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Information on shipping


When delivery can be made depends on the article. If no shipping information is displayed in the article view, we ship a few days after receiving your order. The exact shipping time depends on additional factors such as availability of the article.

You have various means of influencing the delivery date:

Express delivery:


With express delivery, you can receive your package on the next day.

Delivery on a desired date:


If you are not in such a rush, but want to have your article delivered on a certain date, we can arrange this also.


In our help center, you will find more information on: shipping costs, export, discretion, and damage reports.


Information on shipping times


Generally, our articles are available for shipping immediately. However, there are several possible delivery times. Delivery times can be 3-5 days, in rare exceptions up to 8-10 weeks.

Please note the remarks on express delivery or delivery on a desired date.


Express service


Order today, delivery as soon as possible


With express delivery, you can receive your package as soon as the next day.

Just choose express delivery when ordering. You pay only one extra charge per order. The extra charge depends on the weight of the shipment and its destination. The normal shipping costs also apply.



Shipping costs


MEO wants you to enjoy shopping and receive your order quickly, safely, and at a reasonable price. We have therefore made the shipping conditions as simple and transparent as possible:


When you log in with your user name and password or after registering for the first time, the current shipping costs will be displayed in the shopping cart. You can see whether and how much shipping costs will be charged before purchasing.

Delivery outside of Germany


We deliver all over the world – to all countries


The normal delivery times (shipping by UPS or UPS Express) are approx. 2 to 3 days within the European Union and approx. 5 days for all other countries. The exact delivery time depends on additional factors, such as availability of the goods.


Discretion – no problems with customs

In the European Union, products and services are subject to value added tax. By law, MEO must calculate the German VAT for shipments to all countries of the European Union. The value added tax for all orders sent to an address in the European Union is stated on the last page of your order, your e-mail confirmation, and the invoice attached to your shipment. The price in euros indicated on the B2C website for customers residing in the EU includes the value added tax.


For orders from countries outside of the EU we used different, separate price lists (for example price list for Switzerland). This does not include value added tax.


We point out that orders for shipments outside the European Union may be subject to country-specific taxes and customs duties.


In the customs declarations for letters and packages to countries outside the EU, the value of the articles is listed according to product type. Customs may open packages and letters for checking; we have no control over this. For shipments outside the EU, customs or import duties are generally charged as soon as the package reaches your country. Fees for releasing the package from customs are your responsibility – we have no control over these fees and cannot estimate the amount in advance. The customs regulations vary considerably from country to country. If you wish more information, contact your local customs authority. Please note that you as the importer must comply with the local regulations.


MEO ships to all countries of the world. The normal delivery times (shipping by UPS or UPS Express) are approx. 2 to 3 days within the European Union and approx. 5 days for all other countries. The exact delivery time depends on additional factors, such as availability of the goods.


MEO recommends UPS for discreet, fast, and safe shipping.



DISCRETION is essential for us at MEO. We have years of experience shipping to people in high positions, public figures, politicians, and VIPs.


Delivery of the packages:


All MEO packages are delivered by mail or UPS, neutrally packaged with a discreet sender address. No one can see what is in the package. Our packages are sturdily packed, with no advertising on the package. We respect your privacy!


Of course, we also make deliveries to the address you wish (for example to your office or to a friend).


Your personal data:


Your personal data is in good hands at MEO! We take data protection and security seriously. Thanks to the data protection competence of our employees and the continual optimization of all technical security components, MEO is constantly improving the security of your data as well. For more information, see our data protection pages. Every employee at MEO is contractually bound to maintain our data protection regulations.


Credit card bill:


No information on the products you have bought appears on your credit card bill.




You will receive no advertising from us, neither by e-mail nor mail, unless you have expressly requested it in your profile (My data – my MEO).

Delivery on a desired date


We can deliver any article to you on a desired date. The article will be delivered, depending on the article, after the 3rd or 5th working day after receipt of your phone or online order.

Choose delivery on a desired date during the ordering process and indicate this date to us.

For articles to be shipped by mail or UPS, you can select a desired delivery date from Monday to Friday. We cannot control whether the delivery will be made in the morning or afternoon.

Damaged shipments


We will pack your order as safely as possible. We use safe, certified packing materials for shipping. If there is still damage, refuse acceptance immediately in case of visible damage and have the shipment returned to sender. Please inform us of damaged packages.

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