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Menottes chevilles


Menottes chevilles en cuir, verrouillables et rembourrées - BLACK BERLIN

Des attaches-chevilles extraordinaires pour toutes les relations. En cuir de bœuf doux. La finition luxueuse de nos attaches-chevilles en cuir de bœuf de qualité supérieure garantit non seulement un rembourrage abondant, mais aussi une haute résistance avec un confort unique.

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    Des attaches-chevilles extraordinaires pour toutes les relations. En cuir de bœuf doux.

    La finition luxueuse de nos attaches-chevilles en cuir de bœuf de qualité supérieure garantit non seulement un rembourrage abondant, mais aussi une haute résistance avec un confort unique.

    Autres détails : Équipées de trois solides anneaux en D facilitant la pose de cordes et de chaînes et compliquant la vie des esclaves de bondage. La sangle supérieure réglable est équipée de boucles verrouillables en acier nickelé. Elles permettent une fermeture durable et empêchent ainsi tout retrait non autorisé de nos attaches.

    Dimensions : 32 cm de long x 8 cm de large

    La série "BLACK BERLIN" contient en plus des attaches-poignets verrouillables ainsi qu'un confortable collier de bondage. Fournies avec des cadenas à clé unique et conseils d'entretien détaillés.

    Pour éviter tout incident relatif à la santé, il faut prendre des mesures de précaution lors de toute action de bondage. MEO recommande de discuter des limites personnelles et de convenir d’un code ou d'un signe en cas d'urgence pour lequel le jeu devra s'arrêter immédiatement. Dans le langage de la scène BDSM, le principe Safe, Sane, Consensual“ (SSC) s'est établi. Une condition essentielle des jeux de bondage est la pleine confiance de tous les participants les uns envers les autres. Étant donné que la personne ligotée est sans défense par rapport au partenaire de jeu, elle doit pouvoir s'en remettre sans réserve aux limites convenues et au code instauré.


    Bondage avec un cadenas à minuterie: Pour te verrouiller, tu peux utiliser notre cadenas conventionnel ou notre cadenas à minuterie numérique MEOBOND pour le self-bondage. Notre cadenas à minuterie MEOBOND est parfaitement adapté au bondage, aux bâillons et aux ceintures de chasteté. Il permet de veiller à ce que tu ne sois libéré qu’au terme de la durée réglée à l’avance (pouvant aller jusqu’à 100 heures maximum). CLIQUEZ ICI

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    Massive geschmeidige Fesseln

    Sanftes Leder im Kontrast zu massiven Fesseln. Schöne details mit Meo Nieten und dazu abschließbar. Alles was das Bdsm Herz begehrt


      È piacevole, lo usiamo spesso e non lascia segni.

      È piacevole, lo usiamo spesso e non lascia segni.


        Luxury restraints

        The Black Berlin Lockable Wrist & Ankle Restrains are an identical set of restraints that can be purchased as individual products from meo.

        I have decided to include both sets of restraints in one review as they have become a delightful set to pair together that has improved the level of our bondage play.

        The restraints arrived inside a clear sealed plastic packaging. Included with the restraints is a gorgeous blue velvet MEO branded drawstring storage bag. As I gave the restraints a through Inspection over I was immediately impressed with the feel and build quality of the products as the inner finish to the cuffs is a thick padded lining.

        The outer finish of the restraints is strong black leather, There is a strong fastened strap which has 3 D-Rings attached and one belt buckle to provide a secure fit during use. The cuffs can be fastened only by the buckle if you wish to, as this will provide an easy release if needed. To be locked in to the cuffs there is a provided set of four MEO engraved padlocks which the supplied keys are all universal for unlocking every padlock.

        The size dimension of the cuffs for the wrist restraints are 11" in length and has has a width of 8". The ankle restraints are the same width the length is slightly bigger at 13".

        We have used the cuffs during sex and bondage sessions. I positioned my wife on her side and fully secured her in the cuffs first and her immediate response was how comfortable they feel around her wrists and cuffs. The D-Rings do give you the opportunity to secure the cuffs together, there are a different number of items you can use to make this possible such as rope, chains or a spreader bar for the ankle cuffs.

