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Sivri uçlu meşe palamudu yüzük "Chastity"

Sivri uçlu bekaret meşe palamudu halkamızın açılması ve kapatılması kolaydır. Entegre sivri uçlar, glans kenarının altında ek "stimülasyon" sağlar. Sivri meşe palamudu halkamız siz sarkıkken takılır. Özellikle sertleşmenizi engeller ;-)

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    En yüksek tasarım, ayrıcalık ve işlevsellik standartlarını karşılayan lüks glans halkası (bekaret cihazı olarak da kullanılabilir). Glans halkamızın açılması ve kapatılması kolaydır. Entegre sivri uçlar, glans halkasının altında ek "stimülasyon" sağlar. Sivri uçlu glans halkamız siz sarkık durumdayken takılır. Özellikle sertleşmenizi engeller ;-)

    Bir bakışta avantajları:

    • entegre sivri uçlar = koronanın altında ek stimülasyon.
    • takması kolay, çıkarması kolay
    • alyan anahtarı gibi aletlere gerek yoktur
    • çabuk giyilir / çabuk çıkarılır (beceriksiz partnerler tarafından bile)
    • makul bir fiyata maksimum fayda
    • hijyenik, anti-alerjik paslanmaz çelik (temizlenmesi kolay)
    • Hassas ürün, CNC üretimi.
    • 25 mm iç çap

    Samimi mücevher notu: Dikenli meşe palamudu yüzüğümüz ereksiyon halinde değilken takılır. Özellikle ereksiyonu bastırır.

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    Tingle*pain comfy and exciting

    SPIKY is the best for an exciting glans experience. After a few sessions the pain was minimal and most gratifying.
    I too wish there was an locking or more secure clasping mechanism.

    • 2$d müşterinin 2'si bu yorumu yararlı buldu.

    Gratwanderung zwischen Freud und Leid

    Ich bin durchaus empfänglich für (leichte) Schmerzen, bin aber sicher nicht Hardcore-BDSM. So habe ich etwas gezögert, dieses Teil zu bestellen - auch angesichts des Preises. Nun aber habe ich es heute erhalten und gleich montiert. Und das Gefühl ist unbeschreiblich geil. Etwas Schmerz, der geil macht, der Schwanz reagiert, etwas mehr Schmerz, mehr Reaktion, mehr Schmerz, wieder zurück usw. Der Schmerz ist absolut erträglich. Ich trage den Ring nun schon einige Stunden, spüre ihn manchmal kaum und manchmal mehr. Eine Erektion ist kaum möglich oder dann sehr schmerzhaft - der Geilheit tut dies aber keinen Abbruch, im Gegenteil. Und zu guter letzt: Das Teil lässt sich jederzeit leicht öffnen und abnehmen.
    Kurz: Eine Kaufempfehlung meinerseits für Männer, die das Besondere und den (leichten) Schmerz lieben.

    • 2$d müşterinin 3'si bu yorumu yararlı buldu.

    Sharp Spikes But Not Secure

    The "Chastity Glans Ring Spiky" is a variation of the KTB, or Kali's Teeth Bracelet. A KTB is designed to be worn about the penile shaft and is intended to be unnoticable when the penis is flacid but designed to cause intense pain during an errection. The KTB is my (and my wife's) favorite CBT device, and we have tried many of them. I would rate this version somewhere in the middle of the pack.

    Ideally a KTB should look serious, cruel and intimidating. The thought of being forced to wear one of these devices should put fear and dread into the heart of the male slave. Paradoxically these are the very qualities that make so may of us want to wear them.

    This Spiky Ring looks both beautiful and sadistic. The polished stainless steel, rounded edges and the sharp looking cone spikes give this device a look of efficient, professional punishment and torture. The quality materials actually make this look as close to a piece of art as a CBT device can look (as compared to other devices which sometimes look like they were made in someone's basement or garage).

    The ring itself has a thickness of 5/16" (8mm). The outside diameter is 1 3/8" (35mm), the inside diameter is 1" (25mm) and the diameter between tips of the spikes is 3/4" (19mm). The spikes themselves have a length of 3/32" (3mm). The ring weighs about 1 oz (30g).

    I am on the small side so I find these dimensions perfect. The spikes are noticeable when first placing the ring onto the glans head, but once in place the device is quite comfortable and mostly unnoticeable. The minimal weight is a good thing- if you keep your mind distracted from those forbidden thoughts then you won't even notice the ring in place.

    Now for the spikes themselves. I love these spikes! These are sharp! They are actually the sparpest spikes I have ever encountered on any of these devices. The spikes are not needle sharp, they will not immediately pierce the skin and draw blood upon contact, but they are certainly not dull or blunt (this is a Good Thing!). The spikes themselves are cone shaped and look to be purposefully made for this ring. They look so much nicer than the spikes on many other devices which sometimes simply use nails, screws or staples.

