Fleshjack Boys Diego Sans Butt Masturbator

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Fleshjack Boys Diego Sans Butt Masturbator

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Finally, sex with Diego Sans! The Fleshjack Boys Diego Sans Butt Masturbator finally makes your dreams a reality. The sky blue case contains a sleeve made of a skin-like material, the texture of which makes it feel like anal sex. The narrow anal access invites you to dare to explore really deeply.


What the Fleshjack Boys Diego Sans butt masturbator offers:


Fleshjack structure: Sex Machine! This tight ass is not often taken, so it's pretty tight and just waiting to finally be fucked by you. Diego Sans' Fleshjack has a narrow opening into a wavy canal with stimulating nubs and ribs. This ever-horny Brazilian is a real sex machine and will quickly bring you to orgasm. The masturbator is based on a cast of Diego San's virgin backside and is well hidden in the light blue Fleshjack case.


More information on Diego Sans:


When Diego Sans joined the porn industry more than ten years ago, he never dreamed he would become such a famous porn star. The hot Brazilian with a dream body and a big, uncircumcised penis has turned many men's heads. Diego is not only very attractive, he is extremely charming, talented and has a good sense of humour. Dream men really do exist!


Fleshjack Boys Diego Sans Butt Masturbator - the handy masturbator for at home and on the go!


The Fleshjack is a masturbator with an anus opening based on a cast taken of the porn actor. The specially shaped inner canal is convincingly realistic and fantastically tight with varying counterpressure. The Fleshjack is considered to be the ultimate sex toy and the best masturbator by men in terms of compactness alone. The Fleshjack is a latest generation masturbator, which is why only entirely innovative and skin-friendly materials are used. Thus, the inner life of a Fleshjack does not consist of latex, silicone or plastic, but of a strictly secret mixture of various polymers and elastomers.




  • Fleshjack Boys Diego Sans Butt Masturbator
  • Masturbator modelled on the porn actor
  • Even more sensation during solo sex
  • Super Skin material feels very, very realistic
  • Particularly tight and supple
  • With nubs and grooves inside
  • Adapts to any penis size
  • An absolutely realistic experience
  • Detailed, anal replica


How is the Fleshjack Boys Diego Sans Butt Masturbator used?


With the Fleshjack masturbator, anal sex with this porn star is finally possible. The Fleshjack is a precise replica of his anus with exciting nubs and grooves that make for incredible orgasms when masturbating. The patented Real Feel Super Skin material feels absolutely true to life and fits tightly around your penis. Here's how: Place the bottle of Aquameo lubricating gel from MEO in the inner canal of the masturbator and fill the canal with plenty of lubricant. Slide your penis into the canal and moisten the penis with the gel by slowly penetrating and turning the Fleshlight masturbator sideways. The soft material fits tightly, really packs a punch and offers realistic sensations like real anal sex. Using up and down movements or back and forth movements, the penis can now enjoy the structures inside the Fleshjack, right up to orgasm.


How is the Fleshjack masturbator for men cleaned and maintained?


A Fleshjack masturbator should only be used with water-based lubricating gels such as Aquameo from MEO ®, in order to avoid damaging the material. The anal canal should be thoroughly cleaned with warm water after use (do not use soap!) and rinsed out so it is free of all residues. The Fleshjack case should also be cleaned.


After that, you should dry the Fleshjack sufficiently by drying off the individual parts and re-assembling them. The Fleshjack cover should only be screwed back onto the Fleshjack after a few hours, once the anal canal has dried out. For faster drying, paper towels can be pulled through the lust canal of the Fleshjack to absorb any residual moisture. Finally, the anal canal should be removed again and thoroughly powdered with Virgin Wonder care powder and disinfected with VERYCLEAN toy cleaner. Your Fleshjack now feels like new and you can have fun with it again!


Recommended accessories for the Fleshjack Boys Diego Sans Butt Masturbator:


Get the most out of your Fleshjack masturbator! With our Fleshlight iPad holder, the Fleshlight and Fleshjack masturbators become multimedia. Enjoy the masturbator while watching your favourite porno... Nothing feels as good as having sex in the shower. If you want to try something fantastic with your Fleshjack masturbator, then our Fleshlight shower mount is just right for you. The practical Fleshlight adapter allows you to connect your Fleshjack masturbator to our powerfully vibrating POWER-MASSAGER... AQUAMEO is a water-soluble lubricating gel with very good sliding properties. It is one of the most popular lubricating gels for masturbators. Just a few drops of this crystal-clear lubricating gel provides long-lasting slipperiness when having sex with your Fleshjack... The popular VERYCLEAN spray is particularly suitable for thoroughly cleaning your Fleshjack and other sex toys. Just spray it on, let it dry and then on to new games... After washing, disinfecting and drying the Fleshjack, simply apply a small amount of powder from Virgin Wonder to the inside of your Fleshjack. Your Fleshjack will feel velvety and soft to the touch again.


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The masturbators from Fleshjack convince with their anatomy true to the original and make intensive stimulation possible. The nubbed or ribbed anal canal and patented Super Skin material create an incredible feeling that will delight any man. If you want to buy a Fleshjack masturbator or a Fleshjack dildo, you are in the right place at MEO. We carry all new models of Fleshjack masturbator with different textures as well as lots of dildos from the Fleshjack series: Find out how at www.meo.de including Fleshjack Boys Allen King Butt, Fleshjack Boys Allen King Dildo, Fleshjack Boys Boomer Banks Butt, Fleshjack Boys Boomer Banks Dildo, Fleshjack Boys Liam Riley Butt, Fleshjack Boys Colby Keller Butt, Fleshjack Boys Johnny Rapid Butt, Fleshjack Boys Brent Corrigan, Fleshjack Boys Diego Sans, Fleshjack Boys Milan Christopher Dildo, Fleshjack Guys Manuel Ferrara Dildo, Fleshjack Boys Mick Blue DildoFleshjack Boys Ryan Driller Dildo and, of course, the popular FleshSack!


Further details:


  • Fleshjack Boys Diego Sans Butt Masturbator
  • Fleshjack - Masturbator for men
  • Manual masturbator replicating an anus
  • With nubs and grooves inside
  • Material: High-quality Super Skin Real Feel Material (free of phthalates)
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof
  • Length: approx. 25 cm
  • Maximum penetration depth: approx. 22 cm




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Fleshjack Boys Diego Sans Butt Masturbator

Fleshjack Boys Diego Sans Butt Masturbator

Working hard to keep you hard ! Pour toi, nous nous efforçons actuellement de rassembler de plus amples informations concernant ce produit. Tu auras davantage d'informations sur cet article d'ici quelques heures. Merci de bien vouloir patienter.


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