Hot Octopuss - Pulse II Solo

Der totale Wahnsinn! Berührungslos zum Orgasmus! Ob Du willst, oder nicht: Hot Octopuss - Pulse II Solo macht Deinen Schwanz steinhart und bringt Dich selbst ohne Erektion zum Orgasmus.

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    Mehr Infos

    Der patentierte Pulse II Solo macht jeden glücklich! Zur Stimulation nutzt er intensive Schwingungen statt Vibrationen. Das heißt, im Vergleich zu herkömmlichen Masturbatoren bietet Pulse eine besonders kräftige Stimulation und sorgt für intensive Orgasmen durch spannungsgeladene Wellen direkt am Frenulum, der sensibelsten Stelle am Penis.


    Die Technik der oszillierenden Schwingungen wurde in der Fortpflanzungsmedizin entwickelt. Auch Männer mit erektiler Dysfunktion können diesen Stimulator und Masturbator problemlos verwenden.


    Pulse macht Deinen Schwanz steinhart und bringt Dich selbst ohne Erektion zum Orgasmus.


    Bei der 2., optimierten Generation des Pulse Toys kannst Du mittels 2 Knöpfen unter 5 Stimulationsstufen wählen, um Dein Orgasmus-Programm ganz auf Deine individuellen Bedürfnisse zuzuschneiden.


    Dieser geniale Masturbator erlaubt Dir sogar eine handfreie Bedienung. So kannst Du Dich beim Spielen entspannt zurücklehnen oder andere erogene Zonen verwöhnen, während Pulse es Dir besorgt.


    Auch feuchtfröhliche Spiele unter der Dusche oder in der Wanne macht der wasserdichte Pulse gerne mit. Nach dem Orgasmus kannst Du den Masturbator ganz einfach wieder mit dem dazugehörigen USB-Ladekabel aufladen.


    Das Toy sollte ausschließlich mit Aquameo, einem Gleitgel auf Wasserbasis verwendet werden, da silikonbasierende Gleitmittel dem Material schaden würden.





    Space Age Masturbation

    When Candy told me I was going to review the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo II for the great people at MEO I was so excited. This would be the first Guybrator I’d have tried. Their website is packed full of weird and wonderful ways to make you cum. The customer service is amazing and delivery is always fast and discrete.

    Space Age Masturbation

    When Candy gave me the box my first impression was good, it looks impressive, big and shiny with a design that screams “I’m expensive”. Opening the box revealed the Pulse II Solo, seeing the device just sitting there like some shiny black designer space aged cock trap. I couldn’t wait to try it.

    The Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo II is USB chargeable and the charging cable is tucked in the box. There is a small connection port for charging at the base of the Pulse Solo II, this is tucked behind a small rubber flap. This flap cover is made of the same material as the Pulse II so it blends in well.

    The Pulse Solo II needs a full charge before you can begin using it, this took around 4 hours. Bear this in mind, patience is a virtue.

    The controls of the Pulse Solo II are positioned on either side of the unit. Power and setting change on one side and a + - on the other. The + – will increase and decrease the vibrations of whichever setting you choose.

    The Pulse Solo II has 9 varying speeds and 5 vibration patterns to choose from, this a great choice and there should be something in there to suit everyone.

    Once the Pulse Solo II is charged I’d suggest you go through all the settings and play with the intensity before you use it, you’ll get a better idea of what to expect during your wank. Although I can fully understand why Hot Octopuss chose to position the controls where they did, ergonomically it makes sense. However, in practice the pressing of the buttons isn’t the easiest of jobs to do mid wank, let’s say it will hinder your rhythm (more on this later).. I found it easier to choose a setting beforehand and leave it alone.

    Exciting Oscillation

    The Pulse Solo II has a plastic back cover, the rest is made of black rubber to aid with gripping it during wanking. There are two “expanding wings” which wrap around your cock, mimicking your hand. The Oscillating Pulse Plate is situated in the top third of the Pulse Solo II which is designed to sit against your frenulum. The rubber is a stiff, grabby rubber and you will definitely need plenty of lube. Otherwise I can imagine rubbing dry rubber up and down your shaft isn’t the most pleasant of experiences in terms of friction and drag -unless you’re into that.

