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Glass Dildos


Glass Dildos 

Pick the best glass dildo, or crystall dildo for you to enjoy the additional sensations of temperature play. Browse our huge selection of dildos at great prices.

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items

Glass dildos: Everything you need to know

Glass dildos or dildos made of glass, available online, are made of unbreakable glass, quartz or crystal. The unbreakable glass used to make sex toys is an extremely sensual material, it feels comfortable and smooth. Glass dildos, glass plugs, glass jade eggs are examples of luxury sex toys, the lines are more curved, more refined, so much so that they resemble real designer objects! Among the most important advantages of glass dildos is their durability. If you take care of them carefully, they'll last a lifetime!

Glass is also hypoallergenic and can be used with all types of lubricants: Water, silicone, oil-based lubricants. All glass sex toys are 100% non-porous, which means they won't absorb contaminants or hold dust. If you buy a glass dildo online, make sure that the glass is made of medical grade borosilicate, a type of crystal that does not contain lead.

At MEO, you'll find high-quality glass dildos that are even smoother and safer. Choose the diameter of the glass dildo that best fits your body to increase your pleasure. It will last forever.

Dildo: difference between glass dildo and silicone dildo

A silicone dildo is certainly a popular sex toy and preferred by many women, especially if it is a realistic dildo. If you don't own a glass dildo yet, now is the time to try an intense, hard and unique penetration experience. These unisex sex toys can be used by both men and women! For many, the idea of sliding a glass dildo into their body is hard to imagine. The most common questions are: "What if it breaks?" "Are they really unbreakable?" But glass dildos are safe because they're made of Pyrex, a sturdy material known to withstand temperature fluctuations and have a low coefficient of expansion. Pyrex ensures that the glass dildo remains stable during anal and vaginal sex. Glass is a material that is easier to clean than medical grade silicone. Both are non-porous materials, but glass is more hygienic and therefore especially suitable. Silicone dildos definitely have the advantage of flexibility, while glass is a very hard and inflexible material. So if you prefer to use flexible sex toys that move with your body, glass might not be suitable, but if you like strong penetration, glass is great. Also, glass dildo can be used by people who are allergic to silicones or medical grade silicone in sex toys.

How to use glass dildos: erotic temperature games.

Glass dildos can be heated in hot water or cooled with ice for erotic play for two. If you're someone who gets aroused by temperature fluctuations, glass sex toys are extremely useful for sex because they can withstand extreme temperatures! Heat your glass sex toy in a bowl of hot, not boiling, water or chill it, but don't put it in the freezer; at most, you can try it in the fridge for a few minutes. Before using a glass dildo in your private parts, do a temperature test on your forearm to make sure it's not too hot or too cold - remember that vaginal and anal mucous membranes are very sensitive!

Sex in the shower or bathtub with glass dildos.

Glass is also great for masturbation or sex in the shower, which requires a silicone lubricant that doesn't wash off with water because it's not water soluble. And just because you can use plenty of silicone lube on sex toys, sex in the shower with a glass dildo is better. Warnings: Be careful not to drop it in the bathtub or on any other hard surface, as it can break easily, meaning it can no longer be safely inserted into your body.