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Rope Master - Kötözés anális horog

A MEO® Rope Master a magával ragadó élvezetért. A MEO® Rope Master segítségével fantáziáidnak különleges lendületet adhatsz. A golyó és a végbélnyílásra gyakorolt gyengéd nyomás minden kötést különleges, erotikus élménnyé varázsol.

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    A vágy, az izgalom és a behódolás közismerten közel állnak egymáshoz. A MEO® Rope Master segítségével fantáziáidnak különleges lendületet adhatsz.

    Férfiak és nők egyaránt használhatják ezt az ötletes kiegészítőt. A Rope Master egy kb. 30 mm vastag véggolyóval lett felszerelve. A golyó és a végbélnyílásra gyakorolt nyomás minden kötést különleges, erotikus élménnyé tesz, és rendkívül fokozza az izgalmat.

    A MEO® Rope Master (anális horog) fémből készült, ezért könnyen tisztítható és antiallergén.

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    Increíble sensación

    Morbazo total la que produce el metal en el sexo, y si ademas tiene forma de gancho y te estira como si te colgase, la sensación es increíble. La calidad espectacular, así como el precio.


      MEO Anal-Hook / Rope Master

      Ein Klassiker. Und dabei einfach ein Muss. Die Version von Meo ist sehr toll gearbeitet, keine „hakeligen“ Übergänge, sondern top gearbeiteter Edelstahlhook – einfach zu reinigen und zu händeln. Die Größe der Kugel passst auch für Neulinge prima – klasse Erweiterung einer jeden Bondage und der Preis ist absolut top!

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      MEO Anal Hook Review By Candy Snatch

      Few items of bondage equipment are as intimidating to behold as the anal hook. I definitely felt this intimidation opening the Rope Master Anal Hooks from MEO.

      For anyone who is new to bondage or just unaware an anal hook is essentially a way of restraining your partner via a hook that is inserted into their arse. The hook is usually attached to bondage rope and then threaded into some type of predicament bondage. This means the submissive finds if they start to change position the rope will pull tight and the hook will pull up inside them.

      This is not for new players to bondage, you require a degree of experience and lots of trust to successfully play in this way. So now you’ve had your introduction to anal hooks let’s talk about the Rope Master Anal Hooks.

      About the Rope Master

      The Rope Master Anal Hook comes packaged in a clear plastic bag, it doesn’t come with bondage rope so if this isn’t a staple in your bedroom (or dungeon) then you should invest in some at the same time.

      Made of stainless steel the Rope Master Anal Hook comprises of a length of about 8 inches of straight shaft curving into 5 inches of insertable length. This is completed with a steel ball with a 1.1-inch diameter which sits up inside you.

      The end of the Rope Master Anal Hook has a ring to thread rope through to apply tension on the hook inside you. I found it was very difficult to use the Rope Master Anal Hook without rope as the pure weight of the long shaft on the external part pulls the hook out of you.

      Smooth Shiny Steel

      It’s important when using any metal sex toys that the surface is entirely smooth and seam free. Even a small raised edge can be enough to cut or tear delicate skin so you certainly wouldn’t want to put that inside you. Running my hands all over the Rope Master Anal Hook I can confirm there were no raised areas or seams.

      The steel is smooth and very reflective and shiny. The hook itself is much heavier than I expect and all this adds to the general exciting feeling of intimidation the Rope Master Anal Hook brings.

      Using The Rope Master Anal Hook

      So, what was the Rope Master Anal Hook like in use? Threading two lengths of rope through the eye, we were ready to try the Rope Master out. I advise using lube with this product as even though the ball isn’t very big there is no point to it so you’re inserting a blunt object inside yourself technically.

      After applying a little lube, we eased the hook inside me. I can honestly say the insertion wasn’t at all uncomfortable and the hook slid deeply inside me with no problem.

      The thin shaft of the hook nestled nicely between my arse cheeks as the hook wriggled into place and my partner threaded the rope through my headboard to apply tension. As he pulled it tight I suddenly realised I was totally restricted in movement. Any change to my position applied pressure deep inside my arse.

      Intense Sensations

      I wouldn’t describe this as painful as such but it wasn’t exactly comfortable. And I didn’t want to test exactly how far I could pull against the rope before I experienced pain. In essence it made me perfectly submissive. The intense sensations greatly enhanced my orgasm. I loved feeling my muscles tighten around the hook as I hit climax.

      Whilst in position it offered him perfect access to fuck me whilst I wore the hook. He was extremely excited by this prospect. Loving removing the hook and re-inserting it with the improved view before proceeding to fuck me. During play he could pull the hook tight using the rope and render me totally immobile.

      Universal Appeal

      Although the Rope Master Anal Hook isn’t thick enough to stretch the anal passage out I could still feel a difference during sex. He commented that he could feel the ball inside me. This turned him on immensely, alongside the control he could exert over me by using the hook.

      I thoroughly enjoyed using the Rope Master Anal Hook, it tapped into every submissive fantasy I had. One thing I really like about it is it’s totally universal. I could easily use the Rope Master on him should he ever allow me to.

