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Masturbatore – accarezzatore vibrante

Masturbatore – accarezzatore vibrante

Non sei mai venuto così bene! Con il Vibrating Stroker tenete la potenza nelle vostre mani e proseguite una missione solitaria inimmaginabilmente intensa e soddisfacente fino all'orgasmo scintillante.

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    Altre informazioni

    Non sei mai venuto così bene! Con il Vibrating Stroker tenete la potenza nelle vostre mani e proseguite una missione solitaria inimmaginabilmente intensa e soddisfacente fino all'orgasmo scintillante.


    Il sogno eccitante di un uomo si realizza: il silicone liscio come un pesce e piacevolmente flessibile non solo lusinga la mano, ma anche coccola particolarmente intensamente la pelle sensibile del vostro pezzo migliore.


    La pressione delle dita permette di decidere da soli quanto sia stabile il manico del masturbatore. Una superficie massaggiante e attraente vi aspetta all’interno, che vi vizia ad ogni movimento in su e in giù. Scegliete tra dieci emozionanti e potenti modalità e godetevi questa esperienza unica e individuale di masturbazione.


    Ulteriori dettagli:


    • Masturbatore vibrante
    • 10 modelli di vibrazione
    • Materiale: PU medicale e ABS rivestito
    • Resistente all’acqua
    • Batterie: 1 x AAA (da ordinare separatamente)
    • Dimensioni: 16 cm (lunghezza) x 11 cm (altezza) x 3 cm (spessore)




    I really admire

    I really admire the choice of Maia Toys to build a non-gendered product: with its non masculine design and its shape intended to please every kind of genitals, regardless of their form and size, I can see this as a perfect product for my trans and queer readers, especially for the MTF community that looks so underserved today. That's one of the main reasons that brought me to choose this vibrating masturbator for review.

    The other reason that made me choose the Maia Ray for review is very personal and I ask in advance to my beloved readers to excuse me if I'm becoming emotional. Lately, due to medical reasons, my Daddy Dom is experiencing a mild, occasional form of erectile dysfunction that makes him uncomfortable at times. Our experience with the Tenga AirTech Vacuum Cup was great and we had a lot of fun with it, but there are days when his health is worse and using regular masturbation cups becomes difficult: it requires the same hardness needed for penis-in-vagina intercourse.

    That's why we were really looking forward to test an open male masturbator: for those low-days, simply wrapping a vibrating toy around his shaft without worrying about being hard enough to enter a hole looks like a great option. And, on a side note, having a blog where I can openly talk about this kind of issues with a like-minded, sex positive audience, is something I value a lot. But let's come back to our in-depth test of the Maia Ray!

    The firm yet soft wings, made from medical PU, are pliable: we bended them to resemble the design of an open male masturbator like the Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo. Then we inserted the AAA battery required and we were ready to go!

    The first thing I want to note, from a female partner's perspective, is that during midway erection letdowns the fun design of this bright coloured masturbator is a huge help to lighten the mood: picking up a cute vibrating ray fish didn't feel at all like 'I'm picking up the only sex toy you would be able to use without an actual erection'. Needless to say, using it was very intuitive: adjusting the tightness to your liking is as simple as bending the wings, and turning it upside-down you point the little spikes to the glans or to the shaft.

    Daddy liked it both as a masturbator to wank with and as a vibrator to just put in place against the glans or frenulum: he said you can definitely feel the ribs and spikes, especially after lubricating the toy with few drops of AQUAMEO. Plus, the open end of the Ray allowed for great blow job fun!

    He said that the vibrations were just OK, but I wasn't that convinced, since I usually find that battery-powered toys aren't as strong as the rechargeable ones.

    So to give a proper test to the bullet's vibration strength, I had to try it myself: I'm a doubting Thomas when it comes to sex toys!

    Daddy after all isn't that used to vibrations on his private parts, so I thought he may like a gentler kind of stimulation than I do.

    The vibrations, as expected, weren't strong enough for my picky clitoris. The ribbed and spiked texture of the orange shell and the intriguing view of an unusual shape were pleasant, but not enough to give me my usual quite elusive orgasm, that appears only in presence of powerful stimulation on the right spots.

    But, I could see a solution to this as soon as Daddy discovered that the bullet is removable: this means you can replace it with a stronger one! Looks like I will ask to MEO's customer service to suggest me a stronger, rechargeable bullet that could fit in Ray's orange shell and I will post an update as soon as I have news!

    To be honest, it took a while to us to figure out if the bullet was removable or not: that's because taking it off the soft, tight PU sleeve is quite difficult. Inserting it back in too isn't so easy!

    Usually I think it's a good thing getting a removable bullet with your toys but in this case, the mini-vibe alone didn't appeal to me so much because of the weak vibrations. It's made of ABS plastic that's hygienic and non-porous.

    The Maia Ray costs 49€ (42.74£ and 60.60$ on 10/04/2018) at MEO's official shop: the amount is justified because of the quality of the safe, hygienical materials, but for this price I would have expected a rechargeable bullet.

    Overall we recommend this sex toy to to everyone who needs a masturbator you can use even when you're not fully erect, to folks looking for a non-gendered product and to couples who like gentle vibrations.

    For strong-vibration lovers, we recommend replacing the original bullet with another of your choice. I can't find the exact measurements of this mini vibe on the box neither on MEO's product page, but I'm pretty sure any bullet that requires a single AAA battery will fit.

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    This is my favourite stroker so far.

