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Tenga - Egg Spider

Crack open your TENGA Egg Spider and enjoy orgasmic sensations with every thrust. These incredible masturbators stretch to most sizes - simply add the enclosed pouch of lube and enjoy knee-trembling sensations from the tactile sleeve.

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    Crack open your TENGA Egg Spider and enjoy orgasmic sensations with every thrust. These incredible masturbators stretch to most sizes - simply add the enclosed pouch of lube and enjoy knee-trembling sensations from the tactile sleeve.


    TENGA Egg Spider has a ribbed spider web pattern inside its stretchy sleeve to deliver the ultimate ready-to-blow orgasm. The sleeve has a rounded end with a continual ridge and web pattern to completely cover your penis for breathtakingly immersive pleasure...


    This easy-to-use stroker comes in a protective egg-shaped case. Just squirt the included lube into the hollow and pinch the tip before slipping your length into the stretchy egg. This flexible sleeve expands to your size, stretching up to 20 cm = 12 inches in length.


    Please note: To prevent damage, pinch the tip of your TENGA Egg before you place it on the penis as you would when applying a condom. This Japanese sex toy is designed for single use and made from delicate material. Over-stretching or rough use may cause it to rip but with careful use, cleaning and plenty of lube, your TENGA Egg should be good for multiple uses. Made from skin safe Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE).


    Key Features:


    • Innovative male masturbator from Japanese sex toy experts TENGA

    • Inside of the egg is covered in a tactile web pattern

    • Small, discreet and perfect for taking on weekends away

    • Includes a sachet of water-based lube for immediate play

    • Made from super-stretchy, supple TPE plastic

    • Careful use can prolong the toy's life


    NB: Designed in Japan for single use. However, with careful use/cleaning and more Aquameo lube, your TENGA Egg should be good to go again!




    Tenga - Egg Spider

    MEO Makes you Cum

    If you’ve been reading my previous reviews, you’ll know I’m working my way through a range of Tenga Eggs sent to me by the kind people at MEO. If you haven’t heard of MEO you should give their website a look. They stock a wide range of sex accessories from fetish gear to standard masturbation sleeves and offer customer service that is simply brilliant.

    Amongst the wide range of goodies on offer on the MEO site there is a decent collection of Tenga products. Tenga are one of the front runners in non-anatomical masturbation devices and I won’t lie, I love them. The modern designs and wide range make them a versatile choice for anyone looking for an addition to an existing collection or as an introduction to masturbation sleeves.

    Experimenting With New Things

    Wanking hasn’t been the same since Candy introduced me to the Tenga Masturbation sleeve range, next on my list from the Eggs MEO sent me was the Tenga Egg Spider. I was curious to know what this pattern would feel like, it was very different to the Twister or the Thunder. They had both been long, open patterns where-as the Spider was a small tightly packed design.

    Like the other Tenga Eggs the Spider comes in a neat plastic egg shaped case, which is easy to open with the supplied lube and instructions (like you need them!) in a tampon applicator style holder which is

    The Tenga Egg is a single opening masturbation sleeve made from a soft, squishy TPE which moves easily with your grip, so you can manipulate it to best suit your wanking preference or action. The TPE is skin safe and I’ve had no adverse reaction to any of the Tenga Eggs I’ve used.

    Wanking With Webs

    The patterned mouldings of the Tenga Egg Spider are raised to simulate a web like pattern of little squares. This felt better than I had expected but mainly when stroking it over the ridge of my helmet. The tightly packed pattern creates intense sensations.

    The soft TPE is sensation adjustable, so depending on your action or sensitivity you can easily heighten the effect of the mould on either your helmet or shaft by squeezing tighter or applying less pressure. Sliding the Tenga Spider Egg down my cock feels really good and the soft, warm, wet sensation make this very close to the real thing.

    Of the three Tenga Eggs I’ve recently tried the Spider is my favourite in terms of sensation. Feeling the little webs slide over my cock was delicious, particularly over the head, and I found I came quickly. The beauty of the Tenga Egg is the easy clean up afterwards, the Egg catches your load for you allowing you to slow down and enjoy the feelings.