      Such was my enjoyment of the Rope Master Anal Hook I now feel the need for some kind of D ring in the wall or ceiling. For ultimate expansion of the Rope Masters capabilities.

      Easy Care

      Washing the Rope Master is a breeze, being stainless steel you can literally pop it in the sink and wash it. Just avoid using any harsh cleaning materials in case you scratch the surface.

      This was our first anal hook experience. Although I found it extremely intimidating to begin with I enjoyed it massively. The hook adds so many delicious dimensions to D/s play. It’s kind enough in size to be used by someone that isn’t used to anal sex etc.

      In Summary

      This might not be the anal hook for experienced users. They may find the ball a little on the small side. But for me this was perfect. I found no discomfort either on insertion or removal. If you have experience in anal play/bondage and are looking to try an anal hook this is perfect.

      MEO sell the Rope Master Anal Hook for 29.00€ which is a fantastic price for a stainless-steel toy. As a beginner to anal hook play I can’t find anything not to love about this hook. It’s certainly made the world of predicament bondage more accessible in my bedroom.

      Thank you so much to the fabulous people at MEO for sending me the Rope Master Anal Hook. This item was sent to me free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review.

      Read full review: http://www.candysnatchreviews.com/meo-rope-master-anal-hook-review/

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      Mistress Kay Review

      Simple and straight to the point, the ROPE MASTER Bondage Anal Hook makes it easy to add anal stimulation into the flow of your rope bondage. Made from stainless steel, this hook is approximately 0.5″ in thickness for the stem with a thickness of 1.1″ for the ball end. The hook offers about 8″ of straight length along the non-curved part from base to tip.

      The ROPE MASTER Bondage Anal Hook comes in pretty basic packaging. It comes in a clear plastic bag marked from Meo.de. Getting the hook will require that you destroy the plastic bag, so there isn’t any packaging for storage. There is also no information about the toy, its uses, or any bondage suggestions.

      The Bondage Anal Hook has a particularly simple design – as it should. It only needs to fulfill one purpose – safely providing anal stimulation in a way that can be combined with rope bondage. The large bulb of the hook is inserted into the butt, and the loop around the opposing end is designed to hold rope. During bondage, the rope will tug on the toy as the captive moves – providing pleasurable sensations to the wearer. More sadistic tops may choose to utilize predicament bondage for this one by tying the wrists in comfortable or taunt positions that directly affect the tightness of the anal hook when the captive moves them.

      One of the most important things about stainless steel toys like this is that they need to be smooth. Even the smallest area of rough steel will become uncomfortable on the skin. This Bondage Anal Hook meets that requirement. Running your hand over the entire length of the hook, you’ll find no seams or obvious rough points. It’s entirely one nice, solid piece of steel without any patches of discomfort.

      The loop of the tip of the anal hook is large enough for most rope. Two strands of 8mm rope went through the hole just fine. The rope could probably even get a bit thicker without too much of an issue. Depending on the size of your rope, you’ll most-likely be able to slide two (or four) strands of the rope through the hole. It’s enough to put it into your rope bondage with no problems, though.

      For those who love larger anal sensations, the Bondage Anal Hook may not become a household favorite. While it’s great at what it does (offering a safe hook experience that works with most body types and most ropes), it doesn’t have a particularly thick bulb at the end. For beginners, this is fantastic. You can easily use this anal hook on someone new to anal sex without much of a problem. However, if you’re playing with someone who really loves larger toys, the bulb itself isn’t going to offer much stimulation. You’ll most-likely want to set up your bondage in a way that offers movement or other sensation with the hook other than relying on the bulb itself to offer the most sensation.

      Be aware that this Bondage Anal Hook was definitely designed for use with rope to hold it in. Unless something is physically holding it in, the weight of the hook will start to slide the anal bulb out of the butt. It requires a focus on squeezing the muscles to keep it in without rope holding it in. With any sort of rope tension through the loop of the anal hook, however, it stays in just fine.

      Cleaning this bondage anal toy is pretty easy. The stainless steel part makes it a breeze. Don’t use anything that’s scratchy or abrasive, and you’ll just want to use warm water and anti-bacterial soap to clean it off. There aren’t any hidden areas, and it’s smooth, so it’s easy to clean. Just be sure to keep a tight grip on it – it can get a bit slippery when it’s wet.

      Overall, the ROPE MASTER Bondage Anal Hook does exactly what it’s supposed to do, and it does it well. While the thickness isn’t thick enough to offer a filling sensation on its own, the focus of the hook is on the pleasure and feeling of movement when using the hook during active rope bondage. It’s comfortable, easy to clean, and works well. Thanks to MEO.de for providing this affordable stainless steel anal hook for my ROPE MASTER Bondage Anal Hook review.