        The cuffs perfectly held her in position as she was ideally positioned on the bed.

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        Buttery Soft Cowhide

        The Black Berlin cuffs are an absolute work of art. Soft black cowhide tempts all your senses. The buttery soft feeling against your skin is amazing. The scent of the leather is intoxicating and the sight of the dominating black and chrome makes me feel slightly dizzy with lust. The whole ensemble does things to my senses.

        Cuffs can be chaffing against the skin and long term wear often becomes uncomfortable. Not so with the Black Berlin cuffs. The padding is far superior to any cuff I’ve used previously. They almost hug my wrists and ankles. But once I’m secured into them there is no going anywhere.

        Despite the considerable padding the Black Berlin cuffs are lightweight. There is no discomfort whilst wearing them at all. It’s a pleasure to be bound, as the soft leather caresses your skin. Generous sizing ensures the cuff fully wraps around your wrist or ankle.

        Multiple Bondage Options

        The Black Berlin Lockable Ankle cuffs measure 13 inches in length and just over 3 inches in width. The wrist cuffs measure 11 inches in length 3 inches in width. The fit is very adjustable and both myself and my man can use them.

        Boasting three solid D rings the Black Berlin wrist and ankles cuffs are so versatile for bondage even on their own. You can thread rope, chains or just attach the D rings to other restraints to increase your bondage options. The D rings are made of nickel plated steel.

        Locked in for Play

        Lockable buckles give the Black Berlin cuffs an added dimension of security. The little padlocks which thread through the buckle really increase the dominant look of the Black Berlin cuffs. The keys are Universal so you can use one key to open all the cuffs.

        Should you be a beginner and perhaps a little nervous of being locked into restraints, do not worry. The Black Berlin cuffs can be used without the locks. As with the Fuck Me Spreader bar there are no connectors to attach the Black Berlin cuffs. This is easily remedied by a few carabiner clips.

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          Lockable Ankle Restraints BLACK BERLIN

          What do you look for in a pair of cuffs? Comfort? Versatility? Kink Factor? Ease of Use? Whatever it is, the Black Berlin Restraints from are exactly what you are looking for.

          Both wrist and ankle cuffs arrive in clear plastic bags, and both follow the same design; a luxuriant black padded leather cuff with a lockable buckle and 3 D-rings. The matt black leather, smart stitching and smooth lustre of the steel adornments; just lying there in their packaging, the cuffs already have you mesmerised under their control.

          Tearing open the bags, your olfactory becomes the next sense to giveinto the Black Berlin Restraints. The smell of leather just wafts around you and nips at the nostalgic memories of your first soft leather school shoes, or maybe an old leather bound book. Sight and smell have succumbed.

          The next logical step is to take them out of the packet; do so at your own risk, since the sense of touch is the next to give way to the whiles of the cuffs. The leather is smooth, soft; it caresses your skin, strokes it gently, luring you in further. The smart stitching and neatly finished seams hinting at the attention to detail with which these cuffs will treat you.

          My attention moved to the locks. Be under no illusion here, these are serious locks; small and MEO branded they may be, but robust and purposeful they are also. Turning the key gives a nice click; reaffirming the no-nonsense purposefulness of the lock.

          I found myself holding them to my wrists, trying to figure out how I could get these on my wrists right now. The cuffs had me under their spell; I wanted nothing more than to feel their soft and supple strength around my limbs. As it was, I would have to wait for M to properly try out these cuffs. In the mean time I left the cuffs next to my laptop so I could remain under their influence whilst working.

          M kept me waiting what seemed like ages before she would try these out with me, but eventually the time came. I had finished in the shower, and returned to the bedroom to see the storage bag (included with ankle cuffs), out on the bed, laid out so that the “play with me” branding was mine to read.

          M motioned me to sit down, which I did, and she picked up the storage bag. Sliding out the cuffs, the leather aroma brought back that initial excitement in an instant. Standing in front of me, she picks up my wrist to attach a cuff. This is the moment we experience the first and only negative we have found about these cuffs. M is a fairly petite woman, and her hands are feminine, to match. The Black Berlin Restraints are large and bulky, and she struggles a little to get them fitted tightly on my wrists. With a small amount of assistance from myself she soon manages without too much difficulty, and as she moves round the other 3 limbs, becomes more adept at fitting the cuffs. The padlocks just slide trough the buckle and click!

