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Anal Closure Plug

Our Anal Closure Plugs are used for effective anal plugging and convince by their large round head.

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    Our butt plugs are used for effective anal plugging and convince by their large round head.


    The butt plug of MEO is a butt plug with a ball-shaped insertable head which promises intensive feelings not only whilst wearing, but when inserting and removing as well.


    Other than most anal plugs, it has not only a conical shape, but also a round end which produces a feeling of “being plugged”. Despite of its size, the Buttplug can be worn discretely under normal clothing day and night.

    MEO’s anal plug has been made of black Sil-A gel, without latex and free of phthalates. Its smooth and silky texture is very pleasant in direct contact to the skin.


    Advantage: Fitted with a flat basis, this Buttplug is easy to handle and cannot enter too deep into the anus.




    • Small – perfect for beginners, diameter 45 mm = 1.75 inches, length 100 mm = 4 inches
    • Medium – for experienced beginners and advanced users, diameter 55 mm = 2.15 inches, length 110 mm = 4.3 inches
    • Large – for very experienced users only, diameter 70 mm = 2.75 inches, length 130 mm = 5.1 inches





    Forme et texture très agréables rendant facile l'insertion avec un peu de lubrifiant. Très bonne tenue et sa base un peu épaisse et arrondie, en plus d'assurer un bon maintien écarte légèrement les fesses. Ce plug est très agréable à porter pendant plusieurs heures. On sent bien l'objet et cette délicieuse sensation d'avoir le cul rempli sans toutefois être gêné pour bouger ou s'asseoir. Egalement très facile à nettoyer.


      Geniales Gefühl

      Ich kann diese Plugs nur empfehlen (habe die kleine und mittlere Größe gekauft). Die Form ist einmalig und sorgt für einen sicheren Sitz. Rutscht nix raus und mann kann die Plugs auch über sehr lange Zeit sehr angenehm tragen. Das Gefühl so verschlossen zu sein macht mich schon alleine nur beim Gedanken total geil.

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      The wait was worth it

      I waited excitedly for this to arrive. As with all MEO products, discreetly packed and on time. On opening the box, my eyes widened as I saw the plug. "Wow that does look fun," I thought. So, out of the box, washed, and lubed ready to go, as an experienced anal player insertion was not too difficult, but the stretch was good. Once in place, comfortable and exciting to wear. Sitting down was a pleasure as it rubs the prostate for added sensations. Overall, a great product, easy to use and wear. Thank you, MEO.

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      Love this

      This is what I've been looking for.

      It's a nice size that you feel it but not so big it's uncomfortable, and the length of the neck makes it easy to keep plugged.

      It's quite soft and pliable, adding to the comfort.

      I finally have a plug I feel comfortable wearing outside!

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      I've always wanted to try a round plug as they tend to be good for stretching... I was definitely not disappointed.

      Admittedly it took a while for the plug to be fully inserted. I needed to work up to it by using a few other toys, but oh boy, when it did eventually go in, I honestly had the most intense orgasm!

      I'd highly recommend to anyone!

      • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

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      Anal Closure Plug

      Anal Closure Plug

      Our Anal Closure Plugs are used for effective anal plugging and convince by their large round head.

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