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XL Vibrating Urethral Sound


XL Vibrating Urethral Sound

Deeper, more exciting, and more erotic! The handy urethra vibrator is extremely long and easily reaches any desired point.

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    Deeper, more exciting, and more erotic! The handy urethra vibrator is extremely long and easily reaches any desired point.

    Urethral stretching and especially games using urethra vibrators are now a standard part of advanced BDSM-sessions.

    The urethra vibrator by MEO has a diameter of approx. 7 mm (head 9 mm), an overall length of approx. 37,5cm, and an insertable length of 29.5 cm.

    The round head makes insertion easy and is very clean and seamless. The powerful vibrations can be switched on with a rotary switch on the end of the urethra vibrator.

    The extremely long design of our urethra vibrator is excellently suited for the stimulation of the urethra over its entire length and allows you to experience new feelings of deep penetration.

    Exciting extra: Use it while you are being simultaneously fucked – the feeling is stupendous!

    Attention! Only experienced users should use this device in the urethra area. Always ensure cleanliness and disinfection.

    XL-Urethra Vibrator – professional model by MEO ® ™ : As an aid for inserting the urethra vibrator, we recommend our article 8306 (sterile lubricant VERYDEEP) and our article 8305 (VERYLCEAN). Info: Surgical stainless steel, product is completely suitable for CBT; fulfills all fantasies of urethral penetration and sexual domination. MEO ™ 1 Mikro-Batterie required (included)




    È uno spinotto uretrale per pene vibrante.

    Realizzato in acciaio, liscio e penetrante sarà capace di soddisfare qualsiasi vostra sete di dominazione. Questo strumento di piacere estremo uretrale con vibrazione ha un potenziale incredibile. E' un oggetto capace di andare in profondità quanto basta per restituire delle sensazioni uretrali intense, decise e forti. Può essere utilizzato anche come un vibratore locale ed esterno, con tutto il divertimento e l'esplorazione che comporta.


      Männer-Vibrator - XL

      Um ehrlich zu sein, habe ich dieses Toy noch gar nicht für das benutzt, wofür es ja eigentlich gedacht wird: Vibration der Harnröhre. Aber da mir so viele andere nette Dinge dazu eingefallen sind, dachte ich mir, kann ich ja trotzdem schon mal eine Rezension schreiben. :)
      Ja, er ist groß und ja, er vibriert. Und kommt dabei in einem hübschen Ledercase in welchem sogar die Batterie eine eigene Halterung findet (sehr praktisch: so kann man sicher sein, dass der Vibro nicht aus Versehen angegangen ist und die Batterie damit leer ist..):
      Harnröhrenvibration funktioniert damit sicherlich auch ganz wunderbar (ich meine – das geht dann schon echt in die Tiefe!), als kleines Accessoire bei einer Bondage macht er sich allerdings auch mehr als gut: quer über die Brust gelegt vibrieren gleich beide Brustwarzen, der Länge nach an das Genital gelegt, wird jede unbequeme Haltung gleich nochmal spannender zu ertragen. Aber auch an der Rosette....nun..denkt euch euren Teil..;)
      Die Verarbeitung ist wie immer solide Meo-qualität. Wir sagen danke!



        This thing is awesome. I really like the length of this vibrating sound, it goes places the short ones don`t. The quality and finish are great


          Wonderful applicance

          Wonderful, plenty of lube, in it goes. Feels wonderful as it travels to wherever. Excellent and very quick service. Very satisfied.


            Everything as expected

            Good, quick service. Good follow up. Product exceeds all it's reviewed to be. Truly not a beginner's toy (oomph!). Once past the meatus, ooo-la-la.



              This toy is amazing. It's definitely not for a beginner but man it's fun to play with. Watching it disappear inch by inch into my dick was so intense and once it reached about the 8" mark the vibrations it put out seemed to reach my entire groin. I would totally recommend anyone who like serious urethral play to buy this item. You won't be disappointed.


                Nicht nur für Männer

                Dieser Harnröhrenvibrator von MEO wurde für meine Frau angeschafft und begeistert sie seit dem ersten Einsatz immer wieder.
                Das Material (Edelstahl) und die Funktionen (starke Vibration) sind hervorragend. Selbst die mitgelieferten Batterien haben eine verblüffend lange Lebensdauer.

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                Great product

                The tip is rounded and smooth, and the body is seamless. Once inserted, turn on the vibration to give your cock internal stimulation that could drive you over the edge.


                  A NEW EXPERIENCE

                  Sounding wasn't something I'd really thought about before but saw this whilst checking out the 'male toy' section. We had plenty of toys for my wife that could be used on me but nothing that was specifically mine.

                  I must admit to being a little intimidated when it arrived because it was longer and thicker than I thought it would be. I tried it out on my own first because I needed to know what felt good and what didn't. It certainly felt good. it applied vibrations to areas I'd never felt vibrations before. My wife has nights away with her job and this is kept in my drawer for those occasions.


                    Thanks for a fabulous product,love it.

                    Love sounding rods,my girlfriends sister ( our secret ) does this to me lots,love it,would recommend everyone who is curious to buy this and try it out,it's habit forming,once you try it you can't stop.Thanks for a fabulous product,love it.

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                      XL Vibrating Urethral Sound

                      XL Vibrating Urethral Sound

                      Deeper, more exciting, and more erotic! The handy urethra vibrator is extremely long and easily reaches any desired point.

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