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Penis Sleeves - Penis Extensions


Penis Sleeves - Penis Extensions 

No more just dreaming about having a big, thick, bulging penis! A penis sleeve is exactly what will fulfill your dreams and satisfy your partner!  With a penis sleeve, anal and vaginal penetration becomes even more intense and exciting! With or without an integrated cock ring to increase erection, a penis sleeve is one of the fastest and easiest...

No more just dreaming about having a big, thick, bulging penis! A penis sleeve is exactly what will fulfill your dreams and satisfy your partner!  With a penis sleeve, anal and vaginal penetration becomes even more intense and exciting! With or without an integrated cock ring to increase erection, a penis sleeve is one of the fastest and easiest ways to improve and enliven your sex life.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 18 items

What you should know about penis sleeves

Penis sleeves add length and thickness, which can increase self-confidence and pleasure.

Penis sleeves are also used to get a harder erection. Due to the tightness of the penis sleeves, blood pools better and provides a stronger erection. Penis sleeves are also an ideal aid in cases of premature ejaculation, as they significantly reduce sensitivity. Penis sleeves can serve as a penis substitute if an erection is no longer possible (models made of stable, harder materials are suitable here).

The perfect penis size, hardly any topic in the field of sexuality occupies so many men and men's magazines over and over again. Is it too small, too big, too thick, too thin?

68.3% of 200 men who took part in a survey conducted by an Australian university said that they were mainly concerned about their height, weight and penis size. Of course, a long and thick penis is no guarantee that your partner will have an orgasm.

On the contrary, bad sex knows no size. Rather, it also depends on the right position, a lot of empathy, the stimulation of erogenous zones and also on the body feeling and mood of the respective woman / man.

And even if the only problem is the size, there are some aids that can make up for the lack of length or the insufficient circumference. These include penis sleeves, for example. These make your best piece a little longer and thicker or ensure through their special texture that your partner feels more during sex.

What are penis sleeves and for whom are they suitable?

Penis sleeves are sex toys made of silicone or other flexible materials that are pulled tightly over the penis, similar to condoms.

Unlike condoms, however, penis sleeves can be reused as often as you like and are not used to prevent conception or protect against disease. Rather, they are a second skin over your best piece and are also inserted into the vagina or anus during sex. Penis sleeves are therefore suitable for both heterosexual and homosexual men.

For a longer and thicker penis

Some penis sleeves also have the task of lengthening or widening the penis. This way your partner feels more during sex and the G-spot or prostate can be stimulated better. Some penis sleeves also have a nubbed or grooved structure on the outside, so that penetration feels even more intense for your partner. You can use such sleeves even if your member is "normal" in size - just for a little more variety and fun in bed.

For longer stamina

Since some penis sleeves reduce the friction of your real penis against the vagina or anus, you will not feel as much during penetration as you would without a sleeve. Some men therefore use penis sleeves to delay their orgasm.

For a harder erection

Due to the tightness of the sleeve, the blood in your penis accumulates more, so that penis sleeves can also provide a better stamina as well as a harder erection. They were actually developed for this purpose.

In this context, there are also models that have two rings connected by a thin rod, one for the penis shaft and one for the tip of the penis. This design does not make your penis longer or wider, but it helps it to straighten up. So, in the aforementioned cases, the sleeves are also suitable for erectile dysfunction support.

What does "erectile dysfunction" mean?

Erectile dysfunction, also known as erectile dysfunction, impotence or potency disorder, is when your penis does not get hard enough before sex or becomes flaccid early during sex, so that normal sexual intercourse is not possible. In addition, it must also be the case that 2/3 of all attempts do not work and that this problem exists constantly over a longer period of time. So if you could not last week, for example because you had so much stress, then it is of course not yet a dysfunction.

The causes of a potency disorder are manifold. In young men, there are often psychological triggers such as stress, problems in the partnership, depression, etc.. These should then be discussed in more detail with a psychologist or psychotherapist. Erectile dysfunction, however, usually occurs in older men.  The triggers here are usually physical complaints such as vascular disease (arteriosclerosis) or other circulatory disorders caused, for example, by diabetes, high blood pressure or lipometabolic disorders. A change in lifestyle often helps here, i.e. less fatty food, no cigarettes, alcohol in moderation, more exercise. In addition, a testosterone deficiency or side effects of medication may also be possible causes. In some men, impotence even goes so far that they can no longer get an erection at all. In these cases, penis sleeves in the form of penis prostheses, which look very similar to the male member and can be strapped on, for example, can help to ensure a fulfilling sex life after all.

Advantages of penis sleeves at a glance:

  • Add a little extra length and thickness to your penis
  • Sleeves with nubs provide extra stimulation to the vagina or anal area
  • Create more friction surface and therefore more arousal
  • Help maintain an erection and/or make it harder
  • Can serve as a penis substitute if an erection is no longer possible (models made of sturdy, harder materials)
  • Delay ejaculation depending on the model
  • Bring more variety into lovemaking
  • Upgrade for a dildo or vibrator (penis sleeves are therefore also suitable for women)

What types of penis sleeves are there?

There is a whole range of different penis sleeves. However, most sleeves are shaped like a thicker condom, often have a nubby or grooved texture, and are slipped tightly over the penis. This type of penis sleeve simply serves as a fun sex toy that freshens up your sex life and provides additional stimulation to your girlfriend's vagina or your lover's anal area.

Other variants are also called "penis sleeves". Their function is similar to the above mentioned penis sleeves, but they do not have a tip. Cuffs therefore only cover the shaft of your penis, but the glans is exposed. This way you feel more when you penetrate your partner.

Even more fun is offered by sheaths or cuffs that vibrate or additionally feature a clitoral stimulator. In this case, the sex toys resemble the trendy rabbit vibrators.

Still other models look like large penises. They mostly serve to lengthen your own best piece and add some more girth to it. They also reduce the sensation during penetration, so you can last longer.

An overview of the different types of penis sleeves

  • Penis sleeves with nubs: Creates intense arousing sensations inside the vagina or in the anal area
  • Penis sleeve: Fits only around your penis shaft; like a penis ring, can also be used to enhance erection
  • Vibrating sheath: Excites additionally through vibrations
  • Penis Extender: For more length and girth; more intense G-spot and A-spot stimulation possible
  • Real Feeling Sleeve: Look like a real, skin colored penis with veins
  • Penis sleeves with mesh structure: Similar to penis sleeves with nubs; however, the mesh-like structure creates an even more unique feeling in the vagina or anus
  • Penis sleeves with integrated testicle ring: can be attached to the scrotum to prevent slippage and slightly squeeze the testicles, allowing for longer stamina
  • Penis Sleeve with Clitoral Stimulator: Like Rabbit vibrators; there is a small, curved extension on the shaft of the sleeve that stimulates the clitoris
  • Sleeve with integrated masturbator: The entrance of the sleeve looks like a vagina with realistically shaped labia or like a male anus; similar to a Fleshlight, but suitable for insertion into a real vagina/anus
  • Penis erector: structure with rings, which help the penis to stand upright

In addition, the different models also differ in color as well as material. Since penis sleeves usually have to be very elastic, they are mostly made of TPE, silicone, jelly, latex or PVC.