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24/7 Anal Stretching Ring

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24/7 Anal Stretching Ring

The feeling of being so “exposed” and so “open” is simply indescribably hot. Visible results in little time. Highly comfortable.

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    Anal Stretching Rings : How long has this product been on our to-do list? More than 10 years! After much time, plenty of testing and many conversations with customers and friends, we have finally identified the shape and form that's just right for rim stretching and long-lasting anal opening/stretching.

    Material : We refused to compromise on the choice of material. So we decided on a high-grade aluminum alloy (the same material is used in medical and aeronautical technology) which is precision-formed into the desired anatomical shape using the computer-controlled (CNC) manufacturing method.

    Finish/Design : The highly-polished finish makes for easy anal insertion, while the special geometric shape ensures that it will stay securely in place (can't slide out or come loose). Only with this combination can you experience ultimate comfort and clearly visible results.

    Specs : Made in Germany. Available in various sizes or as a complete set. Anal Stretching Rings provide non-stop opening. Ideal for 24/7 use.

    Our opinion: The feeling of being so “exposed” and so “open” is simply indescribably hot. Visible results in little time. Highly comfortable.

    Dimensions/Sizes :

    Size XS = Beginner = 25mm (1")
    Size S = Beginner = 35mm (1 2/5")
    Size M = Medium = 45 mm (1 3/4")
    Size L = Fuck hole = 55 mm (2 1/5")
    Size XL = Big fist hole = 65 mm (2 1/2")
    Size XXL = OMFG = 80 mm (3")


    Internal diameter ➞ Small external diameter ➞ Large external diameter ➞ Length


    XS ➞ 15 mm ➞ 25 mm ➞ 40 mm ➞ 75 mm
    S ➞ 25 mm ➞ 35 mm ➞ 50 mm ➞ 80 mm
    M ➞ 30 mm ➞ 45 mm ➞ 60 mm ➞ 85 mm
    L ➞ 35 mm ➞ 55 mm ➞ 70 mm ➞ 90 mm
    XL ➞ 45 mm ➞ 65 mm ➞ 80 mm ➞ 95 mm
    XXL = 55 mm ➞ 80 mm ➞ 95 mm ➞ 115 mm


    XS ➞ 0.60“ ➞ 1.00“ ➞ 1,50“ ➞ 3.00“

    S ➞ 1.00“ ➞ 1.40“ ➞ 2.00“ ➞ 3.15“

    M ➞ 1.20“ ➞ 1.75“ ➞ 2.40“ ➞ 3.35“

    L ➞ 1.40“ ➞ 2.20“ ➞ 2.80“ ➞ 3.50“

    XL ➞ 1.75“ ➞ 2.50 ➞ 3.15“ ➞ 3.75“

    XXL = 2.20“ ➞ 3.15“ ➞ 3.75“ ➞ 4.50“

    We recommend to use with the special lube "EZ2 FUCK" or "FUCK SLUT" only.

    Accessories for our anal stretching rings:

    • Closing plugs made from black silicon. Available for the sizes XS-S-M-L-XL. Article 8631
    • Inflatable Anal Balloon (Article 9339)




    Made me feel like a real cunt

    I have to say, using it the first time, the Stretching Ring made me feel like a real cunt. I've been addicted, skipped the size M and went straight to L and now XL. Am hoping you will make an even larger one! :-)

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    Absolutely perfect

    Absolutely fantastic, just as described. It felt so good. I can not say too many good things about this product.

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    I recommend it to everyone

    Amazingly, the product works perfectly, I recommend it to everyone.


      Anatomisch perfekt

      Gute Form ... füllt perfekt aus und dehnt optimal... sehr stabiles Material ... trotzdem hoher tragekomfort .... anatomisch perfekt
      Im Gegensatz zum Billigscheiss aus China ein richtig gutes Toy


        Er hat 6 Sterne verdient

        Eigentlich 6 Sterne verdient dieser Analdehnungs-Plug, durch sein perfektes Gewicht, seine hervorragende Stabilität und den wirkungsvollen Durchmesser ist er ein echtes Trage-Erlebnis. Material und Verarbeitung geben keinen Kritikpunkt her, rundum ein gelungenes "Werkzeug" für echte Genießer.