      Read full review: http://kinky-world.net/?p=15168

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      lässt sich geschmeidig einführen und sitzt bequem

      Da wurden die Augen meines Spielzeugs groß, als ich den Bondagehook auf die Einkaufsliste setzte...das war die erste Freude, die mir dieses neue Accessoire machte..:D
      Einmal angekommen hielt es, was ich mir davon versprochen hatte: solide Qualität von Meo die auch noch top verarbeitet ist! Die Preis/Leistung ist bei diesem Produkt unschlagbar.
      Wirklich prima ist auch, dass die kleine Kugel mit 3cm Durchmesser auch absolut für „anale Neulinge“ geeignet ist...lässt sich geschmeidig einführen und sitzt bequem – limitiert auch keinesfall auf eine Bondageposition, sondern lässt sich schön ergänzend einsetzen.
      Fazit: Eine schöne Bereicherung zu jeder Bondage – und als ich den Vibrator an die Edelstahlstange anlegte wurden die Augen wieder ganz groß....;) Kommt ganz sicher wieder bald zum Einsatz.

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      Génial et très bon produit

      Génial à l'usage, les dames de mon club adorent. Pratique, bien fabriqué et bien pensé, belle qualité, facile à laver, à désinfecter.. Hautement érotique à utiliser, il procure des sensations torrides... Les dames adeptes de la sodomie et du bondage ont apprécié (5 avis convergeants)

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      Sehr geil das in sich zu spüren

      Ein richtig cooles Teil von MEO. Super für Fesselspiele mit analer Note ;-)
      Gute Verarbeitung, verbiegt sich nicht und hält sicher.
      Kann ich nur weiterempfehlen.

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      Geiles Spielzeug

      Für diejenigen, die sich auch beim Bondage auskennen ein geiles Spielzeug. ;)

      Der Rope Master ist leicht zu säubern, da keine Kante/kein Gewinde an der Kugel ist, quasi "alles aus einem Guss".

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      MEO is the best of the best

      I love my new Rope Master. The finish is beautiful and I can see my reflection in it. When holding it in my hand and can feel the weight and see the quality. I have purchased to other anal products from MEO and this is my favorite. I soak it in hot water to add to the sensation when it enters my back door. Thanks for answering all of my questions and taking the time to point me in the right direction. You are the best of the best.

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      Works well

      Thank you MEO. The hook works well and the angle is perfect. Works well with rope play and has nice weight. Good quality at a reasonable price.

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      Excellent tool.

      Enhanced play with the wife, which she said was very pleasurable to use. The hook is large enough to fit for either opening comfortably (or not, depending on how you play). The ball seems large and intimidating at first, but is the right size indeed.

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      I love the way this feels

      I love the way this feels when my top controls me with this an leads me around by it I would like to be ablento buy bigger balls for the end of it tho

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      Strike fear into the heart of bottoms everywhere!

      For those who've never tried one, this toy is terrifying to look at. Just the sheer horror I've watched on others' faces when they see this toy is priceless... Telling them they're about to be on the receiving end, more so.

      The construction feels solid, the ball screws off, and I'm assuming that other interchangable steel balls would tighten right on as well. The ball isn't terribly large, but if you're only used to rubber the lack of 'give' might make it more than you expected or realized.

      This toy is fantastic for predicament bondage, and can be included quite easily in ropeshibari riggings, very fun to attach in ways that will be felt if the recipient moves or tugs. Additionally, being metal this toy can be easily cooled for added shock, or heated for a soothing effect. It's very versatile, and can even be worn under clothing (depending on the wearer's outer outfit). One can insert it, then tie it against a collar, and proceed to carry on normally in public with clothing over it, but be aware of the device's natural tendency to move and reposition as someone sits, stands and walks -every body will be different in how it responds, so perhaps try this in private before public.

      The toy is super easy to clean, I would *imagine* it's dishwasher safe, but you may want to verify that with the manufacturer, either way it's smooth surfaces are fantastic for easy cleanup afterwards.

      Highly recommend for anal play and bondage enthusiasts alike!

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      Ich liebe ihn

      Selten so ein tolles Teil bekommen, super Passform, sehr gutes Produkt.
      Material auch voll in Ordnung, fühlt sich geil an.


        MEO Rope Master is awesome!

        MEO Rope Master is awesome! It provides a unique feeling that really turns me on! The first time I used it, I tied it to a rope that I attached to the ceiling. I have a leather chair that allows me to adjust the height. I got it so that it was just slightly pulling on my ass. I slowly lowered the chair in small increments. Each time I did that, the Rope Master would pull and stretch my hole upwards. That is the unique feeling I'm talking about! Very kinky! I had to see this, so I ended up propping up a mirror so I could see my ass. Pushed the chair aside and reinserted the Rope Master. I was squatting down to add intense pressure to my hole. The view was absolutely amazing! The more I did this, the more I could stretch my ass. Eventually, I could put nearly all my weight on it. I was actually stretching the rope! That's about the time I exploded like a fire hose. So kinky hanging from a hook shoved up your ass!

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        Rope Master - Kötözés anális horog

        Rope Master - Kötözés anális horog

        A MEO® Rope Master a magával ragadó élvezetért. A MEO® Rope Master segítségével fantáziáidnak különleges lendületet adhatsz. A golyó és a végbélnyílásra gyakorolt gyengéd nyomás minden kötést különleges, erotikus élménnyé varázsol.

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