PLOWGIRL H2O Sensitive Touch – Lube with Aloe Vera and Panthenol


PLOWGIRL H2O Sensitive Touch – Lube with Aloe Vera and Panthenol

PLOWGIRL H2O Sensitive Touch is a nourishing, water-based lube, specifically developed for the requirements of women. Aloe vera and panthenol pamper your skin and provide for a velvety-soft intimate sensation.

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    Nourishing essentials for the next level of pleasure


    PLOWGIRL H2O Sensitive Touch is a nourishing, water-based lube, specifically developed for the requirements of women. Aloe vera and panthenol pamper your skin and provide for a velvety-soft intimate sensation.


    PLOWGIRL from MEO is a modern, skin-friendly lube made with a unique formula.


    The special formulation of our glycerine-free and ph-optimized lube is perfect for the female genital area. Aloe vera and panthenol nourish the skin leaving you to bask in the rich, luxurious sensation. PLOWGIRL H2O Sensitive Touch gives the skin maximum moisturising with a delightful feeling of comfort. This bestselling personal lubricant continues to be a customer favorite because it goes on slick, stays slippery, and can keep up with your wildest encounters.




    Made in Germany
    For sensitive skin - with Aloe Vera and Panthenol
    Dermatologically tested
    Very yielding
    Lasts longer between applications
    Suitable for use with latex condoms
    Soluble in water
    Colourless and odourless
    Free from oil and perfume
    Medical product, CE-certified


    Further Details:


    PLOWGIRL H2O Sensitive Touch was specifically developed for the needs of the modern woman. PLOWGIRL H2O Sensitive Touch is more than rejuvenating, it also protects the sensitive skin of the genital area.


    Nourishing Aloe vera extracts and gentle panthenol provide the extra level of sensuality. Gentle panthenol increases the moisturizing level of skin and mucous membranes. The moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and regenerative, wound-healing properties of panthenol have been proven in several studies.


    PLOWGIRL H2O Sensitive Touch is a water-based lube for vaginal, anal and oral sex. 



    100ml in a handy dispenser bottle


    Ingredients PLOWGIRL H2O SENSITIVE TOUCH MIT ALOE VERA & PANTHENOL: Aqua (Water), Butylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Panthenol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Lactic Acid, Potassium Sorbate




    Tolles Gleitgel

    Das Gleitgel ist wirklich super. Es fühlt sich auf der Haut super toll und weich auf der Haut an und wird auch nach längerer Benutzung nicht klebrig. Ich benutze es sowohl für den analen, als auch für den vaginalen als auch für den analen Verkehr und kann es für beides nur empfehlen. Außerdem zieht es nicht so schnell in ein wie 'herkommliche' Gleitgele. Ich bin einfach super zufrieden!!


      Produit très agréable

      Ce gel est tout doux et n'a pas de goût marqué particulier. cela le rend très efficace pour faire plaisir à la demoiselle. On l'emporte avec nous parce qu'il est très polyvalent et reste bien en place sans coller pour autant.


        Endlich ein Gleitgel für Frauen

        Es wurde aber auch Zeit! Endlich ein Gleitgel für Frauen, dass auch gleich noch pflegt. Meo, ich feier euch! :D Es ist zwar nicht so, dass ich mit euren bisherigen Gleitgelen nicht auch klargekommen wäre (mehr als gut!), aber manchmel ist so „Mädchenkram“ doch einfach eine nette Sache. Zum Gleitgel selbst: super smooth, super ergiebig, „bappt“ nicht, sondern gleitet und ist auch nicht irgendwie süßlich vom Geruch (wer will schon im Schritt nach Kirsche riechen?!). Da es auf Wasserbasis ist, ist es auch mit all meinen Toys kompatibel. Wir benutzen es wirklich gerne und können es jedem empfehlen – nicht nur den Damen. :)


          My Verdict On PlowGirl H2O Sensitive Touch

          I really like MEO PlowGirl H2O Sensitive Touch lube. I enjoy the silkier, less wet sensation and found the feeling to be very sensual in use. I loved the fact it didn’t leave me sticky and uncomfortable after sex and to be honest I’m not even bothered about the fact it wasn’t very good for anal. I’m quite used to using specific lubes for anal. I think PlowGirl H2O is really good value for money as £15.99 gets you 100ml which will last ages as it goes so far. I will definitely be buying PlowGirl again. If you would like to try MEO PlowGirl H2O Sensitive Touch lube you can find it and a huge selection of other lubes at MEO.


