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Orgasm forțat CUMELOT

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Orgasm forțat - CUMELOT Milking Stick

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Orgasm forțat - CUMELOT Milking Stick

Bățul de muls este folosit pentru a stimula glandele sexuale senzoriale. Nervii acestora duc la contracție, la ejaculare și la stoarcerea spermei.

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    Cu o suprafață minunat de netedă pentru o penetrare ușoară - "Bățul de muls" de la MEO ajunge cu ușurință la punctul G "magic" al bărbatului! Bățul de muls stimulează glandele sexuale senzoriale. Nervii acestora duc la contracție, o ejaculare și o stoarcere a spermei.

    AVERTISMENT: Datorită formei sale speciale, bățul nostru de muls, introdus pe cale anală, stimulează prostata și vă împinge într-un extaz extrem, care se termină cu un orgasm mai mult decât violent - fie că îl doriți sau nu!



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    • Mulsul de prostată pentru orgasme forțate și emascularea forțată
    • Material: oțel inoxidabil
    • Dimensiuni: Lungime totală aprox. 24 cm, diametru între 12 și 30 mm.





    Revolutioniert die männliche Lust!

    Ich wusste gar nicht, dass ich auch einen G-Punkt habe! :D Irgendwo da drin, hat der Alpha Male Milking Stick ihn gefunden! Wow, der Orgasmus revolutioniert die männliche Lust!

    • 3 din 3 clienți au găsit această recenzie utilă.

    Alpha Male Milking Stick from Meo

    A short and sweet review is always fun. Many would say that it’s lazy writing, my opinion though sways toward the thought of, the less you have to say, the better the read. I hadn’t felt this way in a while until the Alpha Male Milking Stick from Meo came into my life.

    I received the Alpha Male Milking Stick from Meo, free of charge in return for my honest review. Check out their massive collection for some of the best toys on the market.

    First things first, because I know people will jump down my throat. The Milking Stick is made of stainless steel, I’m not sure if it’s 100% medical grade stainless steel so every time I have used it I’ve used a condom. That being said, if you have any concerns regarding the safety of using Meo’s stainless steel products, please do not hesitate to contact them.

    Measuring in at 9.5 inches, the Milking Stick is a hefty tool. My kitchen scales are still MIA so I haven’t been able to weigh it, to be frank; it’s a little less heavy than the Pure Wand. With a pointed diameter of 1.45 inches that tapers out to the half-inch rod, the Milking Stick is quite possibly one of the best prostate massagers I’ve ever used.

    In use it took me a few attempts to figure out the Milking Stick. It isn’t curved like most prostate massagers so I was initially confused as to how it was going to stimulate my prostate and not just slide right past it. Laying on my back with it between my legs wasn’t great, even angling it upwards didn’t give much stimulation. It wasn’t until my fourth or fifth attempt that I decided to jush it up and try a new position – this is where I discovered the true joy of the Milking Stick.

    The position I’m speaking of is giving the Milking Stick a good old-fashioned ride. With it’s super thin tapered base and rod-like body, the Milking Stick doesn’t really scream “ride-able” but with the right amount of pillows tucked around the base and an excellent quality lube, riding this toy has become my new favourite pastime. I wish I were kidding about the intensity of riding the Milking Stick but it is one of the best feelings I’ve inflicted on my prostate. The tip perfectly massages the prostate and when angled correctly, it glides straight past the prostate and further into the anal canal. I am yet to experience this euphoric sensation with any other toys I own, the only downside is that I am yet to actually milk my prostate with this toy but I am determined to greet that moment with open arms and an open booty hole.


    A heavy-duty prostate massager that goes above and beyond.


    Could be thicker with more ribbed features but I’m not complaining.
    I’m still unclear of how body safe the stainless steel is.

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    • 4 din 4 clienți au găsit această recenzie utilă.

    Sehr praktisch. Tolles Produkt.

    Mehrfaches, tiefes Einführen erzeugt zunächst ein angenehmes Druckgefühl Wenn man sich komplett dabei entspannt, dann beginnt der Saft tröpfchenweise herauszulaufen. Die Prostata wird langsam durch die stoßartigen Bewegungen gemolken, der Saft läuft (auch ohne Erektion), ohne zusätzliche Handstimulation heraus, so, wie es gewollt ist.

    • 6 din 7 clienți au găsit această recenzie utilă.

    Very, very good

    The Milking Stick intensifies any orgasm you have and leaves me a shivering wreck. An incredible experience, a great toy for any newbies to anal play, and a definite go-to toy in our sex cupboard.

    • 3 din 3 clienți au găsit această recenzie utilă.

    Bon produit

    Article conforme a la photo. Livraison rapide. A recommander.

    • 3 din 4 clienți au găsit această recenzie utilă.

    Prostate milking stick the best I've tried

    So I've been into prostate milking and massaging for a while now. I'm no expert but I've tried a few different toys the Prostate Milking stick been the latest and it has very quickly become my favorite. I decided to get this from MEO Germany as it was the best price I'd seen it for. As always with them I received delivery very quickly within 2 days of ordering it. It came in a very simple box no fancy packaging to add to the price. It looks good a nice weight. I found insertion easy with the usual plenty of lube and boy it hits the spot straight away. It produced the most intense stimulation I have ever had and quickly started to produce a small flow of fluid with other toys it takes much longer and much less fluid for me although I still like the Alpha Male VIBRO Prostate Massager for a hands free experience. I found the milking stick to be just the right length to be able to hold it and gently move it over my prostate and wow.
    If I was been picky I'd like something longer and curved upwards so I didn't have to stretch as much but that's very minor.
    I would love to have someone use it on me also

    • 7 din 7 clienți au găsit această recenzie utilă.

    Worth it

    Just received the stick just one day after ordering. I'm new to milking, but after lubing (ez2fuck lube) and a bit of careful fiddling hit the spot. It helps to be aroused prior to using. I did get several orgasms! In my experience it's best to use regularly, at least twice a week. With practice, should get better every time

    • 6 din 6 clienți au găsit această recenzie utilă.

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    Orgasm forțat - CUMELOT Milking Stick

    Orgasm forțat - CUMELOT Milking Stick

    Bățul de muls este folosit pentru a stimula glandele sexuale senzoriale. Nervii acestora duc la contracție, la ejaculare și la stoarcerea spermei.

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