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Anal Stretching


Anal Stretching 

Anal stretching is a special, extremely exciting sex practice that can be performed alone or with a partner. For beginners and professionals, there are different techniques and toys like our anal stretching rings to maximize anal stimulation and anal stretching and achieve satisfactory results!

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Showing 1 - 12 of 85 items

Anal stretching: Products for beginners and advanced players


MEO's customers describe their orgasms as particularly intense when they are anally stretched at the time. The reason for this is the countless nerve endings in the anus. For many men and women, simple stimulation by touching the anus is enough, others want to experience anal pleasure even more intensively and begin with anal stretching. Stretching the muscles of the sphincter can be a lot of fun either alone or during sex. MEO will now explain how beginners and advanced players can feel maximum pleasure from anal stretching. We will also introduce instructions for anal stretching to you.


Anal stretching: Prepare for intense feelings


Stretching the anus or the sphincter, i.e. anal stretching, is associated with good preparation. Without this, anal stretching becomes unpleasant or even painful and the risk of infection increases. Preparation not only make sense for hygiene reasons – it also prepares you mentally for anal stimulation and ensures a relaxed sphincter. Preparation for anal stretching can therefore be seen as intense foreplay:


Hygienic cleaning of the anus


Cleaning the anus is of utmost importance for anal stretching. It ensures hygiene and increases the feel-good factor when presenting your anus to your partner. The anus is best cleaned using one of our anal douches. This can be attached directly to the shower hose. Beginners must make sure that the cleaning head of the anal douche is as thin as possible to slowly get the unpractised sphincter used to stretching. Advanced players can choose larger models – they are usually used for initial pre-stretching.


Aids ready at hand


Important: Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, anal stretching is impossible without lubricants. The risk of injury due to the absence of moisture is too high. A good anal lubricating gel remains moist for a long time. Silicone-based lubricants such as FuckSlut from MEO ® are optimal. But be careful: If sex toys made of silicone, latex or TPE are in play, it is recommended that you use a water-based lubricant such as Aquameo, otherwise the materials become porous. If you can't really relax, you can use a lubricant with a slight anaesthetic, for example our EXTREMEO spray. This makes it easy to penetrate the anus.


In addition to lubricants, other aids can also be beneficial. Set the appropriate anal toys aside or use latex gloves when it comes to your partner's finger. If you want to go to anal intercourse after anal stretching, condoms can also be useful.


With this guide, you can achieve anal orgasm during anal stretching


Anal stretching is an exciting sex practice that can be practised alone or with a partner. There are various techniques and aids for both beginners and advanced players to fully experience anal stimulation and anal stretching:


Anal stretching for beginners


Anyone who already has a little bit of experience in the area of sex toys area will also have come across anal toys at some stage. The appeal of being anally pampered is usually associated with overcoming an initial barrier. Therefore, it is best for beginners to start alone when they are relaxed and to gradually work up to the world of anal stretching:


Anal stretching - alone or with a partner


If it is your first time in the anal realm, it is best to practice anal masturbation alone. This is the only way to find out whether anal stretching and anal sex come into question at all. When you are completely relaxed, take some lubricant and slowly start to massage around the anus. If this is pleasant, you can begin by penetrating the anus with a finger. The next time you engage in anal play, you can be more courageous and use a second finger.


If each partner has already enjoyed anal pleasure on their own, you can explore this new terrain together. Communication is very important – you now know what you like and have to let your partner know too. Couples also begin to stimulate each other with massages and fingers before anal toys come into sex play. Once the anus has gotten used this new form of play, you can practice anal sex.


Tips and anal toys for anal stretching


Anal sex toys for beginners


If you are ready for anal sex toys, it is advisable to start with small toys. Anal plugs are particularly suitable in the beginning. The best way to start is to choose silicone anal plugs. They are very pleasant and soft. It can also be interesting to use inflatable plugs – so the size can be optimally adjusted to your own wishes. Later, anal plugs in different weights, made of metal or glass for example, become interesting – you can also play with heat and cold. Gradually, anal stretching can be practised using larger models and vibrations.


Anal stretching for advanced players


There are several toys that even advanced players can use to further enhance the feeling of anal stretching. On the one hand, there are numerous toys and aids that really have something to offer or alternatively you could explore fisting. It is important to note that anal stretching is not a competition. The extent to which the anus can be stretched depends on your personal anatomy. As long as it remains pleasant, there are no problems and fun remains the main focus, there is no reason not to practise anal stretching using large toys.


Sex toys for advanced players


Dildos, anal plug, anal balls – anal sex toys are available in different designs and sizes. If the anus is already stretched, one can easily reach for larger toys. Anal chains with many balls are heavy and exert wonderful pressure. With every ball that enters the anus, the feeling of arousal increases. Men who want to experience stimulation of the anus, prostate, perineum and testicles have to use appropriate combinations. Advanced players also love to stretch the anus all day long. Larger anal plugs from our Analgeddon ® series are suitable for this, giving you a pleasant feeling all day long. For advanced players, anal plugs with openings are particularly exciting. They spread the anus wide open - your partner has full insight and can stimulate you with their fingers, a dildo or a vibrator. Various fluids can also be introduced. In particular, our successful Ass Grommet should be mentioned here!


What should be noted for anal stretching?


The anus is a sensitive part of the body. It is less flexible than the sexual organs and must therefore be treated gently and carefully. Avoid the following mistakes during anal stretching:


1. Do not use force: If the sphincter is not relaxed, penetration is impossible. If you are too rough here, you can cause serious injury to the sphincter, intestinal mucosa and the penis. Therefore: Always use a lot of lubricant and stretch slowly!


2. Do not use any objects: If there is no suitable anal sex toy at home, the appeal of using other objects is immense. We do not recommend this, because they increase the risk of injury and infection. There is also a good reason why there are so many anal toys on the market – they have a stopper. There is a risk that other items and toys may disappear into the anus.


3. Anal stretching without lubricant: The anus itself does not produce a secretion like the vagina or penis for better lubrication. Therefore, it is important to maintain moisture in the form of anal lubricants. Without a lubricant, anal stretching and anal sex are unpleasant and can cause pain.


Anal stretching is an incredibly exciting sex practice. Preparation requires great care and you should be careful during stretching not to overstrain the sphincter. But this little ritual before anal stretching and trust between the partners are exactly what make anal stretching such an intense experience. Women and men cannot get enough of anal stimulation once they have experienced an anal orgasm. We advise you to approach the topic with caution and sensitivity – it is fun to discover new things in this area each time and not to try everything out the first time. Proceed slowly - and you will love anal stretching!