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HAM’R Dildos


HAM’R Dildos 

HAM’R dildos are designed for serious players! These dildos with handle are used for longer, deeper and faster play.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item

Maximal Pleasure for Serious Players !


Deeper, harder, better…! And this is exactly the motto of the HAM´R dildos. They seduce mind and body with their ingenious design and offer lots of variety during sex.


Absolutely perfect for anal adventures. Made out of a special polymer they remain firm but flexible. Just perfect for all kinds of anal games.


Horny sights to delight guaranteed! Seamless and made out of two fused transparent and black PVC parts, the sight of HAM´R dildos working their magic is a pleasure to behold! The well-placed handle allows for deep, precise thrusts for relentless and merciless stimulation.


100% safe! Made in Europe, completely phthalate-free and compliant with EU requirements EN71-3 and EN71-11. Our dildos are completely body-safe.


As you like it: HAM’R Toys are compatible with MEO’s range of water-based and silicone lubes. We recommend storing the products separately in cold and dark places.