          Absolut etwas für Anfänger!!

          Also ganz zu Anfang. In den kleinen Größen absolut etwas für Anfänger!! Wer übt wird belohnt und kann auf die nächstgrößere Größe upgraden. Das Material ist sehr angenehm und natürlich formstabil.


            Lässt sich mit etwas Gleitmittel gut einführen

            Der 24/7 Anal Stretching Ring lässt sich mit etwas Gleitmittel gut einführen. Alles gerundet und keine Kanten. Den Verschließstopfen würde ich dazu empfehlen.


              Seinen Zweck erfüllt er perfekt

              Einfach aber sehr edel sieht er aus und besteht (zum Glück) aus Aluminium, eines der besten Materialien für die Analdehnung (leicht und trotzdem sehr stabil).
              Ähnliche Produkte aus Silikon sind einfach viel zu weich und man würde im Leben keinen Erfolg bei der Analdehnung damit erzielen...
              Mit den Stretching-Ringen habe ich mich innerhalb von 6 Monaten von "analer Jungfrau" bis "Stute" trainieren können.
              Ich bin sehr zufrieden und kann diese Ringe nur weiter empfehlen.

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              Je vous le recommande

              Produit de bonne qualité, délai raisonnable pour expédition depuis l'Allemagne, moins de 2 jours. Et un rapport qualité prix exceptionnel.

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              Der Stretching Ring ist sehr gut verarbeitet. Er sitzt gut und stramm und mit dem Ergebnis bin ich auch zufrieden.


                Size M

                A lot bigger than expected but I had no trouble with it. Once in it stay in. Going to be loving this for a long time

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                Ich wünschte es gäbe bald eine Größe XXL

                Ich habe jetzt alle Größen durch und bin sehr glücklich mit den Analdehnungsringen. Ich hoffe, dass ihr Jungs von MEO bald mit einer Größe XXL kommt.


                  So ein Loch hat die Welt noch nicht gesehen

                  Mit den Ergebnissen bin ich mehr als zufrieden.
                  Die Analstretching-Ringe sind wirklich super.
                  Bei Größe XS flutscht er gut rein und mit dem kleinen Stopfen drin hält es auch sehr dicht.
                  Sehr, sehr gut.
                  Jetzt ist genug geschrieben; muss los zum Training ... Zum Anal-Training ;-)


                    Stretching Ring für die Analdehnung

                    Das Ding ist echt sehr effektive, aber nichts für Ungeübte - schon die Größe S ist nicht so klein wie man sich das so vorstellt.
                    Aber wenn er dann endlich drin ist, wunderbar! Bin jetzt bei Größe M und nächste Woche starte ich mit Größe L.



                      Patience pour le placement mais une fois en place effet garanti. Attention prevoir une protection, l'écoulement naturelle arrive vite lol

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                      Gerade vor 10 Minuten hab ich den Stretching Ring erhalten. Erstmal war ich erschrocken als ich ihn in der Hand hatte! "Wow, und das soll gehen?" - Naja keine 5 Minuten später war er drin. Wahnsinns Gefühl!!! Jetz geh ich damit erstmal in die Stadt shoppen. Danke für dieses tolle Ding!!!


                        Meo 24/7 anal stretching ring

                        Loved the one I got in the post today and it is up and feels so good there and so happy my other half has ordered the next two size up and hope to get them in me asap


                          Wow - awesome

                          Yeh, check your sizes.
                          Ordered the xl. can only get it 3/4 up.
                          Ordered a medium, this is not a problem, went straight up.
                          A Large is on the way !.
                          Can't get it in ?, try lying on you back, legs up, or on all fours, back arched and butt pushed upwards.

                          Really comfortable to wear long term, and in bed overnight.
                          Quality product and brilliant.


                            Very filling

                            Ordered both the small and medium based on other people's reviews of these. These are massive toys! Be warned.

                            When they arrived I immediately put the small in along with closing plug and as of today it's been in for 2 weeks - only being taken out to wash and to go to the gym. It was an amazing feeling! Just put the medium in but it still took some time and wriggling to get in. Be warned these are seriously big toys with absolutely no give in them.

