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Anal Depth Play


Anal Depth Play 

Anal Depth Play is a special, extremely exciting sex practice that can be practiced alone but of course also with a partner. For beginners and professionals there are different techniques and long dildos to enjoy the "Anal Depth Play" or "Anal Depth Training" to the maximum and achieve satisfying results:

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Showing 1 - 12 of 60 items

What does anal depth training mean?

Anal depth training is a form of anal training that concentrates on inserting a very long dildo deep into the anal canal. With advanced anal depth training, the trainee should be able to insert very long dildos, butt plugs and other objects deeper and deeper into the anal canal. Unlike other forms of anal training, in anal depth training it is irrelevant how large or thick the inserted objects are, just how far they penetrate into the body.

Anal depth training can be instigated or ordered by a top who wants to take his sub’s body to its limits. But someone can also begin anal depth training because he likes using anal sex toys or being fisted and wants to take his anal play to the next level.

There are two significant challenges that someone beginning depth training has to overcome. First, he must learn to relax what is known as the puborectalis sphincter, a strong muscle that forms the first curve of the rectum. This muscle tends to contract and close the rectum when it feels pressure, as is the case during anal sex or stimulation. Learning to relax the muscle even when it is stimulated is the key to successful anal depth training. Second, anyone who completes anal training must learn to associate the deep pressure they feel during anal penetration with desire. Concentrating on relaxing the body and staying in contact with your feelings can help during anal depth training. Many people find breathing deeply helps them to relax during anal penetration. Certain positions, e.g. on all fours or kneeling, also help you to relax.

Whereas normal dildos, vibrators and very long anal dildos can be used for anal depth training, there are also some specially developed aids and lubricating gels from MEO.

Feeling pressure and some discomfort during anal depth training is normal but not real pain. You should always listen to your body and not go too far beyond your own limits. Anal depth training should not be overdone. It is always best to go slowly. MEO ® recommends beginning with the fingers before moving on to inserting a long anal depth training dildo.

What is so special about very long Anal Depth Play dildos?

MEO ® are the specialists in the area of anal depth training: extreme length, a large diameter, unusual textures and a convincing material that is sufficiently firm and at the same time flexible, so you feel it in exactly the right places, deep inside you! This very long dildo will completely fill you and guarantees intense satisfaction. It’s not just the length of this dildo that will impress you but also its very special design, giving you unforgettable moments.

How do I use a very long Anal Depth Play dildo?

Due to their length and girth, it can initially be a bit difficult to insert the very long anal depth training dildo. Take your time, proceed slowly and choose a position that allows you to stretch your body. Our ASS UP cushion for anal depth training is a popular aid. Lie down on your back with our ASS UP cushion under your bum and your legs raised and spread. The ASS UP cushion supports your body in a stable and comfortable way, even in demanding positions. The firm ASS UP cushion also prevents sinking into the bed and makes numerous other positions easier during anal depth training.

What lube should I use for Anal Depth play and anal depth training?

Use plenty of lubricating gel! We never get tired of repeating this point in regard to anal depth training. The anus is not just more sensitive than a vagina, it also becomes more delicate the further up you go. That is why you should always use lots of lubricating gel to prevent injury. If you plan to use a very long dildo, we recommend our FUCKSLUT lubricating gel, a silicone-based lubricating gel for anal depth play that feels like no other lubricating gel. FUCKSLUT makes using the long dildo for anal depth training a painless but intense pleasure. In any case, we would also advise you to use our EXTREMEO spray. This spray is the perfect choice for both beginners and experienced anal depth play professionals. EXTREMEO is a special product for anal sex, anal depth training and anal stretching. Thanks to the special combination of active ingredients, this spray ensures that even very long dildos can be inserted more easily. The special effect of EXTREMEO promotes easy penetration and therefore results in relaxed and passionate pleasure. This spray acts without any loss of sensation, reduces the painful sensitivity of the sphincter and helps you to achieve perfect anal depth play.

Material and care of the long Anal Depth Play dildo:

This long dildo for anal depth play is made of high-quality vinyl. The material is wonderfully flexible and smooth. In addition to this, the material we use is very stable, so that your very long dildo will remain in good shape for a long time. You can clean the extra-long Anal Depth Play dildo with mild soap and water. For thorough hygiene, we also recommend regular use of our VERYCLEAN spray. It goes without saying that cleaning is particularly important after use too. You should also use an anal douche yourself under certain conditions to clean the bowel before you use the very long dildo. In our shop category “Anal Douche”, you will find the right anal douche for anal depth training.