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Mouth Gag & Muzzle


Mouth Gag & Muzzle 

Our mouth gags stuff the mouth and do not tolerate any backtalk. If necessary, our mouth gags are even lockable... Funnel gags, ball gags, ring gags and more can be found in the MEO bondage shop.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 67 items

Mouth gag theory & practice


The motivation to use a mouth gag may be for practical reasons, for example to prevent the passive partner (bottom) from speaking or screaming; but a mouth gag can also be put on at the request of the bottom, because he finds the feeling pleasant or it helps him to get into a role within the power structure of an erotic role-playing game during bondage. Some people also find the humiliation erotic and stimulating, among other things because of the uncontrollable saliva flow. A further incentive to use a ball gag is the defencelessness of the bottom it symbolises. The eyes of someone who is gagged appear larger, wearing one usually creates a tense expression on the face of the person concerned; together with the very limited opportunities for verbal communication, this usually intensifies play between the top and bottom.


Buying a mouth gag is a matter of trust


In our bondage shop, we stock a variety of gags, because a mouth gag is an indispensable BDSM accessory during bondage. Whether a mouth gag as an SM toy, a leather mouth gag, a bondage gag or a widely used ball gag; you are sure to find what you are looking for with us. Even if it’s something geared more toward bondage or SM, we have the right products for you, for example our head harness with mouth gag. If you are into golden showers, we also stock mouth gags with a funnel or mouth gags with a pipe and opening. For example, if enforced feminisation is your fetish, you'd be well served with our Pussy Face Mouth Gag.


Mouth gag system for BDSM pros, SM gag and dominatrix gag


For almost two decades, we have been making various mouth gags for the BDSM community and professional SM studios, masters and dominatrices. If you are interested in a professional mouth gag system with interchangeable attachments, our Humilator Mouth Gag System is recommended. This SM system is not only a part of the BDSM punishments catalogue, numerous gag accessories can also be attached to it. In the blink of an eye, a basic mouth gag becomes a mouth gag with a toilet brush a gag with a toilet paper holder or an SM gag with a feather duster.


O-ring gag, ball gag, penis gag or mouth spreader gag


Whatever you’re into is allowed. You’re sure to find the gag of your choice and your fetish dreams at MEO. Because our fetish shop specialises in the wishes of many BDSM customers from all over the world. Whether you are interested in a leather and steel O-ring gag, a ball gag with a red ball or a mouth gag with penis or would prefer a mouth spreader gag is entirely up to you alone. And you can be sure that the gag you have always dreamed of will be delivered discretely to your home within 48 hours.


Comfortable mouth gag, bondage gag or preferably straight to an SM gag?


In addition to bondage restraints, a mouth gag is part of the erotic basic equipment of every BDSM lover for gag bondage. That is why you will not only find simple gags but also a variety of mouth gags that suit every preference during bondage and SM in our bondage online shop.  At MEO, you will find bondage gags and SM gags in many designs and forms as well as mouth gags for beginners (breathable and comfortable), waterproof BDSM gags for pee games and very robust SM gags for SM studios and BDSM professionals. From A to Z, you will find all of the information you need to help you buy the right mouth gag at MEO.


You can find these different mouth gags in the MEO bondage shop:


Ball gag and mouth gag with ball


A ball gag is a mouth gag and consists of a plastic ball made of PVC or silicone, which is placed behind the teeth. In order to prevent it from being pushed out by the tongue, the ball gag is secures around the sub’s head with a head strap. As with many gags, the sub can continue to make sounds despite the mouth gag but speaking is difficult. Here you will find a great selection of ball gags under this link (please click here).



Ring gag or mouth gag with O-ring


Our ring gags serve a similar function as our ball gags. Instead of a rubber ball, however, a ring is placed behind the teeth and secured to the head by a head strap. In order to avoid damaging the teeth, our ring gag is covered in leather. Particularly popular ring gags in our bondage shop include our waterproof ring gag, our deep throat ring gag, our cock slut ring gag, as well as our "mouth wide open" ring gag in red and the ring gag in black. Breathing when wearing a ring gag is relatively easy compared to most other mouth gags and there is free access to the sub’s mouth.


