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Prostatastimulator för mjölkning - Alpha Male 3


Prostatastimulator för mjölkning - Alpha Male 3

Vår Alpha Male Stimulator 3 är perfekt för att mjölka prostatan! En stimulator tillverkad av massivt rostfritt stål polerat till en hög glans som tillhör den avancerade klassen av våra sexleksaker.

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    Mer information

    Vår Alpha Male Stimulator 3 är perfekt för att mjölka prostatan! En stimulator tillverkad av massivt, högpolerat rostfritt stål som tillhör high-end-klassen av våra sexleksaker.


    Du kan inte låta bli att älska Alpha Male 3 prostatastimulator från MEO ®, för den eleganta sexleksaken ser inte bara bra ut, utan Alpha Male 3 överraskar också med sin imponerande storlek och fantastiska funktionalitet. Alpha Male 3 är helt tillverkad av rostfritt stål och är en underbart massiv leksak vars släta, sömlösa yta gör införandet till ett nöje och förför dig till fantasifullt analsex.


    Spännande cool eller spännande het, denna ädla leksak kan tränga in i de djupaste regionerna och framkalla orgasmiska känslor där. När den sätts in analt öppnar "Alpha Male Stimulator" sfinktermuskeln, tränger in i den och masserar den. Vid korrekt placering är en massage av prostatakörteln hos män, den så kallade "mjölkningen", möjlig.


    Två kurvor i olika storlekar i slutet av Alpha Male 3 och dess speciella form lovar varierande kul, oavsett om du vill njuta av den ädla dildon analt eller använda den för att mjölka din prostata.


    Med lite EZ2FUCK, AQUAMEO eller FUCKSLUT smörjmedel kan prostatastimulatorn i rostfritt stål enkelt sättas in och rengöras snabbt och hygieniskt efter användning med varmt vatten och vår Toy-Cleaner VERYCLEAN.


    Mer information:


    • Prostatastimulator i rostfritt stål
    • Med praktiskt försänkt grepp
    • Design: C-formad.
    • Längd ca 19,5 cm, diameter från ca 17 mm till 43 mm. Kan användas från båda sidor (minsta kulan ca 27 mm, tjockaste kulan ca 43 mm).




    Perfektes Design für Prostata & G-Spot

    Durch den Radius bekommt der push direkt auf die Prostata oder G-Spot.
    Durch den Edelstahl reicht bereits sanfter Druck um intensiver stimmulation zu erzeugen.
    Massive Qualität und klare Empfehlung


      Wow!!! What an awesome feeling

      Stainless steel represents power and demands respect. This double ended anal plug features exaggerated curve design with different size bulbous heads. Good to gradually open and relax the anus to milk the P-spot. Steel increases sensitivity and enhances orgasms. Smooth hand polished surface for easy insertion. Can be heated or cooled. Feels heavy and solid.


        von höchst geilem Gebrauchswert

        Als auch an analer Befriedigung interessierter Hetero-Mann lasse ich mich gern von meiner Dame mit diesem wunderbaren Stimulator behandeln. Nach einen längeren Kontakt mit der kleineren Kugel zum Anwärmen darf und kann ich die größere Kugel genussvoll aufnehmen. Wie von anderen Kunden schon beschrieben wird die Prostata durch diese Stimulation in stetem Fluss vollständig entleert. Manuelle Stimulation am Luststab ist dabei nicht notwendig Deshalb spreche ich hier eine umfassende Empfehlung aus.

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        Freihändig abspritzen

        Dieses geniale Toy von hat mir einen Traum erlaubt: Durch Stimulation der Prostata freihändig abzuspritzen! Ein unglaubliches Gefühl, so intim und so intensiv. Ich kann mich nur für das unvergessliche Erlebnis bedanken und das Produkt jedem Mann, ob hetero oder gay, empfehlen.

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        A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…

        A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away… This is how most epic stories begin, so my youth tells me, and so I thought it only right to start my epic review of the Alpha Male 3 Stimulator from MEO in a similar manner.

