Human Puppy Shop


Human Puppy Shop 

At MEO, you will find the complete Bad Puppy collection. Do you need a dog mask, a puppy hood, paws, knee pads, a dog collar, a leash for the puppy or a toy for the human pup? Here at MEO, the cos play specialists, you will find what you need.


  • At MEO you will find everything for your fetish! Butt plugs and anal plugs in all sizes. Because only a tail on the butt plug makes puppy playtime perfect.

  • The masks from the Bad Puppy collection from MEO will make you the perfect dog. You'll find a leather, neoprene or latex dog mask or puppy hood at MEO.

  • Paws and knee pads protect the knees and hands during human pup play. A worldly puppy buys dog accessories at MEO.

  • Whether a fine, leather collar in crocodile, a dog collar with spikes or a collar with spikes. The Bad Puppy collection leaves nothing to be desired.

  • Every human puppy or adult dog needs a dog leash. The Bad Puppy collection offers you the perfect choice if you need a dog leash.

  • A leather harness from the Bad Puppy collection makes you the perfect puppy. You'll find a wide range of harnesses in many colours at MEO.

  • Does your puppy needs the right gag? You can find a gag with or without a bone at MEO. MEO is the first choice when it comes to finding the right gag.

  • MEO is THE specialist when it comes to puppy play. You can find the perfect equipment, such as T-Shirts, hoods, leashes, gags and toys, at MEO.