                            Hopefully in another two weeks I'll be putting the large into my ever expanding hole!

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                            24/7 ring

                            Fantastic quality. Quite heavy but very comfortable. Big step up in sizes. Medium fitted easily but large is quite a squeeze. Getting it in will be a feat ! Can't wait to have the extra large in me


                              The anal stretching ring is great

                              When I took the toy out of its packaging I was immediately struck by the smoothness of it and the feel in my hand. I couldn't wait to put it where it belongs. Already used to a good stiff fucking by machine I was well ready for this toy. With plenty of lube it slid in with some minor discomfort but settled into place perfectly. With the plug in I felt well stretched and comfortable. I can wear it constantly though one has to get used to doing some unscheduled cleaning. Don't be squeamish on that score the pleasures outweigh the problem on every level. My mistress loves it and will only remove it to give me a good hard fuck. Soon I shall move on to the larger size and to hell with the expense. I shall be disappointed when I have outstretched the largest ring.

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                              Awesome product

                              Started with tight fitting extra small and have now worked my way up to a medium, it's huge for me and think it's my limit, needed to use dilators for in between training. Awesome product and a great feeling :D

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                              Arse changing

                              Started with the medium - good but not life changing - bought the large - cor what a difference. An arse changing experience. Much bigger than than the medium - went it quite easily and has changed my arse forever. My arse just feels so different all the time. if you have taken a fist then no need to start off on the smaller sizes.

                              Great with the large in - and great with it out - arse changed for ever.

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                              Great product

                              I bought the medium size ring & after a few practice goes. It goes in real well & feels great. I found once you have got it in it is best just to take it easy & relax so that 24/7 can do its work. I am looking forward to the large one ---- Once I have got used to the medium size. Thank you.


                                Amazing stretch

                                I bought the medium stretching ring in early September this year and initially found I could only wear it for 20 minutes max as the sheer size was too big for my ass. I persevered and over the last 7 weeks I slowly built up the wearing time till I could wear every day for about 6 hours after work.. In the early days it was OK lying down or bending over but sitting down was uncomfortable, but I've now reached the level where I miss my ass being constantly stretched for hours on end.

                                During the last two weeks my ass has really started to relax an loosen up and decided to buy the large. OMFG, I couldn't wait to plug my ass with it when I received it today. Within three hours, I now know why MEO call the large a 'f**k hole' model. Can't wait for my first fisting. I can now get my fist up to the knuckles when I push my hand into my ass.

                                For sheer pleasure, the pure size is mind blowing. Every time you move it sets you on edge. Best anal toy ever.

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                                Absolutely wonderful. Ordered the medium first which I found great to play with, but couldn't keep in for long periods, so ordered the small to keep in over night.

                                Just a fantastic feeing being stretched so open and find them really comfortable to wear.

                                Have ordered and received the large and can't wait to insert it, but will need to work up to it a little more before I can.

                                The difference in circumferences, whilst not sounding like much when you read the chart is staggering. A photo showing all the plugs from the top down would definitely be of benefit for people when ordering.

                                Great quality, fantastically made, and it provides such wonderful sensations

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                                Anal stretching

                                Bought the Medium - will now have to get the LARGE - well good


                                  it's addictive

                                  Once you've inserted it, you'll be addiced to these rings and wanting bigger and better things. Bought mine (medium) a week ago and already looking to upgrade to the large version.

                                  After the first bit of discomfort, the first few times, wearing these things blows you mind as you begin to stretch up!


                                    Top turn-on

                                    ot 3 of these today (XS, S, M) and must say that they are excellent for advanced play.

                                    Only tried out XS so far, and could really feel the wind up there (albeit on rather humid day): especially when combined with small hand-held fan.

                                    No problem with staying in place when secured by wearing simple pair of thongs. Even managed 5 x 3 min rounds of skipping [exercise] like that, plus basic household chores. Tho slipped out WITHOUT the thongs on (while searching for hand-held fan earlier on !)

                                    Buying the closing plugs as an accessory, would also be good idea; for comfortable retrieval of (if for No other purpose): ie, inserting closing plug just before removal of entire unit.

