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Pet Play Fox Tail Butt Plug

Pet Play Fox Tail Butt Plug

This fox tail butt plug ensures extravagant pleasure for the erotic roleplay enthusiast.

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    This novelty butt plug ensures extravagant pleasure for the erotic roleplay enthusiast.




    Anal plug with tail

    Insert and wobble your bum

    Super soft fur with realistic optic

    Extravagant look

    Perfect for pet play


    The conical formed butt plug with wide base characterises itself not only through its exclusive material. Connected to its base is a long tail made out of soft fur, ideal for versatile role plays (pet play) and with an eye-catching look.


    A very unique butt plug for fans of fanciful toys. The sight of a fluffy tail between your firm buttocks, coupled with a seductly wiggle, will drive your partner wild.




    Butt plug: 8cm = 3.15 inches long x 3.5cm = 1.4 inches ø. Total length including tail approx. 50cm = 20 inches . Butt plug made from chrome plated metal



    Note: If necessary, you can wash the butt plug and fox tail with a gentle hand wash.




    Great for pet play and a pretty tail makes you feel super sexy.

    The MEO Fox Tail Butt Plug comes in basic, plain packaging, a see through plastic bag. It was a little squished when it arrived but i hung the tail up and it has fluffed out a little, no longer looks as squashed. Not wasting time, I gave the *stainless steel* plug a wash with warm, soapy water which also helped to warm up the plug. The plug is 4.25 inches in circumference and 3 inches long which I think is a nice size, not tiny but not too big either. Easily achievable to wear this tail with a little warm up and possibly a little training if you are very new to anal play.

    I covered the plug with water based lube and proceeded to insert the plug. It is very comfortable to wear. What I did notice that I don’t have with my other tails is that the tail is shaped to hang a certain way. I love the length of this tail, approx 16.5 inches long but it is a little on the thin side for my preference, I prefer my tails more on the fluffy side but this is really the only fault I can find with the MEO Fox Tail Butt Plug. This might not be important for everyone, more personal preference than a fault with the tail. I really like the quality of the fur; not real for those that are conscious of these things. It doesn’t feel or look like cheap fur. I really like the colours in the tail. A mixture of black, brown, red with a small white tip.

    It really doesn’t take much to get me into kitten play mode and after putting the MEO Fox Tail Butt Plug in I was right in the head space. I proceeded to prance around showing off my new tail to my owner. I was in kitten heaven! It made my owner happy to see his kitten so happy. He could tell I was by the prancing and general body language, not forgetting the happy mews! No matter how much prancing I did, the tail stayed put. In order to test the tail out properly I thought I better also curl up on my owners’ lap for pets. My new tail was going down a treat.

    The plug is extremely comfortable and I would easily forget how long I was wearing the MEO Fox Tail Butt Plug for. With extended wear it is advised that you top up on lube to keep things comfortable. I use the tail for kitten play but it would be totally accepted for other forms of pet play too, after all it is a fox tail. Sometimes I’m more than happy to just wear the tail along with my ears and collar but it is also really fun to wear it during sex too.

    The MEO Fox Tail Butt Plug is super easy to clean and I use hot soapy water, you just need to be careful not to get the fur wet. Sometimes you do get some lube on the fur but I gently remove it when cleaning the plug without soaking the fur. I have a little comb I use just for my tails if I need to give it a little going over where some lube has been.

    I really liked the MEO Fox Tail Butt Plug but I would have preferred if it had been a lot more fluffy but as I said this is personal preference and not a fault in the product. It really does help get into that pet play head-space and is lots of fun to play with. It is suitable for both men and woman, anyone who is into pet-play and a great addition to any toy box. The only thing I would have liked to have had included with the tail is a pouch to keep the tail in when not in use. I think for the price tag a storage pouch should have been included.

    Pros: Quality fur. Nice size plug.
    Cons: Could be more fluffy. No storage pouch.
    Overall: Great for pet play and a pretty tail makes you feel super sexy.


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      Mein Freund meint das würde ihn wahnsinnig anmachen mit so dann zu sehen wenn ich auf allen vieren bin und so einen Schweif aus dem Po habe.

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        Pet Play Fox Tail Butt Plug

        Pet Play Fox Tail Butt Plug

        This fox tail butt plug ensures extravagant pleasure for the erotic roleplay enthusiast.

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