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Want some vibration with your electro play? With the SEXSHOCKER by MEO, you can have both! Take electrosex to great heights by adding the SEXSHOCKER to your arsenal.

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    Take electrosex to great heights by adding the SEXSHOCKER to your arsenal.

    Want some vibration with your electro play? With the SEXSHOCKER by MEO, you can have both! Simply apply a generous amount of ESHOCK ElectroSex Gel onto the area you wish to stimulate, and plug the wand into an outlet.


    The SEXSHOCKER allows you to regulate the flow via a controller on the handle. You can choose from 5 levels of vibration and combine that with the electrostimulation to take your partner over the edge. With a side boost button, you can also create a pulse pattern by tapping the button to your own personal rhythm.

    The ergonomic shape and flexible neck assists target stimulation and its sleek black design with gleaming silver accents makes SEXSHOCKER an ideal device for couples or solo play.

    SEXSHOCKER Specs and Benefits:

    • Size: 32 cm = 12.75 inches in total length, head measures 6 cm = 2.4 inches in diameter
    • Note: This product uses a 230v EU plug.
    • Offers stimulation electrosex for you and your partner
    • Has an ergonomic shape and flexible neck
    • With the side boost button you can create a personal pulse pattern
    • Combine the 5 levels of vibration with the electrostimulation to generate heightened sexual pleasure for your partner
    • This item is patent pending




    ein Multifunktionstool. I love it! :)

    Ich habe dieses wunderbare Spielzeug von meinem Sub geschenkt bekommen, nachdem ich zugegebenermaßen einige Monate darumschlich. Warum herum geschlichen? Nun, ich besitze bereits einen Magic Wand und auch diverse Stromspielzeuge – beides in Kombi bis Dato allerdings noch nicht. Mein Fazit vorweg:
    Das einzige, was ich an diesem Spielzeug nicht mag ist der Name :P
    Ansonsten ist das Teil das ultimative Träumchen! Warum sich nur einen starken Vibrator zulegen, wenn man das ganze in Kombi mit Strom haben kann bzw auch umgekehrt?! So hat man auf der einen Seite den starken vibrierenden Kopf, und auf der anderen Seite den zuschaltbaren Strom. Wobei man natürlich beides in Kombi, aber auch voneinander unabhängig nutzen kann.
    Wie ja in der Beschreibung ersichtlich ist der Strom wirklich sehr stark – auch wir sind (noch) nicht über die zweite Stufe hinausgegangen. Für sich genommen, aber auch in Kombination mit anderen Spielzeugen (Beispielsweise einem Anal Hook, durch welchen die starke Vibration auch prima spüren kann..) einfach großartig. Perfekt für Abmelkspiele, für Stromfreaks, für Tease'n'Denial – quasi ein Multifunktionstool. I love it! :)

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    Lots of fun ... not for my sub

    This little gem packs quite a punch. I touched it to my hand on the lowest setting and found it quite annoying. Of course, the proper test was to try it on my sub. She screamed and cursed at me, especially when I did it twice more. I asked, On a scale of 1 to 10, how painful is that? She said it was a 7 at the lowest setting. The vibe makes it an interesting sensation. I press the button on the side and wait for a reaction.


      No regrets

      First of all, the vibration of the Sexshocker is amazing!! I love that it has mutiple settings, so that you can start off slow and increase the intensity if you'd like. Who wouldn't right? Second of all, the electric shock does hurt a bit at first, especially if you have never gotten shocked before, but since it has multiple settings for that too, you can start off at the lowest level first , which doesn't really hurt, and work your way up. And third of all, the price was a REALLY good deal. I


        Awesome toy lots of fun!!!

        The vibrator part is pretty good but the electro part is pretty intense!!!! I only use it in the lowest setting of electro flow because it hurts and even the lowest is just too much to handle unless ur cumming haha.


          5 stars

          Firstly, the Sexshocker should come with a warning that it's going to give the most intense orgasms you're able to get, and secondly, a guarantee that it can bring you to orgasm in less than 10 minutes.

          Wow, after trying it out over the last few days it definitely is a beast of a machine. It has deep rumbling vibrations and all the electro power anyone could ever need.

          Buy the best, and buy this. It's worth every penny.



            The SEXSHOCKER allows you to enjoy vibration stimulation and electro sex sensation at the same time.

            The ergonomic shaft of the SEXSHOCKER comes with a built in control panel. This allows you to choose your level of vibration, level of electro stimulation or just have vibration on its own. On the side you’ll find a boost button which allows you to choose when to add short bursts of electro sex stimulation. The flexible neck allows you to vary the pressure and get into hard to reach locations.


              5 Sterne ***** perfekt für SM

              Dieses Gerät macht seinen Namen SEX SHOCKER alle Ehre ! Sicher ist, daß dieses Gerät bei vorsichtiger und bedachter Bedienung seinen Job mit Bravour erledigt.

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              Ich liebe ihn

              Wunderbares Gerät habe es ausprobiert und richtig eine geballert bekommen.

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                Want some vibration with your electro play? With the SEXSHOCKER by MEO, you can have both! Take electrosex to great heights by adding the SEXSHOCKER to your arsenal.

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