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Slings & Love Swings


Slings & Love Swings 

Order 100% discreetly and anonymously from MEO. All fisting slings and love swings in stock and available for immediate delivery. Huge selection of BDSM and fisting accessories. Discover now and order online.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 43 items

What makes fisting in a sling so amazing?


The idea of having a gigantic dildo, an enormous penis or even an entire fist inside you can understandably be quite exciting. A full hand can stimulate a much larger area. Some people also like the psychological experience of being “stretched wide” and the high degree of intimacy. Many enjoy feeling the heat and force inside their body. In addition to this, you can maintain eye contact during this form of penetration if you want, so the fisting top can experience the receiver’s lust directly.


What does fisting or fist fucking mean?


Fisting or fist fucking is essentially sexual penetration of the anus or vagina using a whole hand or fist. This sexual practice is commonly simply called fisting. In order that the fisting or fist fuck is fun and satisfying for both partners, above all lots of time, complete trust and lots of relaxation are very important. The position in which you practice fisting is also important and is different for everyone. For a good fisting session, a sling, the perfect lubricating cream and the right sex toys or accessories are important.


What position should I assume as the passive partner during fisting?


It is important during a fist fuck or fisting that the passive partner finds a relaxed body position. For most people, being fisted in the “fisting supine position” in a sling or a so-called love swing is the best body position. Others prefer doggy position for fisting where the “fistee” is on all fours, so on their knees and elbows, on a sling board or on a fuck bench as the ideal fisting position for them.


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