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Double Dildos


Double Dildos 

A double dildo fills all the orifices of the body to the extreme. Kinky sandwich sex with a double dildo is double the fun, brings new energy and more variety into your sex life.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 22 items

A double dildo fills all the orifices of the body to the extreme. Awesome sandwich sex with a double dildo is double the fun, brings new energy and more variety into your sex life. Order from a large selection online now from MEO.


What is a double dildo?


What is the difference between a double dildo and a traditional dildo? The name already says it! A double dildo is a sex toy with two ends and a flexible or curved body. With a double dildo, you can pleasure yourself alone or with your partner. This is how many of our customers and their partners bring new energy and more variety into their love life.


Buy a partner dildo, a double ended dildo or a double dildo?


With an XXL dildo or giant dildo, you and your partner experience utterly filling anal or vaginal ecstasy. You can enjoy a similar experience with an anal dildo or a silicon dildo, but double dildos (double penetrator) can really take you to the limits. Basically, pure sex! Only large XXL dildo or an inflatable dildo can promise similar pleasure. The perfect choice of anal dildo always comes down to your personal taste.


Double dildo for women for double dildo for men


Most double dildos or partner dildos can be inserted vaginally and anally at the same time or can also be used to penetrate both partners simultaneously. That means anal + anal, vaginal + vaginal or anal + vaginal. A trained user bends the double dildo so that BOTH ends can be inserted into one orifice.


The two ends of a double dildo can differ greatly, so that one toy can be used to satisfy various preferences. So, in an ideal case, both partners get their money’s worth, if a double dildo has a thick glans at one end and a small diameter at the other.


Adventurous men should also try pleasurable training with a set of anal balls or love balls.


How do I insert a double dildo/partner dildo?


The right anal lube for sex with a double dildo is very important. In order to insert an anal dildo or partner dildo, we recommend our water based lubes, for example such as Aquameo or Anal Push for anal sex. Of course you can also use a glass dildo with a silicone-based lubricating gel. You will also find an anal relaxation spray, namely EXTREMEO, in our online shop. This spray also allows you to insert an XXL dildo or a large dildo for men painlessly.


Due to their length and girth, it can be a bit difficult to insert a large dildo at the start. Go slowly and carefully and get into a comfortable position that allows you to stretch your body out to open the anus. Try using a cushion (or MEO's love cushions) under your bum and lie on your back with raised, spread-out legs.


For the correct position and to prevent signs of fatigue when you are being taken anally with a double dildo or are having fun during solo sex: MEO's Fuck & Play Sling provides effective support and comfort thanks to the highest of quality. Well-padded seat cushions made of the softest latigo leather wrap around your neck and the hollow of your knees, enabling particularly deep penetration. Thanks to several buckles, the sling can be individually adjusted. Two steel d-rings on the sides even allow handcuffs to be attached. So you can enjoy your double dildo tremendously comfortably.


It is certainly advisable to begin with a smaller double dildo, e.g. a double dildo made of glass and to work up to the larger calibres. Once you have inserted the part of the double dildo with the thickest diameter, you can relax your body so that you can then enjoy the sensations the dildo creates in peace. Many of our customers like to rotate the dildo inside the body in order to reach all of the inner erogenous zones (P-spot or G-spot), while others prefer thrusting movements with the double dildo.


Is a double dildo a typical gay sex toy?


A double dildo in the bum also makes guys quite happy! In the gay community, double dildos are very popular as gay sex toys. In particular, our large double dildos are ordered from MEO’s online erotic shipping. Our so-called anal snake, which we stock in many sizes, or our dildos in the "extremely large dildo with two ends" category from Crackstuffers, DEEP'R and HAM'R Dildos are popular.


Buy double dildos online - in all colours, shapes and materials


Just like normal dildos and anal dildos, double dildos also come in the most beautiful designs, longest lengths and unusual forms, made from a variety of materials. Whether made of aluminium, stainless steel, ABS, vinyl or silicone - the vast majority of double dildos from MEO are completely skin-friendly and hypo-allergenic. The designs and sizes are just as varied. We offer double dildos and strap-ons in all colours and shapes.


Pure erotic: Partner dildos and flexible double dildos from MEO


Whether in bed, under the shower or while travelling on holiday - double dildos can be used wherever you are in the mood for it. Thanks to their flexibility or curved form, your erogenous zones (e.g. G-Spot or prostate) are indulged with absolute precision. And because double dildos make simultaneous anal penetration of both "participants" possible, neither has to watch the other during solo sex.


Everyone should try a double dildo during sex or solo sex


And if you have always wanted to enjoy double penetration or sandwich sex, you will be delighted with a double dildo! In particular, we recommend our double dildo with vibration, the Lelo PicoBong Transformer double vibrator. Two powerful motors indulge both partners (or orifices) at the same time.