    Now for the reasons this ring only received three stars-

    I deducted the first star because of the lack of a locking feature. This device opens instantaneously at the touch of the spring loaded lever. KTB afficiodonoes ideally want something that locks in place. They want to know that they *can't* get out without a key (or at least some type of tool such as a hex wrench). They want the feeling of helplessness knowing that once the teeth start biting there is *no possibility* of stopping them or removing the device quickly. This cruelty is what is so appealing.

    The second star was deducted because the latch itself just isn't that secure. The latch has a hair trigger and comes undone at the slightest touch. I haven't worn this out of the house for fear that the latch might press against my pants and undo without my noticing and the ring could eventually fall off and might even fall out of my pants. The 3/4" diameter between the tips of the spikes is the same as the "small" size for may KTBs, so I decided to see how the ring would work when placed on the shaft of my penis instead of the glans head. All was fine at first, the ring closed and the spikes pressed into the flesh not hard enough to be painful, but enough so that the ring wouldn't be moving. I started thinking those Forbidden Thoughts and the spikes started to become pleasantly painful when suddenly the latch popped open and the ring almost fell off. I can hold the ring with a thumb and index finger on each side of the opening and pull ever so slightly and the ring will open. The latch closure is very shallow and consequently not very secure. It's possible that some of the larger guys might experience this same problem while wearing the ring on the glans head.

    With a few modifications this could become one of the finest KTBs available. My advice to the MEO design team,

    1) Extend the length of the device to about 1" (254mm) so that it can be worn on the penis shaft.
    2) Add some type of locking mechanism.
    3) Add many more spikes. Keep the spikes sharp!
    4) Keep the wight down to a maximum of 4 oz (120g), the device needs to be unoticiable when flacid.
    5) Offer different diameters and length of spikes.

    • 2$d müşterinin 5'si bu yorumu yararlı buldu.

    New spiky experience.

    When my parcel arrived from MEO there were some products inside that I had little information on. So there was a touch of the unknown lay waiting inside for me.

    One of those products was Chastity Glans Ring Spiky. The ring created many thoughts as it did intrigue me, while also making me wince all in the blink of an eye.

    As I inspected the stainless steel ring over I couldn't help but notice the solid six spikes firmly surrounding the circumference of the inner steel. Opening the ring up is done by releasing the clasp where there is a strong hinge positioned on the bottom of the glans ring. The outer edge of the ring has a shiny finish to the steel; there is the MEO logo to complete the ring appearance.

    To wear the ring it has been designed to be placed on your flaccid shaft, positioned just underneath the head of your penis. While the ring doesn't stop you from achieving an erection, the six sharp spikes will press into your shaft the firmer your erection grows where you will feel a series of sharp steel spikes firmly pressed into your shaft.

    To read the rest of the review you can here at bondagegod.com

    • 2$d müşterinin 1'si bu yorumu yararlı buldu.

    Like CBT? Get one…!

    I always love receiving a parcel from the folks at MEO, especially when the product is as awesome as the steel dildo they sent me last year, even if that particular review did earn me a trolling. Anyway, onwards to the next MEO provided review. It’s a little scary this time, and it is the Spiky Glans Ring.

    The Spiky Glans Ring review is the first in a trio of reviews from MEO I’ll be bringing you over the next month or so – so be sure to watch out for more.

    I have, for a loooong time, wanted to try a spiky cock ring, Kalis Teeth being one I’ve lusted after. That is perhaps a little ambitious to start with, so the Spiky Glans Ring seemed like a good starter, with just 6 spikes.

    When the box arrived from MEO, courier delivered and in completely anonymous packaging, I was rather excited to get my mitts on this one. I dug into the box past the other 2 items, and found the ring. Holy shit! It’s tiny. Ummm, ok scared.

    What faces you is a simple piece of metal – stainless steel – crafted into a hinged ring. A small hinged ring, with a clasp. Inside are six spikes, and not just something sticking out called a spike, I’m talking actually sharp pieces of steel.

    It’s a decent bit of kit all told – the hinge feels robust, the clasp is super easy to use, but also pretty secure. If the spiky glans ring is causing too much discomfort then removing it is seriously a doddle, and takes approx. 0.01 seconds.

    So what of the discomfort factor? Worn along your coronal ridge, I can reveal that it is indeed high. The spikes are relentless, they prod and poke, and no matter how much you try to wriggle about, you just ain’t getting away from them. They are sharp and without a single doubt very uncomfortable indeed.

