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Fleshjack Boys - Gode Pierre Fitch

Fleshjack Boys - Gode Pierre Fitch

Pour une petite gâterie anale, voici un gode réaliste de la gamme Fleshjack Boys, 100 % fidèle aux détails de l'originale : la grosse queue de Pierre Fitch, la star de Bel Ami.

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    Pour une petite gâterie anale, voici un gode réaliste de la gamme Fleshjack Boys, 100 % fidèle aux détails de l'originale : la grosse queue de Pierre Fitch, la star de Bel Ami.


    Nous avons le plaisir de t'annoncer la venue du petit dernier surexcité dans la famille des godes Fleshjack ! La star tatouée du porno Pierre Fitch, un mec super hot, t'offre la reproduction plus vraie que nature de son meilleur atout archi-gonflé dans un design Fleshjack irréprochable.


    Ce gode en silicone médical haut de gamme va te permettre d'entamer une relation très intime avec Pierre Fitch, allant au-delà de toutes tes espérances.

    Pierre Fitch a joué dans de nombreux films où son bel organe lui a permis d'atteindre une grande notoriété.


    Même les plus sceptiques ne pourront être que séduits par son apparence. Le souci du détail de ce gode Fleshjack est tel que tu pourras admirer et sentir chaque veine et chaque pli de la peau. Cette queue a été fabriquée avec minutie dans un matériau haut de gamme, un silicone inodore, et fait l'effet d'une vraie peau.


    Ce gode peut se nettoyer à l'eau chaude et avec notre nettoyeur de sextoys VERYCLEAN. Nous te conseillons d'utiliser exclusivement des gels lubrifiants aqueux, comme notre très prisé AQUAMEO.


    Détails :


    • Reproduction originale signée de la star du porno
    • Pour des sensations et un design ultra-réalistes
    • En silicone hypo-allergénique, inodore
    • Diamètre Ø jusqu'à 4,5 cm
    • Longueur de pénétration : environ 16 cm
    • Longueur totale : environ 21 cm
    • Souple & incurvable




    Scandarella Review

    Question time! How do you feel about sex toys that have been modelled on a porn star’s body-parts? Does penetrating a stroker that was moulded from your fave leading lady’s vulva start your motor? Does having your holes filled by a silicone cock moulded from the stud of the piece rev your engine? Well, I’m coming at you with my feels about these kinds of products in this starry-eyed review of a star-based sex toy; FleshJack Boys’ Pierre Fitch Dildo.

    I’ve only ever had one performer-based sex toy in my life, back before my prudish little heart would entertain porn. It was an enormous Jeff Stryker dildo made of vagina death, aka, rubbery stuff. I know, I blush when I think of what I used to cram in me back in those days, but I didn’t know any better.

    I confess, I didn’t know who the guy was when I bought it. The thought process behind the purchase was, is it big enough to make my eyes water? At the time it was, so I readily parted with my cash. It went in the bin once I learned about body-safe toys, and I never gave person-based toys a second thought.

    Until I spotted the FleshJack Boys line on MEO’s website.

    Since then, I’ve had a rollercoaster of feels about actual person-based sex toys. Mostly, those feels centred around being squicked out. The idea of using something that was cast from someone I could look at made me feel uncomfortable. I dunno exactly what it was that caused those feelings, but I can definitely identify two things:

    The idea that using a famous model cast would be an insult to the Fella, kinda like I’d be cheating on him, albeit extremely remotely
    The fact that I couldn’t get a cast of a model I found attractive enough to fantasise about while I wanked so I couldn’t look at the cocks on display with detachment

    I told the Fella about these nonsensical feels and he just shrugged his shoulders, telling me I needed to resolve the issues in my head. When I showed him the Pierre Fitch Dildo, he asked what had helped me overcome my star-fucking reservations.

    Simply put, I got a grip. No matter who or what it’s cast from, a sex toy is just that. A toy. It’s wholly irrational to liken using sex toys to cheating on a partner, so once I applied that to porn star moulds, that was the first wonky thought resolved.

    And I soon realised that my second issue was a daft one when I sat back and thought about how much I love fantasy toys. Would I fuck a werewolf dildo? Hell yes. Would I fuck an actual werewolf? Hell no, I’d be too busy screaming ‘Fear! Fire! Foes!’ while running for my life. I realised I was taking the porn connection too far. See, I only watch porn that features folk I find attractive, and I was applying that to porn star dildos.

    I let that misplaced connection go, and finally selected the Pierre Fitch Dildo for one reason only: I love the shape of it!

    Okay, so now that you know what an illogical swamp my mind is, I’ll tell you about this dong.

    Unlike the Jeff Stryker monstrosity I once had, the Pierre Fitch Dildo is made of silicone. Firm, flexible, medical-grade silicone that’s phthalate and latex free, non-porous, non-toxic and therefore completely body safe.