                                    And while we're on subject of 'comfort', since reading some of the other reviews, which seem to uphold view that "pain is necessary aspect": I tell u it is NOT. Be kind to & be patient with ur ass; using plenty of lube, and only doing things comfortably & in a way that enhances anal PLEASURE

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                                    Great toy

                                    This is a top quality, heavy toy and I recommend anyone serious about anal stretching consider the MEO stretching ring for their toy bag!



                                      I've been stretching anal for over 12 years. I can normally do double fisting and 9cm toys. But this is something else! I've bought XL Meo plug already sometime ago but because there is no a give as it is metal not rubber 8cm seems too much getting trough my pelvic. So today L size arrived. Got home at 6 PM and having in inside since. Now is 9:30 PM OOh my lord my anal stays open like never before. It's all down the fact it's metal and no flexibility. Really really love this butt plug and anyone who's serious about stretching should have one. And the sensation of wearing it for long period of time.... yummy



                                        I bought the large size and after a little effort inserted it. My technique is to lube around my arsehole, place the plug on a flat surface and sit on it holding my cheeks apart with my hands. Bear down on the plug and it slips in steadily, with a bit of discomfort at first but the pleasure of feeling it in place is worth it all. After a few insertions it slips in without much effort. I love to wear it for hours, and hate to take it out. The stretching and gaping sensations are fantastic.

                                        Unfortunately, it's quite heavy and can slip out under its own weight if you're a regular wearer. I'm going to get the xl to see if this will stay put!


                                          awesome !

                                          Very pleased with quality of product. Went with large, and it took a bit of work to insert, but such a grest feeling when in. Was a bit worried about removal, but with the weight of the product and gravity, no problems!


                                            love the way it looks

                                            As I said back in july, that the meo anal stretching ring was amazing.I have been inserting the med size one on a regular basics without much problem, so I ordered the large one. I received it about 2 months ago. I took it out of the box and was surprised with the size. I thought this was never going to fit. With lots of lube and weeks of trying it I finally got it to stretch my asshole far enough that I finally got it to go it in and WOW.This is a great feeling. I have had it in for about 30 mins and still feels great. Also love the way it looks.


                                              Started of with the small

                                              Started of with the small as and had a job getting it in plenty of lube and it slipped in nicely
                                              had it in for a few hour at first it heats up to your body heat so it was warm when it came out .
                                              extra small is a good starter unless you are a seasoned player these things are huge and heavy but once in blow your mind.


                                                Makes a nice paperweight too :)

                                                This thing is extremely hot and exquisitely humiliating!

                                                I came across this one while browsing and am extremely happy with the quality and design.
                                                The feeling when you insert it is unlike any other toy I have. When you get past the widest bit your brain (well at least mine does) expects your sphincter muscles to plop back to a smaller circumference. This guy keeps keeps them stretched open much wider (well apparently that is the point of the thing) which was an extremely uncommon but very enjoyable sensation to me.

                                                My 2 cents on the sizing discussion. After reading all the reviews here I decided to go for the S version. 5cm diameter at widest part. I must say I find this one quite easy to insert. I am not big and have done some anal play but not much and not often. That being said the next size up M has a 6cm diameter at the widest part which is indeed quite a step up. I am definitely going to order the M as well.

                                                And last but not least. Unlike any other plug I own you can casually forget to stow this one away when vanilla folk comes over for a visit and just let it sit on the kitchen table without raising eyebrows. And if people do inquire you can just tell them its an exclusive designer paperweight. Or tell them you like to stick it where the sun don't shine of course. Your choice ;-P

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                                                Excellent product you may need to start off small !!

                                                New to anal stretching bought the medium but it was to large to use comfortably. Ordered a small and have been using 2-3 times a week for a few hours. Today the Medium went in without forcing so now looking to order a large. There is a big step up between sizes so plenty of lube and patience is called for. Worn with no bung and a catheter inserted it's back to baby days and full nappies all the way. Excellent quality, easy to clean these are a challenge but well worth the money.


