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Fouet SM - Cat-o'-Nine-Tails

Peu importe que tu sois expérimenté ou complètement novice en la matière, laisse libre cours à tes fantasmes et découvre à quel point le jeu de donner et recevoir peut être à la fois sensuel et excitant, grâce à notre fouet SM « Chat à neuf queues Ariane ».

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    Peu importe que tu sois expérimenté ou complètement novice en la matière, laisse libre cours à tes fantasmes et découvre à quel point le jeu de donner et recevoir peut être à la fois sensuel et excitant, grâce à notre martinet « Chat à neuf queues Ariane ».


    Dans la mythologie grecque, Ariane était la fille du roi Minos. Elle aida Thésée à vaincre le Minotaure, et donne aujourd'hui son nom à notre martinet plein de style, celui que l'on surnomme le chat à neuf queues ou Cat-O’Nine.


    Le design érotique et le précieux cuir ajoutent une note luxueuse à tes petits jeux amoureux. Notre chat à neuf queues tient bien dans la main et, selon l'intensité du coup, il laisse des marques légères ou bien imprégnées sur la peau.


    Notre Cat-O' Nine nous rappelle beaucoup les instruments de frappe historiques, utilisés lors des conquêtes maritimes. L' élégante poignée se poursuit par une partie souple et élastique semblable à un fouet. La partie inférieure divise ensuite le chat en neuf lanières tissées en rond. Chacune de ces franges se termine par une touffe de quatre franges de cuir violettes et noires. Le fouet en cuir avec ses petites poignées fines, rappelant un corset, est particulièrement bien adapté aux mains de petite taille.

    Bien que ce fouet paraisse très simple, il ne faut pas sous-estimer sa force !


    Détails :


    • Longueur : environ 80 cm
    • Matériau : cuir



    La fessée érotique (spanking) avec nos produits peut se pratiquer de manières très diverses. L'utilisation va de la claque caressante, tout en douceur, jusqu'aux châtiments corporels avec bondage, en passant par les petits jeux d'éducation. Quelle que soit la pratique adoptée pour la fessée érotique, l'essentiel est de le faire avec le consentement des partenaires, en toute sécurité et en restant dans les limites du raisonnable (Safe, Sane, Consensual). Ce sont les conditions sine qua non au bon déroulement des fessées érotiques.




    Fantastic impact play toy

    I really love my Ariadne Cat o' Nine Tails, it is very well made and the leather smells so good. I was amazed at how many different sensations it can generate from gentle caresses to painfull stinging blows when swung hard.
    The handle is narrow and easy to grip allow the wielder to swing it with confidence and it is a nice weight making control and accurate delivery of blows really easy. It is one of those great impact play toys that is ideal for beginners and experienced players alike and I give it a very strong recommendation


      Highly recommended!


      The Cat-O-Nine Ariande comes with no real packaging other than a couple of brand cards attached to the wrist loop which are easily removed and destined for the bin. That’s all folks!

      HurtMe: Cat-o'-Nine-Tails Ariadne Review by Just_Indecerous

      The Cat-O-Nine Tails Ariande:

      The HurtMe Cat-O-Nine Tails Ariande is just a sight to behold, it is by far the prettiest whip that I currently own – just look at it! It’s stunning! It is approx 31.4” in total length, 7.8” of which is the handle. It features 10 (not 9 as the name would suggest) “tails” of tightly plaited black and purple strips of leather which form a beautiful diamond pattern. At the end of each tail it is knotted, leaving 4 loose strips per tail which feel very soft.

      The handle is a plastic tube that houses the tails that is first wrapped in purple leather which then has a second layer of black leather that is laced together, resembling the back of a corset. There is a large leather loop at the base of the handle for both added security when wielding and for hanging up after use.

      In Use:

      Holding the HurtMe Cat-O-Nine Ariande feels very natural and one of the first things I noticed was that the handle is actually a little slimmer than normal which is certainly great for those with smaller hands. The Leather loop is nice and large, making it easy to fit your hand in (you’d be surprised how many get this wrong) and the combination of the leather and the lace provides a very solid grip. So no worries about throwing it across the room and accidentally hitting that sonovabitch cat that just sits there, watching and judging you all day.