    I love how realistic it is. Even though it looks smooth, you can see so much detailing once it’s up close. Well defined veins run up the shaft, as do the patterns of natural creases and crinkles. Even the balls look covered in goosebumps, denoting where hair lies beneath the model’s skin. Every feature of Pierre Fitch’s cock has been captured, so if he’s your fantasy fuck, you’re in for a treat!

    There’s a decent amount of weight to this dildo, as you’d expect from a hunk of silicone. The overall length is 8.25” (6.75” of those insertable) and the maximum girth is 5.5”. That’s a slightly larger than average cock (the average being 5.5” length, 4.6” girth), but nothing that could be considered ‘Size Queen’ territory.

    Like I said above, it’s got a good amount of flex to it. It can bend in half both forward and backward. But at the same time, it’s quite firm, with only a small amount of squish to it. Give it a squeeze and it resists immediately, and that makes is wonderful to grind against.

    As it’s pretty ballsy, it’s perfectly safe for anal use. I just wish there was some kind of suction cup down there. A hole that makes it suction cup compatible would do. But it’s flat based, so you’ll have to have a flat surface, toy mount or harness if you don’t wanna use your hands.

    Getting down and dirty with the Pierre Fitch Dildo is a joy. The glans may look softly defined, but it’s got a coronal ridge that can be felt in use, especially around the pubic bone and anal opening. The shaft is slim but wide, so there’s a lovely stretching to be had by going in deeper. I can take pretty much all of it both vaginally and anally, and giving it a hard, fast fucking feels awesome.

    It’s a hungry one that needs plenty of water-based lube, especially for anal use, but once you have things wet enough, going for it is so much fun. For vaginal play, I love sticking it in my Liberator BonBon and bouncing around on it. It fills me, stretches me, and warms up to body temperature super quickly, making it feel like a slightly more realistic ride.

    Anally, I prefer to have the Fella don the harness and just go at me. Forever. I like larger toys for anal play, but usually have to go slow. I dunno what it is with my butt at the moment, but it’s reacting differently to anal sex. Things get too sore too easily, so slow and steady is king, but I don’t have to insist on that with this dildo. After a good lashing of Sliquid Sassy and a few warm-up strokes, I can take a solid hammering. There’s a little tenderness afterward, for sure, but that’s about it.

    Not surprisingly, the Fella won’t let me use the Pierre Fitch Dildo on him. He did let me once after I promised it would just be the tip (and after I stopped laughing at those very words) but he didn’t find it comfy. He likes bigger toys to be much softer, so this one isn’t on his ‘yes’ list.

    Because it’s realistic, he thinks it’s a great one to use during ‘threesome’ play. We won’t have another body in the room with us, but we do enjoy double penetration and ‘both ends’ scenarios. Colourful dildos are gorgeous but we both agree that, for third person fantasy play, simple flesh tones work best.

    For me, it feels good when the Fella takes me anally and uses the Pierre Fitch Dildo to penetrate my vagina. Using it the other way around feels over-filling for me cos of sizing, so I avoid that, usually. And, while I don’t mind blowing this one because its size is manageable, I must admit that I personally prefer VixSkin dildos if I have to do some sucking.

    Whatever type of play we’ve been up to, cleaning the Pierre Fitch Dildo is simple. Whichever way you usually clean your silicone, be it bleach, soapy water, etc, is fine. I wash mine in the sink and let it air dry, using antibacterial sex toy cleaners after anal.

    I’m glad I got over my silly aversion to porn star sex toys, cos I would never have been introduced to the simple delights of the FleshJack Boys line. No, I don’t personally find Pierre Fitch attractive but I do cherish his dildo, and it has made me want to try some other shapes and sizes.

    Read full review: http://www.scandarella.com/reviews/fleshjack-boys-pierre-fitch-dildo/



      Ich hatte vorher einen preiswerten Dildo, der ziemlich steif und unflexibel war. Es tat manchmal weh und war einfach nur unangenehm. Nicht so mit dem Flashjack von MEO! Bisschen Gleitgel und los geht die Fahrt. Er fühlt sich schön weich an, passt sich dem Körper an und wirkt verdammt echt!


        In heaven

        This Dildo is simply perfect. Right texture, right firmness, right size and right everything. Great material and texture too.



          This dildo is wonderful. It feels great, has an awesome size and feels great going in. It's big but well worth it.



            This is my first dildo and will be my last. I can tell it will stand the test of time. I just got it today and haven't used it. As a virgin I am nervous as it is VERY big. I mean, wow. The thing is huge. But I already gave it a good sucking. Now I'm gonna test it out and give it a ride.

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              Fleshjack Boys - Gode Pierre Fitch

              Fleshjack Boys - Gode Pierre Fitch

              Pour une petite gâterie anale, voici un gode réaliste de la gamme Fleshjack Boys, 100 % fidèle aux détails de l'originale : la grosse queue de Pierre Fitch, la star de Bel Ami.

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