    When I saw the Maia Ray I knew I wanted to try it instantly. Somehow the fact it was orange just made me want to get it around my cock! So, you can imagine how pleased I was when Candy told me the amazing people at MEO were sending me a Maia Ray to review.

    MEO are a fantastic online sex toy specialist, and so far, are the only one I’ve come across which focus mainly on men. They have all kinds of masturbation devices and sex aids to suit just about every need a man could have.

    The Maia Ray arrived really quickly and in the usual discrete fashion which is standard from MEO.

    The packaging was nice and simple, striking orange writing on a black box. Glancing at the box you’d never guess the contents were a sex toy.

    Inside the box is the Maia Ray itself and a small battery operated bullet vibrator. The Maia Ray is bright orange; I love the striking look the colour brings. As described by the name, the Maia Ray resembles a Manta Ray in design. The bullet inserts into a channel in the centre of the Ray and two flat wings protrude from each side.

    All the other masturbation devices I’ve used have all been based on the same principle, basically a hole you fuck, this is different and I wonder what that will feel like. There are horizontal lines across the Maia Ray and at the very tip is an area that, like a toothbrush, has bristles that tickle or stimulate your bellend during wanking.

    The real appeal of this product was that as it was flat. You put your cock on it and mould it to suit your size/girth. As you’ve probably concluded from my previous reviews I’ve had some slight issues with my size and with the Maia Ray size doesn’t matter.

    The Maia Ray is made of medical PU and coated ABS; the material is a kind of bendy mould that holds the position you chose to wank in perfectly. The silicone feels soft and touchable. I was excited to try the Maia Ray by now and see what this kind of stroker would feel like.

    So, I lubed up and went to work! If I’m totally honest I was sceptical of the main ridges across the centre of the Maia Ray. They are relatively big compared to those in the strokers I’ve used before. However, once I’d applied a decent amount of lube the ridges became a pleasure to wank with.

    You can feel them up every inch of your shaft as you wank, even with a light rhythmical action or a hard and fast action the grooves work their magic! The toothbrush like bristles on the top do have nice sensation to them but you do have to kind of loosen your grip to angle the Maia Ray to maintain a constant interaction with your cock.

    I wasn’t sure what to expect at first but wanking with the Maia Ray is really good. There is scope to change the pressure applied in terms of grip and the bullet adds a nice dimension when it’s pressed up against the base of my cock. The bullet has ten vibration settings which offers plenty of choice for even the fussiest cock.

    I found changing settings on the bullet fiddly and so you may be best off experimenting with settings beforehand as once your hands are lubed up it’s almost impossible not to break your rhythm when you’re playing with the bullet control.

    My Verdict

    The Maia Ray made me cum easily, I loved the sensations as I approached climax. It felt intense as I came and Candy commented on how much she could tell it was one of my favourites from just watching. The Maia Ray isn’t going to feel like PiV sex. This isn’t a realistic wank, however it is an intense one. The sensations were higher for me than many of the other strokers I’ve tried and the ability to change the grip means you can adjust the tightness needed every time.

    If I’m honest I enjoyed wanking both with and without the vibration so if vibrations aren’t your thing pleased don’t discount the Maia Ray as a potential stroker.

    The only real negative I have with the Maia Ray is the mess. It’s not a sealed sleeve and the lube can get everywhere. Naturally you will change hands or use both to adjust the shape of the Maia Ray mid wank so inevitably this spreads the lube around and makes it quite slippery to hold.

    The Maia Ray is waterproof so cleaning up is not problem at all and it can also be used in the bath or shower.

    The clever thing about the Maia Ray is it can be used by both men and women. Although the bendy skeleton wraps nicely around a cock it can equally be flattened out and used to cup the public area and stimulate the clit.

    Candy likes the dual purpose of the Maia Ray but thinks it could benefit from a rechargeable bullet as the power in the battery operated one (the Maia Ray takes one AAA battery) was lacking for her. However, with her Ignition bullet in it she thinks it’s a great way to share a toy.

    I really like the Maia Ray, it’s a good-looking product that has no draw backs with the shape or size of your cock and can be used by anyone. Yes, the design of the product means you may get a bit messy during play but a little stickiness for the pleasurable wank it gives you is well worth it! This is my favourite stroker so far.

    The Maia Ray is available from MEO for £41.15 which is great value for money for a product you can both use.

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    • 3 dei clienti 3 hanno trovato utile questa valutazione.

    5 stars

    This is magical!

    • 3 dei clienti 3 hanno trovato utile questa valutazione.

    Great vibrations for intimacy.

    Feels alot like the real thing, and it is very easy to clean so I would not use a condom for easier cleaning. It prevents you from feeling the texture. Great vibrations for intimacy.

    • 3 dei clienti 3 hanno trovato utile questa valutazione.

    Extrem geiles Teil

    Dieses geil Teil hat mein Leben echt bereichert, bin mehr als zufrieden mit dem Preis-Leistungsverhältnis, daher kann ich den Vibrating Stroker nur mit 5 Sternen bewerten

    • 3 dei clienti 3 hanno trovato utile questa valutazione.

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    Masturbatore – accarezzatore vibrante

    Masturbatore – accarezzatore vibrante

    Non sei mai venuto così bene! Con il Vibrating Stroker tenete la potenza nelle vostre mani e proseguite una missione solitaria inimmaginabilmente intensa e soddisfacente fino all'orgasmo scintillante.

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