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Masturbators for men


Masturbators for men 

We know what men really want! Discover high-tech masturbators and much more. Order discreetly now from MEO.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 102 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 102 items

Anyone who doesn’t have a partner or simply prefers masturbation can rely on our various masturbators. While mainly dildos and vibrators are available for women, a wide range of masturbators and even milking machines are available for men. Masturbators are designed to stimulate the penis and increase sexual desire to the point of climax. Masturbators can be designed very differently, from a realistic reproduction of a body orifice to a pocket pussy to abstract objects that stimulate the penis with technical functions.


Allow yourself to be inspired by our latest products and buy the ultimate sex toy for men. It is not vibrations but rather pressure waves that bring you to orgasm like you have never known before. Or share your masturbation pleasure with your partner or with friends thanks to our masturbation App.


Popular masturbator brands and accessories


MEO has a wide selection of masturbators in its range. The Tenga brand is very popular with men. The Japanese masturbator manufacturer primarily makes single-use masturbators with integrated high-quality lube that are the perfect pleasure on the go for every man. The CRIUZR brand stands for high-quality masturbators at an affordable price point. Masturbators from the Autoblow brand give you realistic sensations and intense satisfaction thanks to the built-in motors that generate an up and down motion. The famous Fleshlight brand has become known for masturbators that are reminiscent of flashlights in shape, some of which recreate the anuses of porn actors. A Fleshlight is simply the perfect sex toy for many men. Our milking machine for men is also extraordinary and is at home with our customers all over the world. This special sex machine blows, sucks and licks until there is no more holding back for you. Thousands of satisfied customers also call our machine the inchesmilking machine for the penisinches- because it brings EVERYONE - whether wanted or not - to orgasm and sucks the last drop of sperm out of you. You need hardly any other accessories to use a masturbator. However, a water-based lube such as Aquameo or Stroke lube from MEO and VERYCLEAN spray for cleaning are important.