      The tails are quite rigid to begin with but with use and time they do loosen up a little but the first few whacks across my thigh to get a feel for it were a little awkward. I found the sting of the strips on the end to be very tolerable, sure it left a nice stingy sensation but I feel falls somewhere in the middle for how much it hurts. Of course this is entirely dependant on the pain threshold of yourself or your intended victim.

      My little masochist is quite the fan of purple so she got just a smidge excited when I first showed her the pictures of it and who can blame her?! It is stunning! You can safely assume that the Cat-O-Nine Ariande was on pretty much every play agenda for the next few weeks and I’ll be honest, still is as we both enjoy it so much! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had her stripped down to her birthday suit or more accurately how many times she’s done it without prompt and just started wiggling her ass waiting for that first strike.

      The Ariande has an ok weight, it’s not too heavy and it’s not too light. Most of the weight is on the tails which makes it very easy and natural to wield and strike accurately with though you will need a little room to do so. As this isn’t a flogger it’s not designed to use the standard figure eight movements when using it and trying doesn’t work very well. It is more of a strike once, aim, strike again implement and as such you will want the space and distance so that just the strips connect. That said, I did find that you could mix the sensation of the strike quite well from stingy to a little more thuddy by letting more of the tail connect which also had an effect on the marks.

      My little masochist marks very easily and it shows beautifully on her. This Cat-O-Nine will give you a lovely red glow pretty quickly without having to put too much effort into the strike and the redness and little marks will fade after an hour or so. If you connect with more of the tail as well as the strips you will get more pronounced marks that you will be able to see and feel for a good few hours afterwards. Always a win in my book!

      She found that it created all of the right sensations for her, a nice sting or thud, the warm glow that follows and the feeling of her pussy getting wetter with each strike. She also enjoyed the softness of the strips when just gently traced over her nipples or her clit. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the effect it had on her and could listen to those moans and sighs that followed the gorgeous impact sound that it makes all day. Every day…more please!


      I really don’t like when I have nothing bad to say about a product, something that niggles me that I have to rant about it for 20 minutes but there’s just nothing there with the HurtMe Cat-O-Nine Ariande. Oh wait, it has 10 tails, not 9 tails! There you go, you get an extra tail of awesome and that means that the name is wrong, and the branding is wrong and the cake is a lie *insert 20 minutes of indignation*. In all seriousness though even though that does kinda irritate me this Cat-O-Nine is just amazing, it looks great, it smells great, it hurts in all the right ways and it feels great to hold and use.

      It is not so gentle that an advanced player won’t get enough from it but it is also not so painful that someone new to impact play would be put off ever playing again. It has a great balance that just works really well. At £67.68 it is quite expensive but when you hold it in your hands, look at the quality and attention to detail in its construction you will see and feel exactly what you are paying for. Far better to pay more and get hit by something good that will get your sub going than pay less on a crappy impact toy and risk them not letting you hit them again! Highly recommended!

      HurtMe: Cat-o'-Nine-Tails Ariadne Review by Just_Indecerous

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      Zart bis hart

      Liegt gut in der Hand und ist optisch sehr ansprechend.


        Erfüllt ihren Zweck

        Erfüllt ihren Zweck


          For the bad girl

          I bought this as my husband was hesitant to try something different as he feared hurting me, even though I tried to explain to him that a little pain can be a turn on. This was small enough and felt light enough that he did not mind using it on me, and I really enjoyed it. Now he will get it out on his own when he thinks I have been very naughty.


            Cat-o'-Nine-Tails Ariadne

            Service very quick. Defintely reccommend this product for the one in your life that needs correction. ;)

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              Fouet SM - Cat-o'-Nine-Tails

              Fouet SM - Cat-o'-Nine-Tails

              Peu importe que tu sois expérimenté ou complètement novice en la matière, laisse libre cours à tes fantasmes et découvre à quel point le jeu de donner et recevoir peut être à la fois sensuel et excitant, grâce à notre fouet SM « Chat à neuf queues Ariane ».

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