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Lube for Anal Sex


Lube for Anal Sex 

Enjoy anal pleasure pain free! Here are the best lubricants for anal sex.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 19 items

Anal lube is needed for this to be able to have anal sex in a relaxed way and without much pain. Anal sex without lube is possible, but it can be extremely painful. Our lubes help couples enjoy anal sex more.
Unlike the vagina, the anus does not produce natural moisture, but this is important to be able to have sex. For this, anal lubricant gels are available so that moisture can be applied to the anus to make anal intercourse possible. It does not matter then whether a condom is used or not, because through the lube, intercourse is usually possible without any problems. The gel makes anal sex on the whole more relaxed and easier. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use such a gel, especially as a beginner and inexperienced.

Is it possible to have anal intercourse without lube?

Anal sex without lube is basically possible, but especially for inexperienced couples it could be very painful and uncomfortable. When having anal sex without lube, you need patience and a certain amount of preparation. Directly penetrating a woman or a man anally is not possible without her or him feeling pain. The sphincter should be dilated with the fingers so that it is easier to penetrate anally.
A butt plug, if available, is also helpful. Saliva should then be used to moisten the anus to allow penetration without too much pain. So, in general, anal sex without lube is certainly possible, but it is not recommended because, especially for inexperienced couples, it can cause great pain, which makes sex uncomfortable and not pleasurable.

What is the difference to normal lube?

Worldwide, various manufacturers, including MEO, have developed many very special lubes for anal intercourse, which have been adapted exactly to the needs of anal sex lovers. A special emphasis was placed on the special anal lubes that the generated lubricating film is very thick and the sliding properties last long, so that extensive fun in anal sex is guaranteed.
There are now also products on the market to which medical ingredients have been added, such as lidocaine. This substance has an anesthetic effect and counteracts occurring pain. A special product for anal sex is not absolutely necessary. The best way to find out is to test whether an anal lube or a conventional lube suits you better.

How much anal lube should I use?

In this case, there is no general rule. Some couples prefer it when it is only a small amount of lube - others are very into the feeling when it is extremely wet due to the many lubes. By the way, it makes a difference whether you use water-based or silicone-based lube. With silicone-based lube, you need to use much less than with water-based lube.
In the end, it is important that you feel comfortable during anal sex, no matter how much lube you use. It is a matter of taste whether you use a little or a lot of anal lube for anal sex. If in doubt, you should rather use a little more, because then you are on the safe side as far as pain is concerned. You can then take less the next time if it was too much gel for you. Many couples also simply vary by always using different amounts of lube and have an enormous amount of variety during anal intercourse.

What distinguishes a good anal lube?

A good anal lubricant gel is characterized above all by the fact that it is a great help during anal intercourse. It should facilitate penetration and make sex pleasant and painless for the couple. Another characteristic of a good anal lubricant gel is its long-lasting lubricating properties, i.e. that the lube keeps the anus moist for a longer period of time.
With inferior gels, the moisture does not last long and you have to keep applying new lube. A high-quality lube does not itch and does not smell unpleasant. Anal lubricants from MEO are the perfect choice.
At best, a lube for anal sex tasteless and odorless. When buying anal lube, you should always pay attention to the reviews, so that you get a good lube and do not have to bother with poor quality. High quality lube usually costs more than less good lube, but especially for anal sex it should be worth the money to you.

Is anal lube also suitable for vaginal intercourse?

In principle, anal lubricants are also suitable for vaginal intercourse. There are many lubes that are ideally suited for both. The difference between the various lubes lies primarily in the pH value. Some anal lubes contain special substances that are pain-relieving and anesthetic. These gels are not needed for vaginal intercourse.
The best thing to do is to look up MEO and find out about the whole range of different lubes, because all lubes are presented and explained there. However, there is nothing wrong with using an anal lube for vaginal intercourse as well. The important thing is that you feel comfortable, have fun during sex and simply enjoy it.