    The pulse plate inside the Pulse Solo II looks crazy good. You can see the pulsing oscillation and Candy said she was jealous she didn’t have a cock to try it with.

    Getting Started

    One of Hot Octopuss’ main selling points of the Pulse Solo II is that you can use it to stimulate an erection. Placing your flaccid cock in the Pulse Solo II, it will work you up so you’re hard. So, I lubed up, put my cock in the Pulse Solo II and turned it on. True to its word I slowly became hard, as I’m sure anybody would with a gentle vibration on your bellend. This feels really nice.

    Wanking with the Pulse Solo II is straight forward, with the assistance of plenty of lube it slides nicely up and down your shaft. The Pulse Solo II is the perfect size to fit in your hand and doesn’t hinder your wanking action.

    Wanking With Wings

    For me one of the main downsides to using the Pulse Solo II was I had to adjust my grip to keep the rubber wings around my shaft. Because my cock is quite thick the wings don’t fully close round my shaft. As I began to get a faster action up and down my shaft the wings would open and my cock would fall out. Adjusting my grip to have my thumb around the wings helped keep my shaft inside the Pulse Solo II unit.

    If you like to wank with aggression and speed, then this probably isn’t the product for you. As the Pulse Solo II works with vibration/ oscillation a long slow rhythmical action works perfectly and you don’t need the speed. Having your frenulum and bellend run over the oscillating plate is a really good feeling.

    Wanking with the Pulse Solo II doesn’t give the feeling of receiving head or being inside a cunt. It’s not like any form of normal stimulation, but I don’t think it’s supposed to be. It gives a sensation that is almost impossible to describe, in a good way. It’s very intense.

    In Summary

    I wish the controls had been easier to use. The difficulty in switching settings during wanking effected my enjoyment of the Pulse Solo II. I like to lay back and enjoy my wank and I found with the Pulse Solo II I needed to apply some concentration to keep my cock inside and to find the setting I needed on that occasion. I hope this is something I will get used to with more use.

    The Pulse Solo II is waterproof so can be safely used in the bath or shower and is wipe clean. Hot Octopuss include a black satin storage bag to keep your Pulse unit and charging cable in. This is a nice addition.

    Hot Octopuss do a Solo and Duo version of The Pulse II. The Duo is the same as the Solo except for a soft vibrating underbelly which is remote controlled by wireless remote by your partner for couple’s play. This enables the Pulse Due to be worn to stimulate both partners, again especially useful if someone suffers from erectile dysfunction.

    My Verdict

    I really enjoyed the experience of using the Pulse Solo II, it’s definitely a unique feeling and I hope with more use I’ll be able to use the unit more fluidly. If you suffer with erectile issues or want to try something more intense than a sleeve, then the Pulse Solo II is a great option.

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      Good buy

      Have to say I've tried alot I'd different products but this is the best makes me cum hard and fast and my gf loves to share it with me

      • 2 von 2 Kunden fanden diese Bewertung hilfreich.

      Powerful !!!

      I was a bit skeptical at the price of this item but I decided to give it a shot after reading reviews and watching some demo's. First off, this massager for the male member works fantastic and is quite powerful for it's size and has some interesting modes. This is a bit narrow and for my use and girth I need to hold it against my member for good results, it also works well with lubricant. Overall I would recommend this to any guy looking for a new and interesting way to make yourself feel good if you know what I mean! So order it and get you vibe on!!!!!

      • 2 von 2 Kunden fanden diese Bewertung hilfreich.

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      Hot Octopuss - Pulse II Solo

      Hot Octopuss - Pulse II Solo

      Der totale Wahnsinn! Berührungslos zum Orgasmus! Ob Du willst, oder nicht: Hot Octopuss - Pulse II Solo macht Deinen Schwanz steinhart und bringt Dich selbst ohne Erektion zum Orgasmus.

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