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Experience the future of masturbation with the TREMBLR BT-R milking machine for men.

The innovative TREMBLR is a milking machine for the penis and was specially developed for hands-free use. With the TREMBLR BT-R milking machine, you will be taken to a completely new dimension of pleasure that is second to none.

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Never before has hours of edging, a perfect blowjob or intense penis milking been so comfortable!


The TREMBLR from MEO® is a milking machine that fulfills all your needs without compromise. Whether gentle, slow and intense or hard and powerful - the TREMBLR milking machine will bring you to climax without you having to do anything yourself. The TREMBLR BT-R milking machine is more than just a sex toy - it is your very own pleasure machine, ready to pamper you with its sucking and thrusting movements. Control the TREMBLR milking machine conveniently via your cell phone or the included remote control and experience a gentle, slow blowjob or an intense, wild deep throat just the way you like it.

The TREMBLR BT-R milking machine offers highlights such as state-of-the-art technology and a powerful but quiet industrial motor. The perfect addition for bondage and BDSM sessions, the TREMBLR milking machine is also ideal for forced orgasms or long edging. The TREMBLR milking machine supports ejaculation training and can even help with potency problems by enabling an orgasm without an erection.

The advanced piston technology of the TREMBLR BT-R milking machine will not only amaze you, but also give you the most intense orgasm of your life. It offers up to 180 strokes per minute, that's 3 strokes per second at maximum speed. The TREMBLR milking machine is controlled either via a remote control or via an app that allows you to control the speed and suction power. The TREMBLR BT-R milking machine comes in a sturdy, lockable case that contains all the necessary accessories for discreet storage and easy transportation.

The TREMBLR BT-R milking machine is equipped with new, innovative silicone covers that provide a realistic and sensual milking experience. The phthalate-free and hypoallergenic silicone is elastic, hard-wearing and easy to clean.

The innovative TREMBLR BT-R milking machine has a Bluetooth function that allows you to control the TREMBLR milking machine easily and conveniently from your smartphone or tablet. Download the user-friendly "F-Machine Connect" app from the Apple App Store or Google Play to take your experience to the next level. With future updates to the app, the TREMBLR BT-R milking machine will offer even more functions. Control the TREMBLR milking machine from anywhere in the world and enjoy voyeuristic pleasure or experience new dimensions of remote BDSM control.

The virtual reality compatibility of the TREMBLR BT-R milking machine will revolutionize the way you masturbate forever. With 180 strokes per minute at full speed and the ability to experience gentle, sensual sucking or intense milking, the TREMBLR milking machine offers an unprecedented variety of intense experiences. The powerful yet quiet TREMBLR milking machine ensures that you can concentrate fully on your pleasure.

After use, the TREMBLR BT-R milking machine is easy to clean and thanks to the robust, lockable storage case, your privacy is guaranteed. The case has custom-fit foam inserts and an elastic strap to store all accessories safely. The TREMBLR milking machine comes with everything you need for the most intensive milking of your life. The wireless remote control, various masturbation attachments and other accessories ensure optimal fit and maximum satisfaction.

All in all, the TREMBLR BT-R combines advanced technology, high-quality materials and intuitive controls to give you the ultimate masturbation experience. Let the TREMBLR BT-R milking machine take you to a whole new level of sexual satisfaction!

Experience the extraordinary possibilities of the TREMBLR BT-R milking machine. The combination of cutting-edge technology, high-quality materials and intelligent design makes the TREMBLR milking machine the best choice for demanding men who strive for new heights of sexual satisfaction.

The TREMBLR BT-R milking machine uses specially developed silicone sleeves that provide a realistic and satisfying sensation. Not only are these sleeves stretchy and durable, but they are also hypoallergenic and phthalate-free, making them safe and comfortable against the skin. They are easy to clean after each use, further enhancing the comfort and longevity of the TREMBLR milking machine.

An outstanding feature of the TREMBLR BT-R milking machine is its app control. With the "F-Machine Connect" app, you can adjust the speed and intensity of the milking machine to your preferences and moods. The app gives you the opportunity to customize your experience and take it to a whole new level. Whether you prefer a gentle, slow suck or intense, fast pulsations, the TREMBLR BT-R milking machine adapts to your wishes.

The functionality of the TREMBLR BT-R milking machine is being expanded through constant updates. The app enables remote control of the milking machine, which could be particularly interesting for couples or BDSM practitioners. With virtual reality compatibility, you're on the cusp of a whole new masturbation experience where reality and fantasy merge.

For people suffering from sexual dysfunction, the TREMBLR BT-R masturbation machine offers potentially life-changing benefits. It can help with premature ejaculation training and is even capable of triggering orgasms without a full erection. This opens up new possibilities for physical self-actualization and intimacy.

Packed in a sturdy, lockable case, the TREMBLR BT-R can be stored and transported discreetly and safely. The case offers sufficient space for all accessories and its foam inserts ensure that everything is neatly and securely stowed away. This ensures that privacy is maintained at all times.

The TREMBLR BT-R milking machine is the ultimate solution for hands-free pleasure and offers far more than just mechanical stimulation. It is a true revolution in the world of masturbation devices, designed to give you an unparalleled experience. With its superior motor power, customizable settings and innovative technology, the TREMBLR masturbator leaves nothing to be desired.

