you need to do is make sure the wand is firmly applied to your area of choice. Unlike a lot of Estim toys I’ve used the Meo ZackZack Estim Wand doesn’t actually provide a strong shock if you suddenly move the head away from your skin (something warned against by many Estim toys). In fact the moment you break full contact you essentially stop receiving the current, adding to the safety of this product. The Estimulation is also controlled independently from the vibrations, so you can choose to use this as a standard wand, an Estim wand, or both at the same time.

    This is very easily controlled through two sets of ^ and v buttons, which are easy to access from the Meo ZackZack Estim Wand’s comfortable handle area, which is made out of ABS plastic. The head of the Meo ZackZack Estim Wand is made out of silicone and is non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe. This silicone has a matte surface and feels nice and smooth, but isn’t anything sensational. It’s what I’d consider to be functional silicone—it does what it’s supposed to and that’s more than enough. However if you do prefer a silicone surface that beckons stroking then the Meo ZackZack Estim Wand might leave you a little upset.

    The wand overall is 10.5 inches, so not full-sized but not quite medium either. It’s sort of a transition between these two sizes but is still very easy to use and apply to the vulva. I’ve found no issue using this wand with dildos inserted, even larger ones, so it’s fair to say that it offers some leeway during use too.

    But, of course, what’s a wand without strong vibrations, and the Meo ZackZack Estim Wand brings more than just electricity to the party. For a battery-powered wand this product delivers an impressively powerful and rumbly set of vibrations which I actually really enjoy. I could happily use this wand as my go-to and I wouldn’t feel like I was missing out in any way. In fact ever since I received it I’ve used it for every single play session. It’s simply that effective.

    The vibrations aren’t the rumbliest on the market (that honor still goes to the Lelo Smart Wand and the Swan Wand) but they have enough of a firm quiver to them to compete with most larger wands in terms of rumble. The power on the Meo ZackZack Estim Wand is also rather impressive (again, on par with most larger wands, but below the Doxy, Lelo Smartwand Large, or Hitachi) and I’ve never felt the need to use this wand on maximum power. The low and mid-levels provide more than enough oomph to satisfy even my power-craving vulva.

    The combination that this toy provides of electricity and vibration is the very definition of orgasmic. Both the rumble and the electricity of this wand spreads deeply into the body and overwhelms the area it’s applied to with sensation—merging into a prickly rumble. Each element does have its own individual flare but the two also work in harmony to augment each other further.

    The electricity seemed to hype my clitoris up as if it were a teenager trying its very first energy drink, dizzy and excited by the newfound rush of sensations. Whenever I reached orgasm with this toy (which was often) I felt it throughout my entire body and I rode it for longer than I bothered to count. I was too busy relishing the sensations as they engulfed my body and made my head go fuzzy. When a wand robs a sex toy reviewer of their professionalism then you know it’s good.

    But, of course, no toy is perfect and I have some rather important criticisms of the Meo ZackZack Estim Wand.

    The first is probably a given but it still brings me great sadness—This toy is power hungry. Incredibly so. With Estimulation and strong vibrations to fuel, the 4xAAA batteries that power this toy don’t last long when everything is going full throttle. In fact I’ve already cycled through two pairs in my under a fortnight’s worth of use. Granted I take a long time to come and like to use both settings but such a power consumption could prove very costly over time. I wish this toy were rechargeable or even mains powered because then it would be perfect. But for now I sometimes find myself fighting against the mercy of Duracell.

    I need MOAR!

    To add some insult to injury the vibrations from this wand get a bit gentler if you decide to use the Estim feature too, meaning if you do like to go full force then it may be a toss-up between being shocked or being rumbled.

    The rings on this wand may also prove to be abrasive when rubbed up against some people’s genitals. This isn’t a problem most of the time (especially when lubricant is used) but it may be more of an issue for people who dislike any texture or have sensitive skin.

    This toy isn’t waterproof either, making cleaning a bit more of a pain (especially with the above mentioned rings factored in). I use a toy cleaner and wet wipes on my wand but I do wish it could be waterproof. What can I say? I’m a reviewer with high standards.

