CUMELOT Forced Ejaculation


CUMELOT I - Milking plug for forced ejaculation

CUMELOT I - Milking plug for forced ejaculation

Forced ejaculation! Enjoy being milked against your will with the CUMELOT until you orgasm.

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    Forced ejaculation! Enjoy being milked against your will with the CUMELOT until you orgasm.


    The prostate is a sexual centre for men, which determines ejaculation. With the Cumelot milking plug, the prostate is stimulated in a targeted way until semen is forced out, without generating desire or excitation.


    Forced ejaculation essentially has nothing to do with the feeling of male desire, but rather causes the semen to be completely drained. Forced ejaculation is perceived as being extremely humiliating men and is therefore used in BDSM scenarios. Forced ejaculation is also used by chastity belt wearers to deprive the chaste sub of any possibility of desire.


    By stimulating the prostate with the Cumelot and/or an additional current stimulus treatment using our SexBox, a man's semen can be "pumped out" without arousing desire or exciting the sub.


    A complete forced ejaculation with our Cumelot should happen within 30 minutes. It is important that this massage is repeated regularly, roughly every second day.


    MEO's tip: A little ANALFORTE gel and/or spray makes insertion easier. For optimal cleaning of the toy, we recommend our VERYCLEAN hygiene spray.


    Further details:


    • Enables forced ejaculation within BDSM scenarios
    • Perfect for chastity belt wearers
    • Insertion depth 9.5 cm = 3.75", max. 2.8 cm = 1.1" diameter
    • Targeted prostate stimulation
    • Material: Silicone
    • Ready to use immediately! Batteries included.





    Blew my mind!

    I live in US and the product arrived less than a week after placing the order. So great!
    This device takes a bit of getting used to but once you learn how to use it the end result was great. I am already familiar with Aneros and use it regularly but this product takes your P-massage to the next level. There is a pulse setting that I really like. After a bit of pot. I surrender my prostate and get into the mind set that my prostate is no longer mine. After a while, the sensation that I have become one with my penis started. I just lay there and enjoy, imaging that my merciless top is invading my prostate and there is nothing I can do about it except surrendering. Then as my body prepares for an orgasm, it pushes the device out. What comes after that blows my mind. My muscles have lives of their own and started massaging my prostate without the device in it. I did not ejaculate but the sensation was indescribable.
    There is one feature that is both good and bad and that is the battery. You have to use those little (3) batteries that you use in the watch. One the one hand I think a USB chargeable device would have been nice but we all know the batteries in those chargeable devices one day will lose their ability to hold charges. So it is a pro and it is a con, depending on how you look at it. Highly recommended device!


      Sempre ottimo servizio

      Sempre ottimo servizio, veloce, anonimo. Impeccabili come sempre.


        Plaisant mais pas efficace

        Je me réjouissait d'utiliser ce trayeur prostatique, mais au final je m'en trouve déçu.
        Il est très agréable à porter et à installer, l'utilisation est simplifié (un bouton). Mais il n'atteint pas son but, en tout cas chez moi, je ressent bien un plaisir interne sentant venir un début d'orgasme mais sans jamais aller plus loin. J'ai testé pendant une heure, en variant les programmes de vibration mais rien ne sort comme décrit. Après je ne sais pas si ma morphologie l'empêche d'accéder à la prostate.
        Cependant je ne suis pas déçu de cette achat, les sensations sont très agréable et étant de petit format il est possible d'en profiter lors de petites sortie ou même de le garder éteint en place. Je pense que l'éjaculation doit être encore plus forte que normal avec le jouet en place et activé.

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        This thing is Awesome!

        I want to be clear on what prostate milking is. Semen is literally milked out of the prostate. No erection is necessary. You can tell the difference between a milking and a massage in the way the seminal fluid leaves the body. If it squirts out in rhythmical pulses, then that was an orgasm. It doesn't matter if there was pressure on the prostate, it was caused by an orgasm. If it dribbles out anticlimactically, then it was a milking.

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        Ich verdiene es so behandelt zu werden

        Bin sehr zufrieden. Mir wird das Cumelot anal eingeführt (natürlich bei angelegtem Keuschheitsgürtel). Ob ich will oder nicht. Und das Gerät melkt das Sperma aus mir raus bis es aus dem Keuschheitsgürtel raustropft. Und das alles ohne Lust und Erektion. Es ist sehr erniedrigend. Aber ich verdiene es so behandelt zu werden.

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        Genau das was ich für meinen Sklaven gebraucht habe. Um ihm gänzlich die Lust, trotz angelegtem Keuschheitsgürtel, zu nehmen, entsame ich ihn mit dem Cumelot einmal täglich.

        • 5 out of 5 people found this review useful.

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        CUMELOT I - Milking plug for forced ejaculation

        CUMELOT I - Milking plug for forced ejaculation

        Forced ejaculation! Enjoy being milked against your will with the CUMELOT until you orgasm.

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