            Very sensual in use

            As always the parcel from MEO arrived fast and was packaged extremely discretely. I was impressed by the packaging of PlowGirl H2O, it was in a slick black bottle with pink and white writing. It wasn’t immediately obvious what the product was unless you guessed from the name. I opened the flip top bottle and had a sniff, there was no real discernible scent. Pouring a small amount of PlowGirl H2O into my hand I was surprised how viscous it was, running almost like water, unlike the thicker, gloopier lubes I was used to. PlowGirl feels almost like a body oil when rubbed into the skin. It contains Aloe Vera and Panthenol to protect the delicate skin its intended for use on. PlowGirl is dermatologically tested and is glycerine free. MEO say PlowGirl H2O lasts longer between applications due to its yielding formula. I hadn’t used a lube like this before and wondered how I would get on with it?

            The first thing I noticed when I used PlowGirl H2O was the viscous nature of the lube made it messier than I expected it to be. Pouring the clear liquid into my hand and stroking it up my dildo there was a fair amount of spillage down my arm, luckily it rubs right in and doesn’t leave any kind of sticky residue. Applying it to myself was equally messy but you certainly don’t need a lot of PlowGirl, as a little spreads a long way. In terms of lubrication PlowGirl was brilliant for PIV sex or playing with toys vaginally or clitorally. It provides a silky smooth lubrication and I found the dildo slid inside me with no problem. PlowGirl kept working all the through my play session. PlowGirl is safe for use with condoms and is water-soluble so washes off without any problem, I also didn’t encounter any issues with staining. It glides across the skin like an oil, despite being oil free, and gives your skin a gorgeous dewy glow which is very sexy.

            PlowGirl H2O is safe for oral, anal and vaginal sex, though I found it to be too thin for anal really. I prefer a thicker lube. I tried using PlowGirl to insert a plug and found the silicone of the plug almost absorbed the lube, there was still too much friction for me to be able to insert the plug happily. Perhaps it’s because of the very liquid nature of PlowGirl but I found anally it just wasn’t thick enough. However vaginally PlowGirl is fantastic, I had no irritation or soreness after sex despite enjoying rough play. There is no unpleasant sticky feeling afterwards, the unused lube just kind of absorbs into your skin and leaves you feeling super soft.

            PlowGirl is totally tasteless but like all lubes it does leave your mouth feeling a bit strange when you get it on your tongue. I found it left an oily type of residue in my mouth, a bit like kissing someone wearing suntan lotion. It wasn’t unpleasant or bad tasting, just weird.


              5 stars

              Was looking for silicone free product that wasn't sticky and didn't dry too fast. I'm also sensitive to silicone products, so I needed something that wouldn't irritate. Tried at least a dozen others and this one was perfect. It was non irritating, didn't leave a sticky residue.



                I originally purchased this to help with menopausal dryness. It was great for that, and not a day goes by that I don't apply it after my shower and before bed. As a bonus it is great for intimate encounters including oral contact. I can now use a lube while pleasuring my husband! Nice.


                  Äußerst zufrieden

                  Meine Freundin ist sehr empfindlich und das ist eines der wenigen Gleitgele welches sie beschwerdefrei benutzen kann. Insgesamt sind wir beide äußerst zufrieden damit!


                    Sehr schönes Gleitgel für empfindliche Haut

                    Bei der Nutzung fiel uns zunächst auf, dass das PLOWGIRL von der Konsistenz her etwas dünnflüssiger als ähnliche Produkte war - ein kurzer Schreck, welcher sich jedoch nicht bestätigte. Trotz der dünnflüssigen Konsistenz erfüllte das PLOWGIRL Gleitgel seine Aufgabe hervorragend, und vor allen Dingen nachhaltig. Alles was gleiten sollte, glitt sehr gut und für uns beide beschwerdefrei, und zwar, so lange es gleiten sollte! Ein befürchtetes vorzeitiges Nachlassen der Gleitfähigkeit war nicht vorhanden. Die seidige Konsistenz macht eine Anwendung besonders im Vaginalbereich sehr viel angenehmer als bei anderen Gleitgelen.


                      SUPER PRODUIT



                        PLOWGIRL H2O Sensitive Touch

                        Works great for self satisfaction. Also good for toys & with my partner.



                          Perfect slipness for perfect penetration you will never use another lubericate.

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                            PLOWGIRL H2O Sensitive Touch – Lube with Aloe Vera and Panthenol

                            PLOWGIRL H2O Sensitive Touch – Lube with Aloe Vera and Panthenol

                            PLOWGIRL H2O Sensitive Touch is a nourishing, water-based lube, specifically developed for the requirements of women. Aloe vera and panthenol pamper your skin and provide for a velvety-soft intimate sensation.

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