                                                  Great product

                                                  I started with a small, and quickly went with the med one. It is quite bigger than the small one, but it did not take to long to get used to the med one. I can wear it long term now, it leaves my hole wanting more when I take it out. What a strange feeling. I have since ordered the large so I will post about it when I get it and try to master it. These rings are a great product if you want to stretch your anal muscles.



                                                    Amazing. These are the best butt plugs I've ever bought. These plugs really do what the name suggests and will stretch you out quite quickly. In two months I've gone from medium to the XL and now when I pull the XL out my hole gapes like goatse. It's also amazing how quickly my hold opens up on its own now because of these stretching rings.

                                                    These plugs are heavier than you'd expect and the weight will make your sphincter work hard to hold it in when you're standing up, and especially if you're squatting down. I've had a few instances where they've just fallen out because of the weight.

                                                    When you get used to the size they become really quite comfortable and can be worn for long periods of time. Sitting on the medium and large is no big deal for me, but the XL is still a challenge to sit on. I can wear the medium and large ones for extended periods during the day and night and it's easy to forget they're there. Hopefully I'll be able to live with the XL in for long periods of time with a bit more practice.

                                                    The larger sizes can be painful to get in the first few times and they really need to be well lubed, especially when you're struggling the first dozen times. A mix of silicone-based lube and KY has worked really well for me. The more lube the better.

                                                    I found that it's easiest to get them in while squatting and pushing down like I'm trying to poop, while simultaneously pushing it in with my fingers. Over time though you'll just learn to relax and will be able to push even the largest ones in without much resistance. It can hurt a little at first and be really intense, but well worth it. The first time I played with the L and XL, it took a few hours to get them in and I could only keep them in for a few seconds, but over time it gets so much easier and not painful at all. Pay attention to what your body is saying to you though because these really are big toys!

                                                    Just be warned that if you've not got the closing plug in you will poop unexpectedly and uncontrollably. The larger the plug, the more can come out. With the closing plug in, the centre of the plug can fill up with poop. Sometimes, however, the closing plug will just slide out on its own especially if it's come in contact with any lube. This isn't a toy you can wear unless you're comfortable dealing with poop.

                                                    Overall, these are amazing toys and will mercilessly hold you open for as long as you want. The only thing I wish is that there were an XXL version; the XL is getting too easy now.

                                                    • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

                                                    Truly excellent for 24/7 stretching.

                                                    Started off with a size M for general play and a S for overnight plus closing plugs and nappies. Moved up to the L and well it's large leaves my ass gaped for hours after removal and is wide enough to insert a double dong up the middle for depth play excellent shall be moving on to the XXL soon.

                                                    As other reviewers have pointed out these are serious toys in size and you need a large ass to contain even the smallest which is about the width of a normal "large" buttplug. Truly excellent for 24/7 stretching.

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                                                    5 stars

                                                    I brought the next size up (medium) and the wife loves it. She says she feels like a new women.


                                                      This product is amazing

                                                      This product is amazing i am about to move up to the xl i can now get the large in without lube the open anal feeling i fantastic i highly recomend this product for asshole stretching


                                                        it's a must!

                                                        Tried this out on the wife (size small) she moaned it hurt abit going inn, but once in its looked fantastic, felt brilliant for her and me if you like to try things try this out it's a must!


                                                          This is a fantastic product for permanent anal stretching.

                                                          This is a fantastic product for permanent anal stretching. High quality metal (warm it up first!) and smooth for easy insertion. I have now managed to take the XL after a few hours prep and the results are amazing. The large hole through the middle prevents build up which normaly forces you to remove a plug so you can wear it for hours on end and the "open" fealing of the anus is a real turn on. The results of wearing such a large plug all day or all night for days on end are amazing. It has left my anal muscles permanently stretched to the size of the plug and seriously floppy! I will continue to wear this wonderful device to make sure I can never close again. If you want to have a permanently ruined and floppy hole, this is the perfect trainer. Buy it now!

                                                          • 3 out of 3 people found this review useful.

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                                                          24/7 Anal Stretching Ring

                                                          24/7 Anal Stretching Ring

                                                          The feeling of being so “exposed” and so “open” is simply indescribably hot. Visible results in little time. Highly comfortable.

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