    The Good and The Bad

    Once done you can either dispose of your Spider Egg or gently clean it, giving you a few more uses. Tenga do market Tenga Eggs as disposable but it’s perfectly possible to make them last a bit longer than that with care.

    My one real complaint about the Tenga Egg Spider is the size of the opening. Like the other eggs it has a standard opening which, for me required two hands to get my helmet inside. I would love to see a choice of sizes introduced to the Tenga Egg range to make them slightly easier to use for those on the larger side. Whilst Tenga Eggs stretch beautifully in length the opening doesn’t seem to have quite as much give to it. Once on, with the supplied lube it slides nicely up and down my shaft.

    Due to my size and the sticky lube I found being fast with my wanking action caused the Spider Egg to roll inside itself interrupting my flow. This is easily remedied by spreading my fingers across the Egg and my shaft to anchor the TPE down.

    The supplied lube serves its purpose making the Spider glide easily over your shaft, and there is ample there to fulfil the job at hand. In fact, I prefer not to use all the lube in the little sachet as I find it spills out of the opening during wanking making it messier and masking the sensations.

    What’s The Verdict?

    I enjoyed wanking with the Tenga Egg Spider, the intensity was much better than some of the Tenga Eggs and it actually surprised me. I would certainly recommend the Tenga Spider to anyone looking for a lower priced masturbation sleeve or even just to give a Tenga Egg a try for the first time.

    You can find the Tenga Egg Spider at MEO for the very reasonable price of £8.90. MEO also stock The Tenga Spider as part of a collection of six Tenga Eggs, if like me you’re curious about sensation comparisons.

    The Tenga Spider Egg was sent to me by MEO in exchange for an honest impartial review.

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      Sehr geiles Überraschungs-Ei

      Ein super geiles Ei zur Masturbation und es wurde ganz diskret und schnell verschickt, sehr gefühlsecht durch das geile Material!!!
      Ich kann dieses sexy Überraschungs-Ei nur weiter empfehlen.


        A lot of fun

        I like it as I can give him pleasure in a different way, and he likes it as it is nothing he had experienced before. Even though they state that they're single use, they do last a lot lot longer with care. I can't recommend these TENGA eggs highly enough! They also come in discreet casings so, unless someone had used one of these before, they would have no idea what the shell contained!


          Tenga Egg Spider

          I bought this for my male play mate, as he has never used sex toys specifically designed for men. He loved the texture inside and how it teased the end of his penis. I loved to stretch it over him, teasing him and bringing him to orgasm. It was easy to clean and has been reused on several occasions. We recommend this little egg to anyone who has yet to venture in male masturbation toys.


            1, 2, 3-Orgasmus Meine Bewertung zum Tanga Egg Spider

            Von außen sieht diese neuartige Mastuarbationshilfe schlicht aus. Doch die Innenseite wird Sie überraschen: Ein geripptes Spinnennetz-Muster wird Sie in die Lust-Falle locken. Das Hoch und Runter fühlt sich fantastisch an und verlockende Drehungen erweitern den Spielraum für Ihren Genuss. Diese kleinen Prachtstücke sind dehnbar und passen für alle Größen.

            Genießen Sie phänomenale Empfindungen mit dem Tenga-Egg. Einfach auspacken, das beigefügte Gleitmittel hineingeben, und los geht's. Gönnen Sie sich ein sensationelles Erlebnis mit dieser super angenehmen "Kappe".

            Das Tenga-Egg hat ein rundes Ende und auf der Innenseite ein geripptes Spinnennetz-Muster.

            Perfekt für unterwegs: Holen Sie es aus der Tasche und genießen Sie den ultimativen "1, 2, 3-Orgasmus.
            Das neue revolutionäre TENGA-Konzept: Der Easy-Ona-Cap! Drauflegen, drüberziehen und genießen!

            Tip: Damit Sie mehrmals kommen können, schauen Sie doch gleich mal nach den passenden Kondomen bei MEO!

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              Tenga - Egg Spider

              Tenga - Egg Spider

              Crack open your TENGA Egg Spider and enjoy orgasmic sensations with every thrust. These incredible masturbators stretch to most sizes - simply add the enclosed pouch of lube and enjoy knee-trembling sensations from the tactile sleeve.

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