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Electrosex Parachute Ballstretcher

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Electrosex Parachute Ballstretcher

MEO®'s electro-parachute is perfect for electrical stimulation of the balls, which it fits around like a tight coat.

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    MEO®'s electro-parachute is perfect for electrical stimulation of the testicles, which it fits around like a tight coat.


    The bipolar electro-parachute ballstretcher made of electrically conductive silicone is used for electrical stimulation of the testicles and in particular for "CBT" (cock and balls torture) or during BDSM sessions.


    It is as simple as possible to put on. Open the snap fasteners, put it on directly over the testicles and close. The electrically conductive surface inside the parachute has two connectors. The connection cable powered by MEO®'s "SexBox" stimulation current device can be inserted into these.


    From soft to hard! Depending on the frequency and strength selected, various kinds of stimulation can be generated using the electro-parachute ballstretcher: Tingling, kneading, tapping or even like a lash from a whip!


    Depending on how heavily you apply our ESHOCK electrode gel, softer or harder sensations are possible. Please ensure, however, that your scrotum is hanging freely and both of the electro-parachute ballstretcher are positioned evenly over your testicles.


    Further details:


    • Electric testicle parachute (ballstretcher parachute) for CBT with electrical stimulation
    • Bipolar, made of silicone
    • Can be connected to MEO® stimulation current devices or many TENS and EMS devices. We recommend the MEO® SexBox.
    • An exciting extra: depending on the setting, it is also suitable for CBT sessions
    • Made from electrically conductive silicone.
    • Extremely easy to clean and very flexible
    • An electrically conductive lubricating gel such as ESHOCK ensures better skin contact and more intense sensations
    • After use, clean with warm water, mild soap and VERYCLEAN spray
    • Erotic electrostimulaton is NOT suitable for persons with pacemakers or other electronic devices in or on the body!




    Leider nichts für grosse Hodensäcke, Haut und Eier

    Lässt sich nur mit Mühe schliessen und springt dann gleich wieder auf. Die kleinen Noppen halten den "Schirm" nicht geschlossen. Leider für mich so nicht nutzbar. Ansonsten eine gute Idee, Verarbeitung etc.


      Sorry but waste of money

      I am afraid that the method of joining the 2 ends together leaves a lot to be desired. 2 plastic pins locate into a series of holes as the ends wrap around the balls. The item that I had looked fine but would not hold together if any pressure at all was applied. Applying voltage made the guys jump and move so contact was lost. Mine went into the drawer and has remained there

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      Per un elettro shock mai provato!

      Basta con i soliti giochi...dai una scossa al tuo piacere con questo prodotto, per un elettro shock mai provato! Perfetto, anche per i neofiti del sesso "elettrizzante". Gli elettrodi rilasciano delle scariche elettriche che Ti faranno impazzire di piacere prolungando il piacere e ritardando l'eiaculazione!


        Elektrisierender Sex

        Genug mit den üblichen Spielen....gib einen Schock zu deinem Vergnügen mit diesem Produkt, für einen Elektroschock, der nie ausprobiert wurde! Perfekt, auch für Anfänger von "elektrisierendem" Sex. Die Elektroden lösen elektrische Entladungen aus, die Sie vor Freude verrückt machen, das Vergnügen verlängern und die Ejakulation verzögern!



          I am afraid this equipment is sadly badly thought out. There are 2 pins on the surface of one end and a series of holes at the other.The problem is that when in use and with the conductive gel, it needs to be fairly tight to get the contact and the pins are just not able to hold the unit together. I have tried using small clamps to hold the ends together with the pins through the appropriate holes but it ended as being too hit and miss so the whole effect was ruined. This was certainly the worst item I have bought recently.

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            Electrosex Parachute Ballstretcher

            Electrosex Parachute Ballstretcher

            MEO®'s electro-parachute is perfect for electrical stimulation of the balls, which it fits around like a tight coat.

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