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CONE OF SHAME Cockring / Chastity Device

CONE OF SHAME Cockring / Chastity Device

Get that puppy to stop licking and humping and groping and stroking with MEO’s cockring/chastity toy CONE OF SHAME…only let him play when YOU want to play…

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    Get that puppy to stop licking and humping and groping and stroking with MEO’s cockring/chastity toy CONE OF SHAME…only let him play when YOU want to play… 


    Super soft and flexible, with the right amount of stretch to wear long term and it’s made of platinum silicone so it wont irritate “mans best friend”…stays on even during rough pup-romps and moshes. 


    Collared pups and strays can wear to show off their junk or to show other dogs sniffing around that their dick is off-limits.  Handlers and pup-owners can keep their pups inappropriate behavior at a minimum…nothing says “BAD-DOG!” like making your pup parade around, dickhead hung low, in his CONE OF SHAME. 


    We also like this toys for chastity play for non-pups…makes it pretty hard to JO or fuck, but since its springy soft silicone, can be worn under levis or suit pants creating a full bulge while reducing any stimulation to the shaft or dickhead. 


    It’s silicone so it wont stain, cleans easily, wont retain scent and will not pit or get dull. 


    • Watersports…fills up with your piss or others…
    • You can actually fuck with it on if determined and a bit over average, feels amazing hitting the bottoms pucker… 
    • Dom/sub play 
    • Ash play 
    • Something that involves thick LETS FUCK LUBE and hand-cuffs.  Hmmmm. 


    More Information:


    Pure Platinum Silicone

    Made in USA

    Lube safe: water-based (recommended), hybrid lubes, oil base lubes.  Silicone lubes can make silicone toys sticky

    Cleaning: Detergent and hot water, dishwasher, diluted bleach/water solution 

    Stats (Approximate):

    Inner Circumference: 12 cm = 4.75”

    Inner diameter:  4 cm = 1.55”

    Outer Circumference: 24 cm = 9.5” 

    Height: 8 cm = 3.25”

    Weight: 120 gr = 4.2 oz.



    How to Put On a Cock Ring and How to Measure Yourself for a Cock Ring

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    Toy Review: The Meo Cone of Shame

    Some like it panting. Some like it ruff. And some have been such bad dogs that they don’t deserve it at all. The Meo Cone of Shame is for the latter pack of pups—the unruly beasts and cheeky pups that need to be contained and taught a lesson in restraint.

    I’ve been a big fan of puppy play as-of-late and, although Mr Peaches doesn’t share my enthusiasm, he was willing to try to be a pup if it meant being forced to desperately desire me and lust after me from a position of submission. If there’s one thing we can both relate to it’s the sub mentality, which can lead to all kinds of crazy adventures.

    Pre-existing pup enthusiasts may, however, be much more elated with the existence of the Cone of Shame—which is soft and flexible enough to be used by even the most recently trained and sensitive pups.

    For such individuals, the Cone of Shame can certainly act as a wonderful addition to the toy box. After all, it can’t all be chew toys and treats in there.

    The Meo Cone of Shame is a cock and ball device which aims to restraint the genitals in such a way that stimulation and penetration are severely hindered without some ball-bashing and general pressure being part of the mix.


    The Cone of Shame itself is supposedly made out of a very soft, flexible silicone and this is said by both Meo and Oxballs (the other makers of the Cone of Shame), so I have no reason to doubt them.

    This particular silicone is very grabby and creates an almost clammy environment after prolonged use. Considering the function of this cone, such conditions are perfect, and public hair will be tugged upon should any be present.

    Humiliation, punishment, and deprivation are key aspects of the Cone of Shame. Many of us have had an insolent or poorly pup who has (one way or another) found themselves in hospital and in need of their own cone of shame. Fun fact: The scientific consensus is actually that dogs cannot feel shame, but anyone who has seen their own hapless critter confined to the cone may disagree.

    Thankfully humans aren’t dogs and shame is an emotion that we are very familiar with. In the wrong contexts this emotion can be…well, shameful, but when brought to heel as part of a BDSM scene then shame can suddenly be intoxicating. Deep down we all wish we were a little bad. Many of us want to be chastised, and the Cone of Shame provides a great prop for any pups and trainers who wish to dabble with these feelings of humiliation.

