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Erotic bath additives


SLUBE Lube 2.0 - SLube Body Lube

SLUBE is an award winning, sensual, slippery body lubricant. SLUBE can be used in the bathtub or a playpool! It's latex safe and non-toxic too!

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    SLUBE is a thick, slippery body lubricant, which can be used in a bath tub or in a playpool.


    Manufactured in Europe, SLUBE comes in a powder form, which is added to water to create an incredibly smooth and pleasurable slime-like liquid.


    SLUBE comes in a variety of sexy scents and colours, including Custard Yellow, Risque Red and Black Leather. Indulge into a pool of pure bliss, either alone or with a partner with SLUBE! The thick slimy liquid has been formulated to leave feeling soft and refreshed, so it's great to enjoy as a relaxing bath as well as getting frisky in! 


    SLUBE is dermatologically tested and is non-toxic and internal safe. 


    Using SLUBE is easy. Add the powder to water and mix with your hands. Simple! Once finished, dilute SLUBE with more water and then pour down the drain, flushing with more water. Washes off all surfaces and skin with just water! Ratio is 7g of powder to 1litre of water.


    250g box.


    SLUBE Black Leather: 
    A dark black goo with a leather scent. 


    SLUBE Custard Yellow:
    Yellow slime, scented with the delicious smell of Custard! Just don't get carried away and eat it!


    SLUBE Erotic Blue:
    Jump in to Erotic Blue for a real treat of Lavender, Jasmine and Bergamot.


    SLUBE Risque Red:
    This raunchy red slime is scented with seductive strawberries.


    SLUBE Emerald Green:
    A deep green colour with the arousing scent of Juniper!





    Gleitgel Badewanne

    Auf der Verpackung stand oft, dass man aufpassen muss nicht auszurutschen und ja, da sollte man wirklich etwas aufpassen. Als kleiner Tipp: Legt euch ein sauberes Handtuch an den Badewanenrand.
    Das Wasser wurde wirklich, dick und glitschig, wie der Kinder Slime und es war so intensiv sich damit anzufassen. Auch härterer Analsex war ohne weiteres möglich. Allein Massieren war schon ein Erlebnis.
    Sauber machen danach war auch nicht aufwendiger, als bei einem anderen Badezusatz.


      Trés sensuel

      produit très agréable j"ai fait un mélange de 14 Grammes et 1 litre d"eau dans un pichet puis laissé 30 minutes au repos pour avoir la matière visqueuse désirée .J'ai un sac sauna en latex je me suis enfermé dans le sac avec le mélange de slube et résultat : du bonheur des massages et du plaisir cela pendant 3 heures A essayer absolument !!!!!! Merci pour ce produit

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      SLUBE is easy and quick to mix, very slippery and great fun. Fantastic for a bit of a different sexy experience. Makes a great change!

      • 5 out of 5 people found this review useful.

      A slippery, sensual encounter for both of us

      Having been in a relationship with my new boyfriend for a few months, I felt it was safe to open up about my fetish for wet and messy play, something I'd been quite embarrassed by in the past.

      I'd started out by mentioning quite early on that baby oil massages might be fun and took it from there - thankfully he was open minded is pretty accepting of my rather unusual love for getting slippery for extra sensual fun!

      So, I took the plunge and ordered a box of the green SLUBE. It's a good gateway product to introduce a partner to wet and messy play as it isn't as extreme as using proper 'gunge' as I have done in the past.

      During our next play session, in which he was bound and blindfolded (his personal kink), I left him for a moment and mixed a small bucket of SLUBE in the ensuite... He was baffled when I returned, but soon started laughing when I drizzled the warm goo over his chest and started applying it more liberally!

      Safe to say we were having such a laugh in the stuff. It is SUPER slippery. We couldn't stop laughing as we slid around all over the place!

      The SLUBE washes off fairly easily, though care is advised in the bathroom due to the slippery nature of the product!

      My boyfriend is now a convert and I feel much more comfortable with my niche fetish thanks to this product. Thank you MEO!

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      Sehr geile Geschichte

      Je nachdem wie man es konzentriert, kann man eine Sehr glitschige, Sehr schleimige Konsistenz oder eine richtig stabile Form (das man sich fast nicht bewegen kann sondern ausgeliefert ist in diesem Schleim) erzielen. Ich bin hellauf begeistert. Gerade mit warmen Wasser ist das SLUBE sooooo unglaublich geil.

      • 7 out of 7 people found this review useful.

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      SLUBE Lube 2.0 - SLube Body Lube

      SLUBE Lube 2.0 - SLube Body Lube

      SLUBE is an award winning, sensual, slippery body lubricant. SLUBE can be used in the bathtub or a playpool! It's latex safe and non-toxic too!

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