    And, of course, while I adore Estimulation it won’t be to everyone’s taste. Mr. Peaches doesn’t like the sensation, neither does another friend of mine, but Lemon Fresh does. It really does depend on the individual and how their body responds, which is why I’d advise trying to get a demo of electrostimulation in an adult store before actually buying an Estim product. It’s worth the trip and can be a fun activity for couples too.

    Final Thoughts

    Meo specializes in extreme BDSM items, and the ZackZack Estim Wand can definitely bring that sense of intensity to a play session.

    Providing a tame-yet-effective electro-experience, this wand performs brilliantly in every regard and is well worth the investment.

    This product isn’t perfect but the orgasms and sensations that it provides more than make up for its shortcomings and have me looking a bulk buying AAAs. The bright side of this being that if my wand ever does die on me mid-use all I need to do is pop some batteries in the back and I’m good to keep on going.

    If, like me, you adore Estimulation and crave the power and intensity of a wand then this product truly is the best of both worlds and I highly recommend it.

    If you’re electro-curious…well, I can’t think of a better safety net for a sex toy then making sure it can still deliver strong vibrations even if you ultimately decide that Estim isn’t for you.



      orgasm in under 10 minutes

      When used directly against the penis to stimulate the frenulum, it led to an extremely pleasant and satisfactory orgasm in under 10 minutes – and that’s going from Flaccid to OH MY GOD. The amount of power that it kicked out was certainly more than enough to do it’s job. I couldn’t believe it had worked as well as it did.


        ZackZack !!!

        So this month we were delighted, excited but also a tiny bit nervous to review the ZackZack Cordless Vibrating E-stim Wand Massager sold by MEO.de. We have loved wands for a long time, starting out over 8 years ago with the original Hitachi wand. These days things have come on a long way with big names such as Doxy, LELO, and Lovehoney all making fantastic wand vibrators. If you’re like me they are always the sex toy you grab when you want a guaranteed orgasm or two.

        In addition to their MEO Power Massager Vibrating Wand MEO team have produced something a little different with the ZackZack Cordless Vibrating E-stim Wand Massager. This is the first wand vibrator I have come across with e-stim (although research shows there are some others out there) and I was very excited to have a play.

        The ZackZack Cordless Vibrating E-stim Wand Massager comes in nice, simple, non-wasteful packaging with no ridiculous pornographic images. The instructions on the back state that using e-stim gel will increase effectiveness MEO have this covered with their ESHOCK electrode gel for electro sex.
        E-stim Only

        The e-stim from the ZackZack Cordless Vibrating E-stim Wand Massager works when the 2 rings that are visible on the silicone head both make contact with the skin at the same time. It is advised that a film of the gel is put around the wand and more gel on whatever body part it’s destined for.

        The electricity has a scale of 1 to 5. Being a little nervous I went for number one to start with and cautiously positioned the ZackZack Cordless Vibrating E-stim Wand Massager over my clit like I would with any other wand vibrator. Unfortunately, to be honest, I couldn’t really feel anything ‘shocking’. I was kind of laid thinking can I feel it? Is that the e-stim or am I imagining it? I turned the e-stim up to level 3 and – ooooh yes I could definitely feel it then. It wasn’t the sensation I had imagined, it was quite a pleasant tingling feeling. It really got me excited for an orgasm.

        I don’t think the electric alone would ever give me an orgasm but it certainly got me in the mood for more. I upped the volume to max and now I could really feel it. On full power the pleasure element had gone for me, so I quickly come down to number 3. Doing this also gave me an idea for a different kind of play…
        I thought the ZackZack Cordless Vibrating E-stim Wand Massager would act as a fantastic means of fun torture. So with my playful Mistress head on and my husband tied spread-eagled I had great fun shocking his balls repeatedly. It must be my little sadistic side as I gained great pleasure from watching him squirm and his cock twitch as his balls were shocked. It really turned me on to have that power over him in this way. It’s a similar satisfaction I get from tickling him whilst in a compromising position.

        In summary: we loved the e-stim element of the ZackZack Cordless Vibrating E-stim Wand Massager very much and will continue to use it during our bedroom activities.