    Getting the spiky glans ring on itself is a tricky proposition, if, like me you get a little excited when things head towards your penis. Because of its really rather miserly diameter, you really do not want any increase in girth as you are putting it on. It may be hinged for ease of fitting, but that doesn’t detract from those spikes. Itchy scratchy, pokey uncomfortable spikes. Do be aware if you’re going to put this on flaccid, which to be honest is the only way, there is a risk of pinching foreskin in the hinge – you’ve been warned, just be careful.

    I have found other glans rings almost pointless after awhile, and even had some problems with occasional slippage. No such problem here. Those spikes will not allow the ring to move, they also do not allow you to forget you are wearing it. It’s a kinda itchy, kinda stimulating effect, simultaneously fucking ouch and ohh I want a bit more. Definitely an erection deterrant. It won’t stop an erection, but by Jove it hurts when those spikes dig into your cock. It hurts, but it hasn’t broken my skin; the penis is, after all, constructed of tough muscular tissue.

    Without doubt there are many kinky games you can play with this spiky glans ring, but be warned, it’s both ouchy and addictive. Like CBT? Get one…!

    • 2$d müşterinin 3'si bu yorumu yararlı buldu.

    Geiles Teil

    War gestern wieder richtig "Spitz". Meine Lady aber nicht, legte mir den Eichelring an und hat den Verschluss mit Sekundenkleber verschlossen.
    Das war´s jetzt. Jede Erektion wird sofort bestraft. In 8 Wochen darf ich versuchen ihn zu öffnen.

    • 2$d müşterinin 7'si bu yorumu yararlı buldu.

    Effektiver Spikering

    Dieser Ring erzeugt durch die scharfen Spikes bei einer Erektion einen intensiven und starken Schmerz.
    Wer darauf steht, kommt wirklich auf seine Kosten. Der Ring ist klappbar und leicht anzulegen. Und, was
    für die Sicherheit wichtig ist, auch im erigierten Zustand ohne Probleme abzunehmen.
    Ich trage ihn seit einigen Monaten regelmäßig. Er funktioniert immer noch tadellos, und ist vor allem auch
    leicht zu reinigen.
    Für mich einer der besten Eichelringe, die ich bisher kenne.

    • 2$d müşterinin 7'si bu yorumu yararlı buldu.

    When love hurts so much ;-)

    This is a very nice product. Feels great to wear. Very good quality and easy to clean. Very effective.
    I do wish there was a size option when u purchase.
    If u r interested in this kind of ring, I would recommend it!

    • 2$d müşterinin 5'si bu yorumu yararlı buldu.

    Bei nicht erigiertem Glied über die Eichel streifen

    Also folgendes wäre mit diesem Ring möglich: Den Ring dem Sklaven bei nicht erigiertem Glied über die Eichel streifen. Er wird dann schon merken was passiert wenn er ungehorsam ist und eine Erektion bekommt !

    • 2$d müşterinin 8'si bu yorumu yararlı buldu.

    Studioqualität - Sie werden es genießen.

    Ein hochwertiger BDSM-Artikel der gerne für den professionellen Einsatz in SM-Studios genutzt wird (jedenfalls in meinem Studio und in denen meiner Kolleginnen).

    Diese Studioqualität ist gerade bei häufiger Nutzung sehr wichtig. Genauso wichtig ist für mich, dass das Produkt einfach und schnell zu bedienen ist.

    Dieser Eichelring ist sehr beliebt bei jedem Fetisch-Freund. Egal ob Sie als Sklave oder Sklavin, als Master oder Domina diesen Eichelring auswählen, Sie werden es genießen.

    • 2$d müşterinin 8'si bu yorumu yararlı buldu.

    Never happier.

    Very beautiful works of art with a little bite. The sensation is erotic and gets my juices flowing. I give this a five star. Never happier.

    • 2$d müşterinin 3'si bu yorumu yararlı buldu.


    Beautiful piece and great add to my growing collection. This piece is wicked as well as sweet. This is by far my Best gear ever. Thank you MEO

    • 2$d müşterinin 3'si bu yorumu yararlı buldu.


    A fantastic piece of 'Control Kit' Any hint of an erection and I'm desperately trying to think of other things as the spikes begin to 'squeeze' into my skin. A terrible but terrifically effective chastity device

    • 2$d müşterinin 4'si bu yorumu yararlı buldu.

    Glans Ring SPIKY

    I purchased the Glans Ring some two years ago from your website and am still enjoying it's use till today.

    • 2$d müşterinin 4'si bu yorumu yararlı buldu.

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    Sivri uçlu meşe palamudu yüzük "Chastity"

    Sivri uçlu meşe palamudu yüzük "Chastity"

    Sivri uçlu bekaret meşe palamudu halkamızın açılması ve kapatılması kolaydır. Entegre sivri uçlar, glans kenarının altında ek "stimülasyon" sağlar. Sivri meşe palamudu halkamız siz sarkıkken takılır. Özellikle sertleşmenizi engeller ;-)

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