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Realistic Dildos


Realistic Dildos 

The new generation realistic dildo 3.0 - ready when you are

A modern, realistic generation 3.0 dildo is better than a real penis. Looks like the real thing, feels like the real thing and is ready at all times.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 79 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 79 items

Realistic Dildo: The right choice


In addition to its ultra-realistic texture, its very beautiful appearance recreates every smallest detail of a real penis, with visible veins and a colour similar to human skin. When you touch it the result is breathtaking and you can hardly feel the difference between a real penis and the dildo.


A realistic generation 3.0 dildo is soft and stretchy on the outside but still has sufficient rigidity for breathtaking anal sex or intensive vaginal penetration. A strong suction cup on the dildo ensures a secure grip if you want to keep your hands free for other games.


Realistic dildo with vibration versus dildo made of rubber


You simply feel more and the pleasure is simply better! The feelings, whether anal or vaginal, are simply much more intense during sex with a realistic dildo.


A realistic dildo like the dildos from MEO should be an almost perfect imitation of a real penis, not only visually but also in terms of haptics (touch & feel).


That is why a realistic dildo is equipped with a very special surface on which each individual skin fold and every vein can be felt. Together with a perfectly formed glans, this sex toy feels absolutely authentic during anal penetration. A realistic dildo is almost always equipped with bulging testicles, which feel pleasant during anal penetration, swinging against your bum and creating the feeling of real sex.


Most of the realistic dildos from MEO are either equipped with a solid suction cup or are suitable for use with a so-called dildo harness or strap-on, whereby the realistic dildo is strapped around the waist or around the leg to provide intense fuck pleasure. A realistic dildo is simply the best choice for that very special feeling of authenticity.


In our dildo shop, you will find all the well-known brands such as Pipedream, Doc Johnson and many others. Many realistic vibrators are absolutely identical replicas of the penises of famous porn stars from Bel Ami and Falcon, which make many hearts beat faster with their porno films.


Buying a dildo - what should you look for?


The MEO shop could just as well be called the dildo shop, as our range can fulfil virtually any desire.


The MEO online shop is a true paradise, because a huge selection awaits you when buying a dildo. Therefore, there are many things to consider when buy a dildo too, because these sex toys are not only available in the standard length (the so-called dildo 20 cm) but also in many sizes. You can also choose from a wide range of materials. The realistic sex toys are usually made of silicone or other high-quality plastics and should imitate a real penis as closely as possible. You can also select the colour when buying a dildo entirely according to your personal preferences. When buying a dildo, please note that not all dildos are equipped with testicles. For a very special adventure, an anal toy with a suction cup is the best choice as it can be mounted on the wall or on the floor, providing horny variety. Simply attach the dildo’s suction cup and get going! You'll be amazed!


Buy dildo online


Whether a small or large dildo or ordering a XXL dildo is a matter of trust. It doesn't always have to be a very expensive dildo. Are you into anal toys and want to buy a dildo or order a butt plug without spending too much? Would you prefer a more affordable dildo? But should it still be a really big or really beautiful dildo? Then we have the perfect choice for you in our dildo shop.


Whether a penis dildo with a realistic design, a black rubber dildo or an inflatable dildo? At MEO, you can order your dream dildo. Our dildo online shop leaves no wishes unfulfilled and we guarantee fast and discreet delivery in discreet packaging.


Highlights Realistic Dildos:


  • A real dildo, just like the penis of a real man.
  • Dildo with suction cup that will fulfil all your fantasies.
  • Dildos for him, dildos for couples or dildos for her! A realistic dildo can be used by anyone.
  • Lifelike dildos are very much in demand. This dildo is one of the most popular anal toys.
  • Realistic dildo with veins, dildo with foreskin, dildo that feels real.
  • This dildo is a dildo with a suction cup. A dildo with a suction cup lets you attach it to any flat surface and enjoy it hands-free or ride it intensively.
  • MEO's realistic dildo is also suitable for a harness and can be used as a strap-on dildo with a strap. A real dildo, a dildo for men, a dildo for women and a realistic dildo for couples: The perfect sex toy!
  • Realistic dildos (true-to-nature dildos) can be used as prostate dildos, as anal toys or sex toys, alone or with a partner.