        The Alpha Male 3 is an eight-and-three quarter inch C-shaped piece of stainless steel awesomeness. With ball-shaped ends sized around one-inch at the small end and around one-and-three-quarter inches at the large end, and weighing in at practically one whole kilo, this is a serious toy. I have long lusted after the Njoy wand that the Alpha Male 3 takes its inspiration from, but that want has now departed.

        The manufacturing on this piece of stainless steel is top-notch, but that comes as no real surprise, since everything I’ve had from MEO has been of the toppest most quality. Silver, shiny, heavy – the Alpha Male 3 really is a thing of beauty.

        Step away from that beauty for a moment, get it greased up (I used the MEO EZ2Fuck lube), and let’s see if it’s actually any good.

        I’m one of those guys who prefers his prostate stimulation of the non-vibrating type – I’ve had great success in the past with metal anal toys – so I have high expectations for the Alpha Male 3.

        Starting with the smaller end, it is an absolute doddle to insert. Stainless steel is by its very nature non-draggy, so the addition of lube lets it slip in with absolute ease, although you may want to pause to enjoy the temperature sensations on the sensitive skin around your bumhole. The shaft, with a girth around two thirds of an inch, sits between your sphincter with great comfort, leaving you to concentrate on locating that P-spot.

        Now, I don’t know if my prostate possesses marvellous magnetic magic properties, but the Alpha Male 3 was drawn to my P-spot. It connected with it immediately, and I’m sure the clunk I heard was actually myself gasping at the immediate and intense stimulation.

        So maybe you don’t need to concentrate on locating that P-spot, since the Alpha Male 3 stimulator does it for you. The weight of the dildo just presses and pleases – it’s a simple piece of prostate pleasure.

        My preferred posture is laying on my side, knees up, almost foetal-like. In this position, the weight of the dildo causes it migrate to the side, but a little lateral movement soon brings it back on track. Just laying there with it pressing on my prostate, my breathing shortened, I could tell that this was going to be one hell of a ride.

        Grabbing the end of the dildo, I increased the pressure by pulling up on the dildo, my butthole acting as a fulcrum. Holy shizzles, I nearly hit the ceiling – seriously it’s as if the Alpha Male 3 stimulator was made for my anatomy. Once I had calmed down from this intense sensation, I was able to concentrate and actually massage my P-spot. Using small back/forward motions, increasing and decreasing the pressure, it wasn’t long before my cock started to leak that watery pre-cum type liquid that I associate with prostate play.

        For me, sometimes prostate stimulation results in an erection, sometimes not. This first use did not – but I don’t really care, since the feelings were so strong that nothing penile could match it. After a short while, I began little thrusts in place of the rocking motion, and almost immediately I felt a warm tingling moving outward from my prostate, engulfing my groin, and radiating up my back and down my hamstrings.

        The sensations were so enormous that I found it difficult to maintain the nuanced thrusting, and found myself instead performing haphazard jerks. This just had the effect of driving my impending prostate orgasm forward, and just a second or two later, I was overcome by the white light of a deep deep prostate orgasm that lasted for almost 40 seconds. Still no erection, but plenty of mess.

        I love the Alpha Male 3 Stimulator, it just does it for me, no questions. Each and every time I use it I just get super messy, mega intensive prostate orgasms. It can have me on my knees in a matter of a few minutes, or it can string me out for a mindblowing long session.

        I have progressed from the small end, to the large end now, with equally as explosive results, and although it can be challenging getting it in, it adds a little something extra. The best way I’ve found for inserting the large end, is to start with the small. If I pop the small end in and out a few times, which in itself is massively pleasing, and I find that it helps me ease the larger end in when I am ready.

        And that little something extra? Well, that comes after orgasm, the stretch and pop upon extraction, post orgasm is exquisite, and makes using the larger end worthwhile in itself. Since, for me, I can’t really notice much difference between the large and small ends for prostate stimulation. The Alpha Male 3 is just so damn good at finding my spot, that it doesn’t matter if I go large or small.

        And what is really really brilliant, is that afterwards, since it’s made from such a lovely material, cleaning it is so incredibly simple, although sometimes I feel like my legs aren’t strong enough to carry it to the bathroom.