Penis gag or mouth gag with penis


A penis gag seals the mouth with a leather strap that is closed at the nape of the neck. On the inside of the penis gag, a replica of a leather or silicone penis protrudes. The penis on the penis gag reaches deep into the bottom’s mouth. In addition, on the outside of the gag there is another penis dildo with which the person wearing the gag can satisfy his top or mistress. As with many mouth gags, the sub can still make sounds but speaking is difficult.


Bit gag or mouth gag with bit


A bit gag, also called a pony gag, is reminiscent of a bit and is used in particular in pony play & pet play. A bit gag is also often used in role play as an integral part of a head harness reminiscent of a bridle. Our bit gag is secures by a strap attached to the rings at the back of the head. Based on classic bit gags, we make various round and oval mouth gags with bit-like fasteners. Speaking, moaning and wailing are barely affected.


Balloon gag or inflatable mouth gag


Our balloon gag consists of a latex balloon, which is inflated in the sub’s mouth using a pump ball. Thanks to the pump ball, an inflatable balloon gag can be pumped up to fill the mouth during bondage. The air can be released again if necessary by a panic valve. As the balloon gag can’t stay in the mouth without being further secured, the balloon gag is often part of a head harness or a leather mask, spandex mask or neoprene mask. The balloon gag and our butterfly gag are the most effective mouth gags in our bondage shop in terms of design.


Muzzle mouth gag


A muzzle seals the mouth with just a plate as part of a head harness and is not very effective as a gag, but is often plays a role in human puppy play. The muzzle is therefore often combined with a balloon gag or another internally applied mouth gag or penis gag. For example, our mouth gag for socks, jocks & poppers is a wonderful mouth gag. In addition, we stock many head harnesses with muzzles and masks with muzzles.


Cloths & scarves for gagging


Probably the oldest method for gagging the bottom in bondage. With this gagging technique, a cloth, gag sock or jockstrap is stuffed into the bottom’s mouth. In order to prevent it from being spat out, the mouth is additionally gagged using a scarf/hanky or our bondage scarf. Our mouth gag for socks, jocks & poppers is particularly recommended.


Gagging with adhesive tape or bondage tape


Bondage tape is often used to make a mouth gag out of adhesive tape. Our self-adhesive bondage tape in red or black is a professional BDSM product for this purpose that does not adhere to the skin.


Mouth spreaders and jaw spreaders


Mouth spreaders, jaw spreaders or the Lockjaw come from the field of medical technology and can be purchased in our bondage shop. They serve to keep the bottom’s mouth open. As they prevent speaking or closing of the mouth, they have become popular in hospital erotic as a specific form of dental mouth gag. The metal spider gag or Dr Sado's Feeder also hold the mouth open according to a similar principle. We also recommend our mouth spreader with gum shield and head strap


Hose gag


For some specific BDSM practices, hose gags or inflatable hose gags are used; a hose extends into the mouth and is secured by straps or a mask. Hose gags are used if breathing is to be controlled or secured under water.


Bone gag


In pet play and human pup play, the mouth gag in the shape of a bone is widely used, whereby the mouth of the bottom or puppy, the human pup, is stuffed in a species-appropriate manner. Thanks to a head strap, the bone gag can be strapped tightly around the head, so that the human puppy has no choice but to bite down on the bone gag.


Lockable mouth gag & gag with time lock


In order to increase the psychological kick when gagged, we deliver many of our mouth gags as lockable versions, also called lockable gags. A lockable gag can be locked using a conventional padlock or our MEOBOND digital time lock.


Tongue or lip gag


The MEO tongue pillory comes from Japanese BDSM, where the tongue is clamped between the bars and thus cannot be pulled back into the mouth. This widespread form of gagging in the Asian BDSM scene is probably the ultimate solution in gag bondage. Because the bottom has no other choice but to remain completely silent when gagged like this!


Funnel gag


Funnel gags are used to force the sub to take liquids or pee. Funnel gags are often part of a head harness or mask.


Safety & risks mouth gag


Gags are used for some sexual practices in the field of BDSM, usually on a consensual, sensible and safe basis, according to the principle of Safe, Sane, Consensual within the BDSM subculture.


Bondage with a gag is not entirely without risk and, because of the limited communication options and partial restriction of the respiratory tract, requires a particularly high level of attentiveness between bottom and top. For safety reasons, a pattern of sounds should be agreed as a safe word to stop all bondage activities. Free breathing must be ensured at all times.