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With dildos and butt plugs from Crackstuffers, you are literally spoiled for choice - the variety of sizes, shapes and finishes has been specially developed to suit every mood and taste. Crackstuffers is known for its expertise and has made it its mission to design products that are not only ergonomic but also visually appealing.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 40 items

Discover unlimited anal pleasure with Crackstuffers dildos and butt plugs!

With dildos and butt plugs from Crackstuffers, you are literally spoiled for choice - the variety of sizes, shapes and surface textures has been specially developed to suit every mood and taste. Crackstuffers is known for its expertise and has made it its mission to design products that are not only ergonomic but also visually appealing.

For targeted use, there is no better recommendation than the Rough Riders series from Crackstuffers. This series has been specially developed for experienced users who seek adventure and have the courage to go further and further. The unique textures provide intense and unforgettable stimulation - perfect for that moment when you're looking for something extra special.

If you're ready to push your limits even further, the Missiles and Truncheons from Crackstuffers offer excellent opportunities to explore anal depth training. These toys are great for gradually introducing you to larger and more impressive sizes. It's a journey of pleasure and self-discovery where you'll gain experiences that can exceed your expectations.

Another hot tip are the Buddy Expanders, which thanks to their unique shape can reach your most sensitive spots and catapult your pleasure to the next level. They're ideal for intensifying your play alone or with a partner.

It's important that you don't overexert yourself, so we recommend that you always go at your own pace and take a break when you need to. Use plenty of lubricant, relax and enjoy the ride - with Crackstuffers dildos it's always safe and pleasurable.

Because quality is more important than quantity, we at MEO make sure to only offer products made of high-quality materials. This way, we not only guarantee unparalleled pleasure with Crackstuffers dildos, but also safety and easy cleaning after use.

Also remember that good care is crucial for the longevity of your Crackstuffers toy. That way, you'll always be ready for the next ride - gentle or wild.

And don't forget: ordering from MEO means not only access to first-class products, but also discreet delivery that protects your privacy. Our worldwide shipping ensures that wherever you are, you don't have to go without the quality of Crackstuffers.

Browse our wide selection of Crackstuffers dildos and find the perfect model that will not only challenge your body, but also inspire your imagination!

Discover the world of Crackstuffers dildos that leave no erotic adventure unturned. Whether you're exploring the tender beginnings of anal play or are a veteran of deep penetration, Crackstuffers has the perfect toy for every level of your passion.

The dildos and butt plugs from Crackstuffers are not only functional, but also artistically designed to create visual stimulation and enhance pleasurable play. From smooth, slippery vinyl to flexible, body-friendly silicone, these toys are prized for both their material and their performance.

Many customers swear by the unmistakable, intense sensations a Crackstuffers dildo or butt plug delivers. With a wide range of sizes - from small, beginner-friendly sizes to monumental sizes for experienced users - Crackstuffers offers a gradual increase in intensity.

The range is complemented by our electro-stimulating dildos, which provide an additional level of stimulation. The electrostimulation (e-stim) of the nipples and other erogenous zones can provide an exceptionally intense experience in combination with a Crackstuffers dildo.

Be inspired by the special shapes such as spirals, grooves and knots that provide explosive stimulation. The sophisticated structures enhance your sensory experiences and challenge your pleasure in a whole new way.

When choosing your perfect crackstuffer, dildo or plug, remember that every shape and material has its merits and that experimentation is part of the pleasure. Be bold and broaden your horizons - with the creative variations from Crackstuffers.

Once you have chosen your new anal accessory, you can benefit from our fast and discreet shipping service. At MEO, we make sure that your order is treated confidentially and arrives quickly so that your adventure can begin as soon as possible.

Crackstuffers is your key to unlimited pleasure. It's time to take control and plunge into a sea of pleasure - your journey into the realm of enhanced pleasure begins here at MEO.

Crackstuffers dildos are a fusion of pleasure and art, if you're brave enough to push the boundaries and awaken your adventurous spirit. Experience the moment to the fullest and discover new dimensions of satisfaction that go far beyond traditional play.

Whether you're looking for the thrill of a gentle stretch or the adrenaline rush of a perfect fill, a Crackstuffers dildo can fulfill your desires. The strategically placed curves and smooth textures provide an experience that deepens with every inch that penetrates you. It's not just an act of masturbation, but a holistic discovery of your body and your pleasure.

Don't wait any longer and expand your erotic repertoire with the diverse selection of Crackstuffers. The butt plugs and dildos are just waiting to become part of your intimate play, whether as foreplay, for solo fun or as an intense climax to a long, exciting session.

