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Ankle restraints


Ankle restraints 

Ankle restraints made of leather, neoprene, vegan leather or stainless steel. In the MEO ® bondage shop, you will find the right pair of ankle restraints for your next BDSM session. Tight fitting, lockable, durable and long-lasting!

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Showing 1 - 12 of 35 items

Ankle restraints: Enjoy the loss of control during bondage!

We only use materials that meet our high quality standards to make ankle restraints. Our ankle restraints are made by experienced saddlers who have many years of experience in craftsmanship. Ankle restraints are made with the greatest care – from planning to perfect results. We are constantly in contact with our customers, our product testers and the BDSM community.

On ankle restraints, each rivet and buckle is also embossed with the MEO ® logo, a mark of the highest quality for bondage products. Ankle restraints are delivered in a high-quality storage bag with the MEO logo.

At MEO ®, one of the leading suppliers of bondage and SM products, both interested BDSM beginners and BDSM professionals will find what they are looking for. The selection is not limited to conventional ankle restraints. The impressive range of products includes ankle restraints in many shapes, colours, sizes and materials. The Internet address is now synonymous with one of the best and largest bondage shops in the world.

A pair of ankle restraints can already be found in almost everyone's bedroom and they are becoming more and more popular. But our repertoire of bondage items goes beyond simple ankle restraints and is incredibly diverse. In particular, bondage sets consisting of wrist and ankle restraints or hogtie restraints offer lots of possible variations during a session and bring variety into your sex life. If you use ankle restraints, you can give yourself completely to your partner and follow his commands and wishes – or you can dominate him yourself with ankle restraints and a spreader bar, and live out your dominant side in a very imaginative way. Good to know: If you also want to have sex during bondage or love to feel like you are entirely at the mercy of your partner, our spreader bars are just the right accessory for our ankle restraints. Our spreader bar, which is attached between ankle restraints, limits your ability to move and allows you to spread your legs "ready to receive".

Bondage and role play with ankle restraints:

Ankle restraints are available in many different designs and colours. On the one hand, there are the well-known, traditional ankle restraints. They are made of metal, leather or neoprene and, for bondage professionals, of stainless steel too. Neoprene ankle restraints are inexpensive, easy to use and perfect for beginners who want to explore this kind of bondage play for themselves. But if you already have more experience in the field of bondage, you can even try our lockable ankle restraints. Alternatively, there are even ankle restraints with a MEOBOND digital time lock! Ankle restraints are available in countless variants. Leather ankle restraints are not only durable and long-lasting, they also give you a particularly exciting feeling of being at the mercy of your partner. At MEO ®, ankle restraints are available either individually or as combination sets with wrist cuffs and BDSM collars to represent obedience and submission. Whether comfortable ankle restraints or steel ankle restraints, both ensure pure eroticism and passion during bondage. Ankle restraints are the perfect bondage product for use during role play at home in your own bedroom. Ankle restraints are also used in the BDSM area between master or mistress and slave. The different bondage options offered by our bondage products mean that sex is sure to never be boring again.

How do I use ankle restraints?

Wrap your partner's ankles in our ankle restraints. Attach carabiner hooks to the D-rings, which already offer numerous possibilities for erotic bondage. Whether attached to the bed post or a wall hook, connected by a chain, rope or spreader bar - your imagination knows no limited.

How can I learn bondage with ankle restraints and wrist restraints?
If you are interested in bondage, there are many options. If you want to learn about bondage, you should first learn about the different types of sexual play it involves. At MEO, you'll find a wealth of information, giving you an initial overview. There are also various books on the subject. Depending on which area of bondage you are interested in and what bondage games you prefer and want to learn about, it makes sense not only to expand your knowledge theoretically. You can take the first steps using wrist cuffs and blindfolds with your partner.
What is the difference between BDSM and bondage?
Bondage is one of the sexual forms of BDSM. What all types of BDSM have in common is that the main focus is on power. So there is an active/dominant and a passive/submissive partner. In bondage, this power imbalance becomes evident when a partner is restrained or their freedom to move and act is otherwise restricted. Bondage, however, is only part of BDSM, which also covers various other variants of play with devotion and submission.
What kind of bondage is suitable for beginners?
As a beginner, you should start slowly with bondage sex. This starts with choosing the restraints. The fasteners on bondage restraints should be uncomplicated and easy to handle. Too many buckles or clasps can be frustrating if you are not familiar with them. The following also applies at the beginning: Less is more.
How can I tell my partner that I want to buy a pair of ankle restraints and try bondage?
Despite all the openness about BDSM & sex nowadays, talking about one's own sexual fantasies or wishes is still something many people struggle with. This is especially true when it comes to fantasies in the area of BDSM. But the following also applies here: Communication is the key. Talk to your partner about what you want to try. Even if you find it difficult, you should be clear about wanting to try bondage, not just saying it. What arouses you? Do you want to be tied up or to tie up your partner?