          She leaves me for a while, and I revel in the comfort of the leather, whilst the cuffs are tight, the padded leather means they are completely comfortable. These cuffs are more than simple restraints; the attention to detail and its impact upon your senses and state of mind lull you into that submissive mind-set with consummate ease. Lying back, enjoying the smell of the leather, and the tightness around my wrists and ankles, I almost didn’t notice M return with camera to take the shots you see here on the blog.
          So you can see that these cuffs are absolutely ideal for soft sensual bondage.

          But that is just one facet to their multitudinous skills. Like all good bondage kit, these cuffs are as kinky as you want them to be. If soft and sensual is your thing; they are ideal. If you want strung up on a cross and helpless, then they are ideal for this too.

          The leather is strong; the buckle similarly so; there is no give. They are easily strong enough to support a man, and the padding means the skin should be safe too. The 3 D-rings on each cuff give an array of options as regards rope, chain, leads, hooks, bars, connectors; whatever you can imagine, the Black Berlin Restraints will play along. So whether you’re a recreational BDSMist like myself, or Mistress of the busiest dungeon in Berlin, then these cuffs have a place in your kitbox.

          Full review:


            You need the set!

            As with the wrist cuffs, these are awesome and you absolutely need the set!
            Strong yet soft and firm; these cuffs redefine what you expect from leather cuffs.
            To start with they can be a bit stiff, but the inside is soft and caring for your skin. The added ability to lock them closed is one i love, and the padlock is a proper one - not a gimmick that can be broken out of in a few seconds. If you're serious about being locked up, or locking someone up, then these are made for you.


              Die halten ordentlich was aus und sind dazu noch bequem

              Echtes Leder, gut und stabil vernäht. Schnallen und Ringe sind auch so robust, dass sie selbst härteste Sessions aushalten dürften. Ich kann diese Berliner Fesseln nur empfehlen.


                Lockable & Comfortable

                I got these for my wife. She loves them, and they are comfortable enough for long-term wear. I expect excellent long-term durability from these, and the locking buckle works perfectly.


                  Perfect - Made in Germany

                  After many years of using my old restraints it was time for a new set, both wrist and ankle cuffs.
                  With the fact that many online stores seem to think they can charge whatever they feel like, it is very hard to discern if paying more will actually mean that the product is of high quality (trust me I've been burnt)
                  These cuffs were of reasonable price, made in Germany, and the quality is very good, thus comfortable for extended wear.
                  I recommend the wrist and the ankle cuffs.


                    Vollkommen ausbruchsicher

                    Diese Fesseln sind top verarbeitet, sehen super aus und auch der Tragekomfort ist prima. Das sie abschließbar sind ist das i-tüpfelchen. Die Polsterung verhindert ein Einschneiden hervorragend. Ich kann diese Fesseln nur empfehlen und würde sie wieder kaufen.



                      These are perfect! Very comfortable, a great weight, and are super strong, you will not want to take these off! (or be able to :P)


                        Absolut keine Chance zu entkommen

                        Die Fussfesseln sind extrem bequem ich hab sie länger als 24 Stunden getragen in Verbindung mit den Handfesseln von MEO. Wenn man sie abschliesst hat man absolut keine Chance zu entkommen!!


                          ein sehr schönes Produkt

                          es ist ein sehr schönes, aufwändig gepolstertes produkt, auch über längere zeit sehr bequem zu tragen und gut gearbeitet :) der kauf dieser fußfesseln hat sich gelohnt

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                            Menottes chevilles en cuir, verrouillables et rembourrées - BLACK BERLIN

                            Menottes chevilles en cuir, verrouillables et rembourrées - BLACK BERLIN

                            Des attaches-chevilles extraordinaires pour toutes les relations. En cuir de bœuf doux. La finition luxueuse de nos attaches-chevilles en cuir de bœuf de qualité supérieure garantit non seulement un rembourrage abondant, mais aussi une haute résistance avec un confort unique.

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