        After having a few (loads) of goes with it myself, I introduced M to The Alpha Male 3 Stimulator – in the name of science, we wanted to see if it could also stimulate the Alpha Female.

        M is just as much a fan of chilled dildos as I am. So, having hidden the dildo on the windowsill (it’s November!), it was suitably chilled when, mid-session, I grabbed it and said how about this?

        Her eyes lit up, which as all I needed to continue. Making sure to lube it up well, I placed the smaller ball at the entrance to her vagina and pushed it slowly in. She drew her breath at the coldness, and helped me position it so the ball was sitting in the right place. Using a back/forward rocking motion on the dildo, kind of like a seesaw, she was soon enjoying some direct G-spot rubbing.

        Trying a number of different simulation methods, the smaller ball of the Alpha Male 3 stimulator was able to take her quite far towards an orgasm. She didn’t like the side-to-side so much, found thrusting in a normal dildo manner a little bit bone bumping. It definitely pays to be gentle with the thrusting with this. She did however absolutely love the pressure on her G-spot, and the forward/back swaying motion, which I knew she would.

        With the near orgasmic state she was in, and with the feedback she was giving me on what she liked, I just knew she had to have the bigger ball inside her. She was a little nervous, but I pointed it out that it was only really like having 3 of my fingers inside her, and well, she loves that.

        So, with a bit more lube, we tried the larger end. The effect was immediate – it instantly pushed her over the edge, into the type of orgasm where she needed to grab hold of something and squeeze. That something happened to be my arm and geez does she have a firm grip.

        When the orgasm had ebbed away, I tried the rocking technique she had loved from the smaller ball. Immediately she came again, twice. Lots of body thrashing and panting and OMGs, I carried on with the rocking technique through them all.

        It seemed where the Alpha Male 3 stimulator had an inherent way of finding my prostate, so too with finding M’s G-spot. Little to no effort is required to produce some absolutely awesome orgasms.

        M loves the way the large end feels so full. This is its secret, I think, for M, the size of that large ball is just so perfect – it hits her G-spot, her AFE-zone, her cervix and everywhere else all at the same time and to such wow results. The fact the balls are seamless with the shaft of the dildo on one side, but decidedly hooked on the other is, I think, key to the efficacy of the Alpha Male 3 stimulator.

        And yes, it has elicited that most sought after of all orgasmic delights – the female ejaculate. Our poor sheets.

        So, Alpha Male 3 Stimulator, there’s gonna be proper fights over this one, and given the Dynamic of our sexual relationship, I can only see one winner.

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        G-spotting toy with the pricey commitment

        This toy is very reminiscent of the Njoy Pure Wand. Just a cheaper version, which isn’t a bad thing by any means. It’s great for g-spotting, temperature play, prostate massage, and it’s got some nice weight to it. It’s actually pretty heavy. Some might like this toy for thrusting and some might like for rocking it back and forth while it’s inside of them. I like it for both. I enjoy using it with a strong clit vibe like a bullet or a wand massager for an intense orgasm. If you’re not completely familiar with toys that have a super curve (Man or Woman) then this one might throw you for a curve the first time you use it. The funny thing about toys like these, is that it forces to learn more about your body and what you like. Definitely a great alternative to the Pure Wand if you don’t want to commit to the price.

        • 3 av 3 kunder fann denna recension användbar.

        I bloody love it !

        The double ended style of this dildo is fantastic, because it offers you versatility. That said, the larger end is far more achievable than you may think. With ball ends of 27mm and 45mm, there’s quite a difference, but stainless steel is so easy to use, and requires very little, if any, added lubrication. You can also use any lubrication you chose with stainless steel, which is great if you prefer silicone over water based. Like temperature play? If you do, stainless steel is your best friend! It can either be warmed up in warm water, or cooled down in cold water or the fridge (not the freezer, you don’t want freezer burn!), depending on your preferences, and it holds it’s temperature really well. You may expect it to feel similar to a glass toy, but it’s in a whole different league. For me, stainless steel is always much colder straight out of the box than glass, and it retains warmth or cold much more effectively than glass does. The sheer weight of it really adds to the experience too, something which glass just doesn’t offer. It’s suitable for both G-Spot and P-Spot stimulation too, and because it can be sterilized, you can really share the love!

