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E-Stim Mystim


E-Stim Mystim 

Mystim – E-stim – Punishment or reward. You decide.

We will bring you to orgasm with electrical stimulation and e-stim. Dive into the fascinating world of electrosex!

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Showing 1 - 12 of 46 items

Electrosex, electrical stimulation, e-stim, e-toys... Eh, what!?


Don't worry, we have the answers: electricity and sex is an "old" phenomenon, but it is only just gaining the popularity they deserve. No wonder! The technology, the toys and the desire for them are experiencing an absolute highpoint right now and it really is great fun – and every one of you will have great fun with them too!


Electricity games can, of course, also be part of SM practices, but they don't have to be! Whether you want to live right in the centre of electric city, or would prefer to enjoy a quieter suburb first is entirely up to you.


In general, if you adhere to a few basic rules, electrosex is a harmless and incredibly exciting highlight that you really should try for yourself.


What is electrosex?


Electrosex generally refers to the erotic use of electronic pulses in sexual acts.


This is also known as electrostimulation, for short: e-stim. The hardware used for this is broadly referred to as e-stim toys or e-stim devices - and we’ll talk about the main differences in a little bit.  


The term electrosex stands for a broad and exciting area that can range from tender foreplay to intense penetration to long-lasting orgasms.


So from soft to hard and stimulating to exciting.


This incomparable tingling that sends waves of ecstasy throughout the entire body can be enjoyed alone or as a twosome - or a threesome... ;-)


How does electrosex work?


Our body contains lots of sensitive nerve endings and pathways that send information, such as a touch, to our brain. And our own bodies emit electrical impulses for this exchange of information. Because: our body converts blowing on the skin, a tender caress and, of course, a kiss or sex as a "touch of the nerve" into an electrical impulse and sends it to the brain as stimulation. A touch is always an "indirect" electrical impulse in the body.


Smart dirty talk: E-stim devices and toys speak our body language: without the need for a translation, the electric pulse shoots directly to the brain! ... and excites us so phenomenally that we release loads of endorphins.


In the genital area, there are many sensitive nerve endings that await the romping e-stim pulses like a big playground. 


For this stimulating communication in the body, we have to touch a positive and a negative pole at the same time so the current can flow through us - and it is precisely between these electric poles where the magic happens!


There are many exciting possibilities: Toys with two integrated conductive surfaces, toys with a conductive surface and an adhesive electrode as the opposite pole, e-stim devices with two or more electrodes and toys that fit exactly in and around erogenous zones, and much more.


There are no limits to your imagination - at least in terms of the technology!


The hardware: e-stim device or e-stim toy


The broad field of e-toys can be broken down according many fine differences in two major categories: On the one hand, there are universal "e-stim devices" that can be connected to countless toys and electrodes etc. - and on the other there are independently functioning "toys with built-in e-stim".


  • E-stim device: These smart control centres are like the command bridges for all tingly voyages into the endlessly vast - and deep - expanse that is electrosex! Sexual fantasy knows no bounds when you adjust the controller from soft to hard, constant to rhythmic or pulsating to thrusting. Whether classic or modern: our devices are available in digital and analogue.
  • Docked: Which e-stim toy you attach is decided by the situation, desire or every man for himself: there are dildos, anal plugs, penis cages, chastity belts, gloves, love balls or electrodes for entirely individual and stimulating e-stim sessions. 
  • Multi-player: Two-channel devices, such as MEO’s SexBox, the Tension Lover or the Pure Vibes can also provide power to two toys or pairs of electrodes at the same time and provide twice the fun! The Zeus is the cluster buster of e-stim devices. He can even shoot his lightning into an infinite number of toys and catapults absolutely anyone who uses him into the electrosex Olympics with eight independent and individually regulated channels. Even by remote control.
  • Toys with built-in e-stim: E-stim to go (crazy!). Because e-stim vibrators are equipped with their own pulse generator and conductive surfaces, you get just as much tingling, but less hardware. The e-intensity is easy to adjust using various pre-programmed indulgence modes. An easy introduction to making yourself and others electrosex fans, either gently or quickly and intensively, at the touch of a button.


Turn it ON: Tips for beginning


We recommend you familiarise yourself with the stimulation current device "outside of body" first. The best way to do this is to experiment a little with the toy in your hand beforehand:


  1. An e-toy or a toy that is connected to an e-stim device should be enclosed in both hands - so that both poles/conductive surfaces are in contact with the skin.
  2. Then (and not before!), connect the stimulation current/turn on the e-stim device. Have no fear, e-toys and e-stim devices automatically begin at a low intensity.
  3. Get to know the pulses and stimuli with your hands and try out different intensities.


But be careful: The flow of current is spread out evenly on the palms of the hands and in general when in contact with flat areas of skin. If you touch both poles with just two finger tips, the flow of current is bundled on two small surfaces (the fingertips) and suddenly becomes more intense.


So don't be afraid and, if possible, avoid!


Accessories for advanced users: Lubricant, toys and more


Anyone who is a little better versed in electrosex isn’t so easy to shock... But we would still definitely like to introduce you to a few very sensual, rewarding and possibly even unknown gadgets.

For more volts in the vagina and tingling e-rections ...:-) 


  • "Electrosex lubricant": Make sure to use e-stim-optimised lubricant that is compatible with your toys, condoms and conductivity. Yes, there is such a thing: special lubricants - such as Aquameo or E-Shock - not only glide smoothly, they also conduct electricity.
  • For men: Penis loops are fun in general, but with e-stim they are so incredibly stimulating that you will never want to take your penis out of the loop again. Simply put it on, tighten it, untwist and come.  
  • For submissive men: Penis cages With these, bad guys become very good and well-behaved girls like to be bad. Penis cages with e-stim not only keep your penis under control, they also spoil you as you wait for freedom with electric impulses - from good to bad...
  • For women: Love balls These allow deep vaginal penetration where each little movement stimulates. The pleasure centre and pelvic floor love this and can be optimally trained using pleasure balls. Especially if gentle electric shocks stimulate the vaginal walls and the surrounding muscles. 
  • For him and her: Sounds There is a wide variety in various forms with which you can explore many different places and be indulged. They are light, easy to handle, offer great freedom of movement and take the e-stim pulses to exactly where they are supposed to go.


Is stimulation current dangerous or hazardous to your health?


In principle, the stimulation current in e-toys is safe, if you follow the instructions properly and do not make any modifications. For the best possible safety, the following rules must be strictly adhered to:


  • The most important rule: Never run e-stim above the belt line. Avoid the heart, throat and brain areas at all costs! The most important exception to this rule: Nipple clamps! For example, our bi-polar nipple clamps.
  • Other no-gos are: E-stim in the case of heart failure or a pacemaker without consulting a doctor, e-stim during pregnancy, e-stim in combination with flammable objects/liquids.   


How can I check?


Electricity always seeks the shortest path between the two poles.
This rule is always used to check whether electricity is flowing through one of the three forbidden areas - brain, heart or neck.


Prejudices OFF: Electro sex is SM!?


Not necessarily, but of course! And to be honest: without the pioneering spirit of the SM and BDSM scene, the technology, toys and the growing curiosity about volts in the bedroom would probably still be at the level of the first light bulb.

Electrosex can certainly be SM too - but it can also be simply anything you want.


The wide range of high quality and extremely varied e-toys shows that, in addition to intense highlights, softer tones, long-lasting stimulation and sustained effects, such as well-trained pelvic floor muscles, make electrosex "socially acceptable".


But as we said: The boundaries between tingling foreplay and pulsating punishment are not only fluid but also infinitely customisable with good toys ;-)