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E-Stim Power Boxes


E-Stim Power Boxes 

Electrosex stimulation is an exciting breakthrough in sexual pleasure. We carry a wide variety of electrical units that are compatible with multiple attachments for your pleasure.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 15 items

Our stimulation current devices release feelings that are completely new, awesome and indescribable. Electrosex is really not comparable with any other erotic play. Simply wonderful what feelings can arise through electrical stimulation.

How does electrosex work?

Electrosex, or erotic electrical stimulation, originally comes from medical physiotherapy, which works with stimulation current. This is used, for example, to relieve pain caused by nerve damage.  A The requirement in the development of a product for electrosex is based on an effective and at the same time safe system for pleasurable stimulation of the nerves of the erogenous zones. Both high quality materials and impeccable workmanship are paramount. An electromassage device works with direct current at low voltage and is therefore absolutely safe for the body. It refers to the communication principle in which the body itself uses current frequencies that are sent back and forth through the nerve pathways between the brain, organs and sensors such as the skin, nose, eyes and ears.

The impulses are either negative and cause pain or they are positive. Electrosex sends impulses that are stronger than the impulses of your own nerve cells, so they are overridden with the higher impulse - for tingling and positive stimulation on a whole new level. In addition, erotic electrostimulation causes the body's own happiness hormones, called endorphins, to be released. For the erotic experience, electrical stimulation also means that the positive feeling of arousal is processed more quickly and thus experienced more intensively, and there is simply no or - at high intensity - little room for pain. The connoisseur speaks here already of tingling pleasure pain. Electrostimulation is used with the appropriate toys in all intimate regions. There are no limits to your imagination!

Is electrosex suitable for beginners?

Even beginners can venture into the exciting field of electrosex. Here you have the opportunity to choose between different types of electrosex toys. You can also purchase easy-to-use devices that are especially suitable for beginners because they don't offer so many features. The electrical impulses that are transmitted can be infinitely adjusted by you. This means that you can approach sexual electrostimulation slowly and gradually.

You can also get information together with your partner and simply choose the right set of electric sex toy and accessories together. If you don't have any experience yet, you can also choose a device with included electrode pads. Let yourself be inspired by the different products and venture into a very interesting field with erotic electrostimulation.

Can electrosex be dangerous for me?

This is a very valid question, after all, we are talking about electricity here. First of all, you should know that electrosex toys work with direct current. Alternating current - that is, the current from the wall socket - is the much more dangerous current. Stimulating current devices convert it into direct current. It only becomes problematic when you use your electro sex toy where your body itself generates current impulses - i.e. on the brain and heart. It is equally important that the stimulation current never flows through the throat or larynx area.

Ultimately, the most important basic rule is always that the current must NEVER flow through the brain, heart or throat! If you follow this basic rule, you will experience safe and tingling fun with electrostimulation.

Are there special electrosex products for men and women?

Many electrosex devices can be connected with different accessories. Here you can decide with your partner if it should be a special product for one of you or if you want to have fun together. For men, you can find products like penis rings, special dilators, anal plugs, chastity belts or penis cages in the extensive range for electrostimulation. Whatever electrosex for men looks like in your fantasy, you'll find it here.

For women, you'll find great dildos and nipple clamps designed specifically for women. There are quite wonderful options for you together. Try our electrosex gloves to touch and intensely stimulate every part of your body. Or you can opt for the self-adhesive electrodes that can transmit permanent impulses. Create your own personal stimulation current sex experience.

Can I combine electrosex with other SM accessories?

Erotic electrostimulation offers almost endless possibilities to combine it with other BDSM accessories. Maybe you tie up your partner on the bed and spoil him with our electro sex toys. Watch him get stimulated by the impulses from hard to tender. If you want to make your electro sex erotic experience even more exciting, you can also put a blindfold on your partner. This will make your experience together even more exciting. Or maybe you'll decide to combine your first session with a mouth gag. Browse through our BDSM accessories and get inspired!