        So, how does it feel in use? FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC! It’s like this thing has sat-nav to my G-Spot … the curve, and the weight, and the unrelenting hard surface, means it never fails to hit my sweet spot, and almost always instantly. The smaller end is where I initially started, but it’s the larger end that keeps me going back for more now, it’s incredible. The pressure it exerts on my vaginal walls is just pure bliss, and my G-Spot responds to it effortlessly, hitting me with that familiar ‘I need to pee’ sensation in super quick time, it’s a squirty girl’s dream! It’s like this dildo has a secret form of communication with my body, that I don’t really understand, but my body conforms and falls at the metaphorical feet of this toy … It’s the Vag Whisperer! You may think I’m exaggerating a little there … I’m not!

        The curve of the metal is extreme enough to give great internal stimulation, but isn’t so harsh that it becomes impossible to thrust with. Which is music to my ears, because not being able to thrust with this dildo would be practically criminal! I love how it effortlessly brings me close to orgasm, without any annoying scrapes or pulls that can sometimes happen with silicone – there’s absolutely zero drag with stainless steel. I like to pair it with some clitoral stimulation when I’m alone, which makes for some explosive orgasms, and when I’m not alone? Well I just let CK do whatever he pleases with it, and me, and I’m never left disappointed!

        I have to acknowledge that it’s not going to be for everybody though. If you dislike or get no pleasure from G-Spot stimulation, then you might want to give this a miss. Equally, if you struggle with heavier toys, then I can tell you, you won’t like this. Despite it’s similarities, the Alpha Male 3 Stimulator is heavier than an njoy Pure Wand, by almost 300g, so it’s a big chunk of metal loveliness! I love the weight, and the sheer feelings of delight, as it strokes and rubs at my sweet spots, is enough to outweigh any arm-ache issues for me.

        Because it’s non-porous, hypoallergenic, and odourless, stainless steel is a breeze to care for. It’s simply a case of cleaning it with hot soapy water or sex toy cleaner, just make sure the soap you use has no chlorine in it. It’s also advisable not to bleach it. There’s no reason why it won’t last a lifetime if cared for properly, so whilst it might be more expensive, stainless steel offers you longevity in bucket loads!

        I bloody love it! If you like hard, sexy, G-spot or P-spot seeking sex toys, buy one!

        Read complete review :

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        Trop bien

        j adore est parfait il me donne beaucoup de sensation et de plaisir? Hummmm je veux bien tester d' autres modèles du même genre s'il y en a ....

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        Anal Orgasmus

        Lustspender der Extraklasse.
        Mit meinem Freund ausprobiert.
        Er ist total ausgerastet. Dachte schon ein Arzt muss her LOL

        • 3 av 3 kunder fann denna recension användbar.

        Bringt mich zum Orgasmus

        Gut zu greifen, schön in der Handhabe und erfüll mehr als seinen Zweck.
        Preis-Leistung stimmt zu 100%
        Lieferung sehr schnell. Paket diskret.
        Wird immer wieder gerne genutzt und auch empfohlen ;-)

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        Alpha Male Prostata Stimulator

        Der Alpha Male ist richtig schwer und liegt schön in der Hand. Wenn er eingeführt ist, vergisst man nicht so leicht, dass "er" da ist.

        Das Einführen braucht allerdings in der Tat etwas Übung. Qualität und Gestaltung sind aber hervorragend und der Griff ermöglicht eine gute "Steuerung" und Stimulation.

        Der Alpha Male hat nichts mit dem Plastikspielzeug aus dem Sex Shop zu tun - ein echter Unterschied, der den Preis rechtfertigt!

        • 3 av 3 kunder fann denna recension användbar.

        Great product

        The choice of size at each end is great. Love the weight of the metal!

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        Prostatastimulator för mjölkning - Alpha Male 3

        Prostatastimulator för mjölkning - Alpha Male 3

        Vår Alpha Male Stimulator 3 är perfekt för att mjölka prostatan! En stimulator tillverkad av massivt rostfritt stål polerat till en hög glans som tillhör den avancerade klassen av våra sexleksaker.

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