If you're ready to take your masturbation experience to a whole new level, then the TREMBLR BT-R milking machine is for you. Try it out and find out what true, uncompromising satisfaction means. Let the TREMBLR BT-R milking machine become a part of your life and experience the future of sexual pleasure today.

Deepen your erotic adventures with the numerous additional functions that the TREMBLR BT-R milking machine offers you. Thanks to the extensive compatibility with various accessories and extensions, you can customize and continuously expand your experience. From changing the silicone sleeves to integrating new app features, the TREMBLR milking machine remains flexible and changeable to provide ever-changing stimulation and sensations.

One of the most outstanding features of the TREMBLR BT-R milking machine is its ability to integrate seamlessly into BDSM and bondage sessions. Whether you use the machine to push your partner to their limits in a controlled manner, or you enjoy being tied up and at the mercy of the milking machine yourself, the TREMBLR milking machine offers countless ways to intensify sensual play. The precise control via app or remote control enables graduated control mechanisms that will delight both advanced and BDSM novices.

In the near future, the TREMBLR BT-R milking machine will also offer enhanced virtual reality experiences. Imagine immersing yourself in a virtual world in which every movement, every stimulus and every feeling is made even more real and tangible by the milking machine. Future updates to the app could enable precisely these intense and immersive experiences. In this way, the TREMBLR milking machine will not only become a physical adventure, but also a mental and emotional one.

The TREMBLR BT-R milking machine already supports different penis sizes with its three fundamentally different attachment sizes (M, L, XL), which guarantee a perfect and customized experience for every user. In addition, the powerful industrial motor ensures a long-lasting and constant performance that will lead you safely to climax. The built-in electric fan enables continuous operation even in warmer environments, so the milking machine does not need any breaks - you can fully indulge in your pleasure.

The easy care and cleaning of the TREMBLR BT-R milking machine ensures that it is always hygienic and ready for use. The silicone sleeves can be removed and cleaned quickly and the entire machine is designed to be robust and durable. After each use, you can be sure that your milking cluster is ready to give you unparalleled pleasure again next time.

Whether for intense solo sessions or erotic adventures for two, the TREMBLR BT-R milking machine is the ultimate choice. It combines innovative technology and first-class design to give you an experience that goes far beyond traditional masturbation methods. Let yourself be carried away by the TREMBLR milking machine and explore new dimensions of pleasure and satisfaction.

With the TREMBLR BT-R milking machine, you can immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled pleasure. Only your imagination sets the limits and the possibilities are endless. Experience unforgettable moments and intense climaxes that will revolutionize your understanding of pleasure and masturbation. Take the first step and discover how the TREMBLR BT-R milking machine can change your sexual life. The future of masturbation is here and it's called TREMBLR. Experience a new era of eroticism and personal pleasure.

The journey with the TREMBLR BT-R milking machine continues and gets more and more exciting. Soon, new updates and enhancements will make your experience even more intense. Imagine how haptic feedback technologies will be integrated into the machine, making every touch and every push even more realistic. With the TREMBLR milking machine, you are relying on a device that grows and evolves with your sex life.

Additional attachments and accessories will be available over time to expand the variety of sensations and stimulation. Different textures, shapes and materials offer endless possibilities for exploration and new experiences. Integration with smart home technologies is also on the list of future features, making the TREMBLR BT-R milking machine a seamless part of the smart home.

To further simplify use, the app could in the future offer personalized programs based on your usage patterns. These intelligent algorithms could recognize your preferences and generate customized stimuli that are perfectly tailored to your needs. It could also integrate features such as voice control, so that you can change intensity and speed simply by giving a spoken command.

For long-term users, the TREMBLR BT-R offers not only sexual satisfaction but also health benefits. With regular use, it can improve blood circulation and maintain healthy tissue. It also allows older men or men with limited mobility to have an active and fulfilling sex life.

Imagine how the TREMBLR milking machine could help you during stressful times by providing relaxation and calming programs that reduce stress and put you in a state of complete relaxation and satisfaction. It could even run in sync with your favorite music and move to the rhythm, opening up a whole new dimension of audiovisual and physical stimulation.

When used for couples masturbation, the TREMBLR BT-R also provides an exciting way to remain sexually intimate even when physically separated. The Bluetooth connection allows partners to control the machine remotely, allowing them to control when and how their partner is stimulated. This not only increases intimacy, but also creates trust and bonding.

Another exciting scenario is the use of the TREMBLR milking machine in sex therapy. Therapists could recommend the device as part of a treatment plan for individuals who need assistance with sexual recovery or overcoming sexual dysfunction. The precisely controllable stimulation could help develop a healthy and positive body image while reducing anxiety and inhibitions.

The TREMBLR BT-R milking machine is not just another gadget in your collection - it's a revolution in male pleasure, a milestone in innovative masturbation technology that offers you unparalleled pleasure. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, this milking machine opens the door to unimagined sensations and intense climaxes. Explore the various settings, expand your experience and let the TREMBLR milking machine show you what pure, uncompromising satisfaction really means.

It has never been so easy to experience your sexuality at the highest level. The TREMBLR BT-R milking machine is ready to take you on this exciting journey. Discover a world where technology and pleasure merge harmoniously to give you the most intense and satisfying moments of your life. Step into the future of masturbation - the TREMBLR milking machine awaits you.

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