    Because of this the Cone of Shame has a very strong sense of punishment to it. The outer section of the Cone of Shame’s stretchy cock ring (which measures in at about 4.75 inches in circumference) actually says ‘Cone of Shame’, and the aesthetics of this product match up with the way that it physically confines the cock and balls.

    Because this product is made from silicone it is slightly less stretchy than some cock rings, but it’s also non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body safe (which is a good trade-off in my eyes). This cone’s wider section has a circumference of 9.5 inches and, although it does come in a variety of colors, there’s something so classically chastising about black.

    The Cone of Shame is a bit of a hassle to apply, and fares better when lubricant and a partner are involved (which is perfectly suitable, as this is a team-oriented toy). A pup can apply it on their own but they may struggle, and whether this is acceptable is up to the trainer.

    If a cock and ball set-up feels too confining then the Cone of Shame can also be placed on the shaft of the penis, but then it offers nowhere near as secure nor tight a fit (losing some of its magic in the process).

    When fully in place the Cone of Shame leaves the cock and balls fully visible but noticeably hugged into a confined space. This is a mixture of both tortuously tantalizing and utterly adorable and, depending on the situation, you might have to refrain from saying “Awwwww” when you see the cone in place (I failed at this).

    One of the best things about the Cone of Shame is that it’s a quick step in to chastity without going whole hog (or whole dog, as it were). The cock and balls are certainly hindered by the Cone of Shame but they are never fully off-limits—allowing both pup and trainer to keep play options a bit more open. This makes the Cone of Shame great for trying to provoke pups, too, as you can still fondle the cock and balls, tease its shaft, or give oral as you wish while the wearer tries their best not to be continually disobedient.

    All the while the Cone of Shame is actively working against the intentions of the wearer—making them feel firmer and harder despite efforts to refrain from obvious arousal.

    Apparently intercourse is do-able with the Cone of Shame in place but it wasn’t something I personally tested. I wanted to be the Domme, not another sub, when using this cone and I could envision it bashing against my vulva and perhaps catching and pinching against my own pubic hair during use. ‘The Yelping Domme’ is not a title that I want to develop.

    Creative buyers could also use the Cone of Shame for urine-play, sensation-play, ash play and pretty much anything else their minds can muster. After all, the only limit is your imagination.

    And, of course, although this cock ring does read ‘Cone of Shame’ there’s no reason it couldn’t be used as part of a loving scene. Perhaps your pup is sick and has to wear the cone, so you fawn over them until they feel better. Or perhaps you’ve discovered a highly submissive and recently abandoned pup and you’re trying to earn their trust through nurturing actions before eventually being able to free them from the Cone of Shame. Such an action could be highly symbolic if approached the right way.

    Alas, that is the downside of this toy—‘If approached the right way’. As with a lot of BDSM gear, the Cone of Shame is incredibly situational, and will most likely only ever be used when everyone involved is in the mood to play. This won’t always be the case, making the Cone of Shame a rather limited sex toy compared to some.

    When this is the only thing I can really lobby against this toy, though, then I feel like there’s very little to actually say. There’s no point barking when the cat is absent, after all.

    Final Thoughts

    Overall I really love the potential of the Cone of Shame but understand, firsthand, that you need the right conditions to truly utilize its greatness. At the end of the day Mr Peaches discovered through the cone that being a submissive pup is hardly something he’s enthusiastic to engage with, but the Cone of Shame itself was the perfect device through which to make this discovery.

    For those who already know that they’re pups (or those with more of a personal investment in dabbling), the Cone of Shame is definitely something to add to your collection at some point. If you’ve got the desire to use it then it will certainly perform its role without a slither of shame.

    Recommend to:

    People who like punishment.

    People dabbling in pup/chastity play.

    People who like their genitals confined.

    Do Not Recommend to:

    People who dislike humiliation play.

    People who dislike pup/chastity play.

    People who prefer to be fully confined.

    The Meo Cone of Shame was given to me by my sponsors, Meo, in exchange for an honest review.

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    Ce produit devrait s'appeler "Cone of pride", on doit être fier de porter ce cône pour sa Maîtresse. Produit parfait à porter sur de longues périodes.

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    CONE OF SHAME Cockring / Chastity Device

    CONE OF SHAME Cockring / Chastity Device

    Get that puppy to stop licking and humping and groping and stroking with MEO’s cockring/chastity toy CONE OF SHAME…only let him play when YOU want to play…

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