Embrace Pleasure Vibrating Silicone Cockring

Embrace Pleasure Vibrating Silicone Cockring

Stretchy and comfortable vibrating couples enhancer. 7 functions of vibration,pulsation and escalation. Enhances stimulation for you and your partner.

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    Featuring a big, velvety, insanely powerful stimulator that aligns itself naturally with a playmate's external sweet spots, the Embrace Pleasure Ring is a premium pleasure tool for lovers, presented in the silkiest Pure silicone. Completely rechargeable, lock-able and totally waterproof, this Embrace offering is supremely versatile, fitting seamlessly into any sexual scenario, no matter where passion potential may reveal itself.

    Aside from all the very noteworthy benefits of a great cock ring, including erection enhancement, stamina control and support, the Pleasure features incredible vibration flowing evenly throughout a supple silicone form. Textured subtly at the enlarged partner-contact point, seven modes of steady, pulsating and undulating vibration target the clitoris or perineum, depending on how you choose to play- each stimulation option is varied quickly and simply with a single button placed alongside the ring, within easy reach of both mates.

    Fully rechargeable via USB or a compatible adapter, this Embrace piece is impressively long-lasting on a single charge, providing up to 3 hours of play time after a 70 minute power-up with the included cord.Made of  ultra high end, hypoallergenic, incomparably hygienic Pure Silicone that's a breeze to clean and sterilize, the Pleasure Ring is completely odor and taste free, ideal for even the most sensitive areas. The touch of silicone against the skin is truly matchless, it's plush and forgiving in terms of flexibility, but proves delightfully precise once positioned. Silicone warms quickly and accurately to match body temperature with touch and play, adding yet another layer of pleasure to the experience, plus, it can be heated or cooled more dramatically prior to play, if desired. Always choose a great quality water based lubricant to enjoy in combination with this and any silicone toy, silicone lubricants should be avoided, as should contact with other silicone toys and products. Fully waterproof.

    *The Embrace Pleasure Ring is 1.5 inches (3.8cm) in diameter, stretching to approximately double the width.




    Rolls Royce Cockring

    Top! Mann fühlt sich wie ein Vibrator!
    Super elastisches Silikon, das nicht einschnürt, aber trotzdem sehr eng anliegt. Das edle Design finde ich großartig, weil es im Gegensatz zu anderen vibrierenden Cockringen nicht wie billiger Müll aussieht! Außerdem fühlt sich das Silikon sehr angenehm samtartig an. Für mich der Rolls Royce unter den Cockringen.


      Lasting Treasure

      To summarise straight away, this is a quality product and the best vibrating cock ring I have ever had.

      Right from the start you know you're on to a good thing as the packaging is gorgeous. You can get a rough idea from the product photos, but it really felt like a birthday gift I couldn't wait to open.

      Slide off the card sleeve and lift off the lid and the ring is nestling safely between layers of dark foam. Underneath, under some more card, is the recharging USB cable.

      Having a rechargeable vibrating cock ring is a dream come true, am so happy to finally own one!

      It came charged already but not knowing how much was left, it was very encouraging to find out that it really does last a long time. I left it running to run the power down so I could test the 70 minute charging as described and that was spot on. There is a little dimple on the side where you plug in the cable, which looks like it is designed to keep water out should you want to take it into the shower (which I did, and very nice it was too).

      During an extended session it lasted well beyond our exhaustion point and have no doubt at all that it would last the 2 hours specified. Whether this will reduce with age is difficult to speculate because at the moment the performance is fantastic.

      It feels great, the silicone is smooth and comfortable on the skin, and it fit me very well indeed. Just the right size to keep me hard and keen. The weight of it is rather comforting too, it really feels like you have some good quality on the old fellow. The oversized clitoral stimulator did the job marvellously but it does depend on how you are positioned and how you move to keep it in direct contact with your partner which was fun to figure out!

      So, the vibrating aspect then, any good? *serious face* Yup.

      First time we used it we just had it on the lowest vibration setting and that was absolutely fine. My partner was surprised when she found out it was on that setting as she had already remarked on how powerful it was. You can really feel it all over the product, even on the band on the other side of the ring to the vibrating part.

      There are three steady vibration modes and four pattern ones of a more pulsing nature and there is a light on the button that matches the pattern too; nice touch. It is a one button operation used to change the pattern and hold to turn off. I did find that it can also be a little tricky pressing it while on the job, something that resulted in some considerable fumbling about. Especially tricky if you're well lubed up.

      The ring does stay in place if you're not overly lubed but if you, like we did, use far too much (it was an accident!) then the ring slides around all over the place (which was quite a giggle too).

      The cost of this product is something that made me wince slightly as I normally aim for the lower cost side of things, cheapskate that I am, but with the Embrace USB Rechargeable 7 Function Vibrating Cock Ring now sitting firmly at the top of my favourite toys, I would say that it is worth it. The fact that it's rechargeable and lasts for ages will certainly save money on batteries.

      If in doubt, treat yourself anyway!

      We've both given this a thorough testing now and, aside from the fumbling for the button escapades, we are both very impressed.

      I think it is safe to say that we really like this product and are very glad we've got one.

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      Great ring

      Perfect wife loves the way it feels. You can adjust the vibrations multiple ways to give yourself and partner a great time

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      Embrace Pleasure Vibrating Silicone Cockring

      Embrace Pleasure Vibrating Silicone Cockring

      Stretchy and comfortable vibrating couples enhancer. 7 functions of vibration,pulsation and escalation. Enhances stimulation for you and your partner.

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