At MEO, we make sure you have the best possible experience - from choosing the perfect toy to its arrival at your doorstep. Our team is always ready to answer questions and make recommendations to ensure you are fully satisfied. The confidentiality of your personal information and your orders is our top priority.

Your journey into the world of endless pleasure needs the right equipment, and thanks to Crackstuffers, the pursuit of extreme pleasure becomes an achievable reality. Every item you choose from our range promises quality craftsmanship and the anticipation of an unparalleled experience that will make your wildest dreams come true.

Take up the challenge of passion with Crackstuffers and feel how each toy satisfies your hunger for deeper pleasure. Don't get stuck in yesterday when Crackstuffers can take you to new worlds of ecstasy today - exclusively here at MEO, your portal for limitless pleasure and unforgettable nights. Let the game begin.

Go on a wild ride with the dildos and butt plugs from Crackstuffers. There's so much more you can get out of your dildo or butt plug. So why not turn your most secret fantasies into a pleasurable reality? The signature blue dildos, double head dildos and butt plugs are made to fulfill all your ass play needs.


Crackstuffers Dildos & Crackstuffers Butt Plugs


Get ready for the best ride of your life with our huge dildos - for when you need a little extra stretch. Crackstuffers are designers & manufacturers of dildos, classic butt plugs, truncheons, missiles, anal deep trainers, buddy expanders, realistic dildos, rough riders, ...


What is a Crackstuffers dildo?


Crackstuffers dildos are soft, warm and blue and they are designed by men for men. If you just want extreme anal stretching, then Crackstuffers dildos are just the thing for you. Lube them up and get ready for the best ride you've ever had. Crackstuffers are designed to open you up slowly, gently and also further up. So what are you waiting for? Let us convince you and plug your hole!


A beginner's guide to crack stuffers:


  • With so many sex toys to choose from, where should you start? Our advice is to always start small and work your way up.

  • A good first sex toy is a Crackstuffers butt plug, which you can use indoors for as long as possible and maybe even venture outside with the butt plug in your butt!

  • Use lots of lube and take your time, then you'll soon be able to use a bigger butt plug or dildo.


Take your playtime back to basics!


Crackstuffers dildos and Crackstuffers anal plugs are the classic sex toy that belongs in everyone's bedside drawer. Whether you're an inexperienced beginner or a seasoned ass player, we have a wide selection of dildos and butt plugs to suit all needs. We really do have something for everyone at MEO, from ejaculating dildos to double ended dildos, or start small and work your way up to something bigger.


Before you browse our dildo store, take a look at our Crackstuffers dildo guide to find your perfect dildo.

Extremely large dildos - Crackstuffers dildos are the perfect choice!

You want more? You can get more from us! In addition to dildos in sizes S, M and L, we also have extremely large dildos in XL, XXL and XXXL for those who want more.


We offer really big dildos in different lengths, even in unusual shapes. Let your preferences decide, for an intense, new experience.


A question of diameter - giant dildos from Crackstuffers


Large and extremely large dildos from our Crackstuffers range impress with their large diameters. The length is of secondary importance in this case. We offer dildos from Crackstuffers in classic blue, but you can also find dildos from other manufacturers in black or in natural color, for example in the category "Realistic dildos" a large selection of realistic dildos for maximum fun, alone or with your partner.


Extremely large dildos from Crackstuffers made from different materials


In our dildo sex store you will find large dildos made of various materials. According to their experience, the dildo manufacturers have their very own favorites here. While some rely on vinyl, others use silicone. The surfaces are easy to clean so that nothing stands in the way of hygienic care. You only need to rinse the dildos with warm water after use. In addition to the diameters, extremely large XXXL dildos are also characterized by their weight and stability. Some models weigh over 5 kg. Don't hesitate and look for extremely large dildos that suit you and your partner and order them today.


Which Crackstuffers dildo should I choose? There really is no one size fits all!


When it comes to Crackstuffers d ildos, there really is no one size fits all. Your advantage is that here at MEO we have a large selection for you to browse through. All of our Crackstuffers dildos are made from different body-safe materials, all of which are suitable for different types of play. A silicone dildo or anal plug is more suitable for a realistic ride, while other materials, such as vinyl, are ideal for deep anal training.


Dildos from Crackstuffers are very diverse: length, girth, shape, texture and color! There are options for every taste, every desire and every fantasy. If you are new to using Crackstuffers d ildos, you should start with a small dildo from Crackstuffers before working your way up in size and unusualness. Once you have mastered our smaller dildos, you can move on to larger Crackstuffers dildos.