        Vibrating Head & E-stim
        The vibrating head on the ZackZack Cordless Vibrating E-stim Wand Massager is made from beautiful silicone. Sizewise the head is similar to most other wands measuring in at 6cm diameter.

        3 AAA batteries power the ZackZack Cordless Vibrating E-stim Wand Massager. For me, this is the main drawback of the wand vibrator. I’m not saying it should be mains powered like many wands are (as it is nice to go cordless) but for me a sex toy with this price tag should have batteries built in with USB charging. If it also had some kind of docking station it would make it extra awesome.

        The power: feeling slightly negative about the battery situation I wasn’t overly optimistic about how powerful the vibrations would be, given the power source. However, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

        The vibration levels are staggered well, and are actually quite powerful. Don’t expect mains powered vibration levels here but expect better than most Rampant Rabbit intensities.

        Earlier in this review I mentioned that using the e-stim alone got me very excited but it was never going to get me to orgasm. However throw a good measure of the vibrations in and I found I was cumming very quickly indeed – and to my partner’s delight I was cumming over and over again. I think the e-stim aspect really got me in the mood!

        To conclude: the ZackZack Cordless Vibrating E-stim Wand Massager is a great wand vibrator and a treasured addition to our collection. The final score is only marked down slightly due to my gripe over the choice of power supply.

        Read the full review at:

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        tres tres bon produit

        si ce n est en fait un appareil de stimulation sexuel c est un appareil
        qui peut stimuler pratiquement toute les parties de votre corps facile d installation

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        Schnelle Lieferung und tolle Qualität

        Wie immer schnell geliefert in diskreter Verpackung. Das Ding bringt's ! Meine Frau wird ganz wuschig wenn ich mit dem Ding ankomme


          Super geil: Reizstrom in Kombination mit Vibration

          Super geil: Reizstrom in Kombination mit Vibration .... Gerade bei BDSM-Sessions ist der Wechsel von zart bis hart total geil. Kann ich nur empfehlen.

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          Nul !!

          Seule la partie vibro fonctionne , la partie électrostimulation a fonctionné 10 mn !! et encore sans puissance aucune ....Mauvais article !!

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          Sono multo contenta de l mio acquisto,il paco e arrivato in 2 giorni! E un massagatore intimo ottimo,l orgazmo e diventato il mio amico notturno...Grazie MEO

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          Schnelle Lieferung, tolles Produkt

          Absolut genial der Zack Zack. Durch die zweifache Stimulation, hat man auch DOPPELT Spaß. Am liebsten mag ich es, wenn mein Partner ihn bei mir anwendet. Die Verarbeitung ist hochwertig und das Produkt absolut zu empfehlen.

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          20 "O" Experience

          Blow your mind

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          Magst Du es auch härter ? Dann ist er richtige Wahl

          Ich bin sprachlos, wenn der ZackZack an mir benutzt wird. Geradezu paralysiert. Aber irgendwann kann ich nur noch nach Erlösung betteln.
          Also er ist wirklich empfehlenswert für Paare und Verliebte, die es auch mal etwas härter mögen.

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          Das Gerät ist super !

          Das Gerät ist super ! Gar keine Frage. Der Wechsel von Reizstrom zu Vibration und wieder zurück oder beides gleichzeitig ist für den passiven ist UNGLAUBLICH INTENSIV und geht an die physischen und psychischen Grenzen wenn dabei noch eine Maske oder Augenmaske getragen wird. Einen Punkt Abzug weil es diesmal etwas länger bei der Lieferung gedauert hat.

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          ZackZack schnurloser Reizstrom-Power-Massager

          ZackZack schnurloser Reizstrom-Power-Massager

          Deine empfindlichsten Stellen kannst Du jetzt nicht nur mit einer starken Vibration verwöhnen, sondern auch mit prickelndem Reizstrom von zart bis hart. Und das alles auf Knopfdruck. ZackZack an Hoden und Penis oder im Po angewendet verursacht ORGASTISCHE GEFÜHLE, die Du so sicherlich noch die erlebt hast.

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