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Medical Gear


Medical Gear 

Act out your deepest doctor fantasies with our impressive array of medical gear and sexual aides. Our high quality medical fetish items are your prescription for pleasure!


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Medical gear for hospital sex and doctor games! This is what makes it so hot!


In hospital sex or the "old fashioned” fetish also known as doctor games, sub and top (master or dominatrix) take on the role of doctor or nurse. The patients or subs are subjected to thorough medical examinations, mainly in the fields of gynaecology and urology. As a classical piece of equipment for a hospital room, sometimes also called the white room, is of course a gynaecological chair.


Hospital sex fetish and erotic doctor games - the white side of erotic


There are so many different wonderful fetish directions and one of them is what is known as hospital sex or doctor games. In hospital sex, for all participants it comes down to being sexually stimulated by professional products and objects one might, for example, find at a hospital, in psychiatry or at a doctor’s practice (e.g. a gynaecologist or urologist). This can also include the appropriate clothing, such as a doctor’s coat or nurse’s uniform.


Loss of control during hospital sex


The focus of this kind of BDSM play is on the loss of control (very similar to bondage), dominance and, of course, role-play. In this case the dominant partner slips into the role of a nurse or plays the doctor or another medical professional. Of course, there is also at least one patient who the doctor subjects to intense treatment. The fantasies and practices of hospital sex are then acted out on the patient. Traits from bondage and SM (BDSM) and the tendency toward rubber or latex clothing are also quite common in hospital sex.


Doctor games are very popular and you will find everything you need for these in our online hospital sex shop at MEO.


In doctor games, equipment and instruments from the quasi-medical field are played with, from speculums to enemas, vaginal and anal enema infeeds, catheters to urethral vibrators or dilators to expand the urethra or anus.


So-called hospital sex or doctor games act out the sexual fantasies of the submissive and the dominant partner by inserting an infeed with an enema, catheter, or suppository and, of course, temperature measurements are also part of the fun. Anyone who wants to try this out for themselves can simply buy some doctor’s accessories from MEO. The perfect introduction to hospital erotica is, for example, an enema or dilator to stimulate the urethra.


The hospital erotica classic is what is known as catheter sex


Details that represent dependency, loss of control and dominance are the ultimate goal of this type of sexuality. From simply listening to the heart to an anal infeed by the doctor or fake operations, anything is possible. A highlight of hospital sex is what is known as catheter sex. Here, a medical catheter or dilator is inserted into the urethra of the patient, usually the submissive man. A complete catheter set can be purchased from MEO's hospital sex shop. This set contains professional equipment that would also be required by a urologist or urology nurse when inserting a catheter.


Anal infeed with an enema that is also a chastity belt? Anything can be (really) erotic.


The anal infeed is not only used by fans of hospital sex but also before anal intercourse, whether by a man or woman, as an enema or a so-called anal douche. Where can you buy an enema? Or order the accessories for the infeed? Here, from MEO's mail order shop of course. We offer you a large selection, low prices and discreet shipping.


Shameless, deep insights guaranteed: Anal examinations and vaginal explorations


Vaginal speculum for the gynaecology chair and rectal speculum or anal spreader for men. Both can enjoy medical examinations and give in to their fantasies.


A so-called vaginal speculum is usually used by a gynaecologist to give a clear view into the woman or patient’s vagina. The speculum is equipped with two to three blades that are inserted into the woman’s vagina and a mechanism to keep the speculum open. In the middle of the two blades, a kind of peep-hole is created, through which you can look deep into the woman or patient. In hospital sex, this is an accessory for passive patients or the sub. Always pay attention to sufficient quality and hygiene. Do not use cheap products and, if in doubt, go for instruments made of stainless steel.


An anal speculum with 2, 3 or 4 blades will give you deep insights and make detailed examinations easier. Using the set screw, you can leave the anus wide open for further games. This is how tantalising fetish and doctor games are authentically enriched with this hospital erotica instrument. In hospital erotica, this is an accessory for the passive patient or slave.


Dilation to expand the anus or penis dilator


A so-called dilator is usually used to expand body orifices. Frequent area of use include widening the urethra using urethral stimulation in order to then stick something in there. For example, this may include a urethral vibrator or penis plug specifically for this purpose.


Summary Hospital sex and loss of control (BDSM)


Hospital sex is a term for a sub-genre of BDSM. In this case, sexual practices together with situations involving medical treatments, hospital stays or medical examination methods are brought into erotic role-playing games, for example, as a doctor and patient, between consenting sexual partners. Control, dominance, devotion and loss of control are of great importance here.


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