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MEO Elite - Milking Power Pump

MEO Elite - Milking Power Pump

Incredibly realistic intermittent suction provides a lifelike “milking” sensation for the best blow job of your life!

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    Imagine that you are being pleasurably blown and at the same time your cock is being permanently enlarged (both the length and girth). Sounds like a perfect dream, but it's absolutely real. Because all this is guaranteed by our sensational MEO Elite Milking Power Penis Pump.


    The finest deep throat! MEO's Elite Milking Power Pump gives you a realistic and even deep throat blowjob experience, thanks to the sensational technology and the immense insertable depth. So you can enjoy having your cock sucked and licked along the entire length! Mind-blowing!!!!


    The soft mouth made of realistic TPR material can take your whole cock (and even your balls if so desired) and spoils the whole package so that you can use the penis pump as a masturbator too.


    Thanks to the transparent design, you can also watch how your cock gets bigger, harder and thicker until you finally ejaculate.


    You can read your enlargement success from the integrated scale. The unique technology used here ensures absolutely authentic, cyclical sucking that spoils your entire cock and balls. Enjoy this unique experience and benefit from permanent penis enlargement as you do so.


    Further details:


    • Effective penis pump that simulates a blowjob during the enlargement process.
    • The set includes the high-tech pump, three cock rings, a powder to care for the Fanta Flesh material, a portion of lubricant as well as a toy cleaner.
    • Two AA/Mignon batteries are required.
    • Dimensions: Overall length approx. 27.0 cm = 10.6 inches, insertable depth 18.0 cm = 7 inches, inner diameter approx. 5.5 cm = 2.17 inches.
    • Lubricating gel: We recommend our water-based Aquameo and Alphamale lubricating gels
    • Cleaning: Hot water, mild soap and our VERYCLEAN hygiene spray


    • Advanced IST Technology = Lifelike Intermittent Suction - Enjoy maximum pleasure with realistic intermittent suction that automatically milks your shaft and feels just like a real oral sex experience. Surround your penis with an incredibly stimulating vacuum-action suction that snugly tugs you to ecstasy!
    • The Results Are Clear - The clear durable suction tube features a convenient ruler and added magnifying lense to watch yourself get bigger and thicker with each teasing tug of suction. 
    • Removeable Soft Oral Topper - The stretchy oral topper features supple lips that form an air-tight seal that creates suction and amazing results. The topper is removable for easy cleaning, and the pump may be used with or without it. 
    • 3 FREE Silicone Designer Cock Rings Included!
    • FREE Mosit Lotion and Refresh Toy Cleaner Prep Kit


    Care Instructions: The oral topper is removable for easy cleaning. Cleanup is a snap after the fun with Refresh Toy Cleaner and warm water. Do not submerge the MEO Elite Milking Power Pump in water. If desired, use a water-based lotion like Moist with this product.

    Operating Instructions:

    Power On – Press the top button to turn on. There are 2 modes of suction. IST starts in the first mode, continuous suction. Press the button again to switch to the second mode, intermittent suction. Pressing the top button will alternate between continuous suction and intermittent suction. Press and hold the top button for 3 seconds to turn OFF.


    Quick Release - Press and hold the bottom “R” button to release suction, or pulse the “R” button for extra stimulation. Alternate release method: Press down on surrounding skin to break suction seal. During intermittent suction, the “R” button will flash on and off as suction is automatically pulsed.




    Wow...this thing is amazing.

    Wow...this thing is amazing. My hotwife bought this for me since i'm only allowed to cum on special occasions and only allowed to cum inside of her on very special occasions. She allows me to use this when i've been very good to her. When i do it feels so good i can only last a few minutes. Almost as good as the real thing. This weekend i'll be using it while watching her play with her boyfriend. As good as this thing feels i'll probably only last a few minutes.


      Gets the job done

      I bought this when it first came out and I think it is the best masturbator ever. I will buy another one when I wear this one out . it's a little noisy and it really likes good batteries, all in all its fantastic and gets the job done .


        Normale Pumpe mit Motor

        Es handelt sich hier um eine relativ normale Pumpe mit Motor. Das Mundstück zieht sich bei höherem Druck in den Zylinder und rutscht aus der Befestigung, gerade auch deswegen, weil ja gleitgel dafür benutzt werden muss. Der Unterdruck in Modus 1 ist sehr stark und kaum länger auszuhalten, wenn auch über die zweite Taste etwas steuerbar. Man kämpft jedoch ständig gegen den Motor an. In Modus 2 jedoch ist er eher zu niedrig. Mit einem blowjob kann man das Gefühl überhaupt nicht vergleichen. Es ist einfach eine normale, leider auch recht laute Penispumpe, die dafür dann völlig überteuert ist und in meinem Fall mehrere Wochen Lieferzeit hatte. Ich bin sehr enttäuscht davon und werde sie nicht mehr nutzen.


          Pumpe lutscht und saugt einen komplett aus

          Pumpe lutscht und saugt einen komplett aus bis auf den letzten Tropfen. Bestes Produkt für den Mann des Jahres 2017 oder vielleicht sogar des Jahrhunderts. ABSOLUTE EMPFEHLUNG VON MEINER SEITE AUS.

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          MEO Elite - Milking Power Pump

          MEO Elite - Milking Power Pump

          Incredibly realistic intermittent suction provides a lifelike “milking” sensation for the best blow job of your life!

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