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Nipple Suckers


Nipple Suckers 

Our nipple suckers have fantastic suction and are easy to use. Perfect for big, hard nipples.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 14 items

Whether solo or in pairs, our nipple suckers provide a very special stimulation in any case

How sexy is the use of nipple suckers?

The nipples, both in men and women, are considered erogenous zones. This means that the nipples are very easy to arouse. Sometimes, even a small touch is enough for this. Sucking on the n ipples provides very strong and intense stimulation. However, since the partner cannot suck on the nipples all the time, there are so-called nipple suckers. These are small suction cups that create a vacuum and thus stimulate the nipples.

What is a nipple pump or a nipple sucker?

A nipple pump is a small tool for stimulating the nipples. The hollow body creates a slight negative pressure that strongly stimulates the nipples and provides a pleasant tingling sensation - and that for women and men alike!

How do I use nipple suckers?

Actually, nipple suckers work quite simply. To do this, you place the opening on the nipples. By squeezing the nipple suck ers, a negative pressure is created - similar to a pump. Due to the strong stimulation, the nipples are supplied with more blood and become especially sensitive. Every touch of the nipples then feels much stronger and more intense.

Are nipple pumps also suitable for men?

Of course they are! The nipples are not only a highly sensitive and delicate zone in women, but also belong to the erogenous zones in men. Nevertheless, the nipples are often forgotten during sex. Actually a pity! Because it is worthwhile for both men and women to increase the pleasure with nipple suckers.

What different nipple suckers are there?

Here at MEO you will find different models of nipple suckers. So you can choose exactly the nipple pump that suits you and your needs best. Most of our nipple suckers have a hand pump that you can use to create the vacuum. However, there are also models with a screw thread. In this version, the suction cup is placed on the nipples and the vacuum is generated by the rotary thread... Attention! The suction effect is much stronger! For those who like a little more action and like to pamper their nipples with different stimulation patterns, there are also nipple suckers with vibration in our program.

Who are nipple pumps suitable for?

In the bedroom, nipple pumps can be used in a variety of ways. Since nipple pumps can increase arousal immeasurably in the blink of an eye, they are especially popular for foreplay. But also BDSM fans get their money's worth: Through the pump or the screw thread, the suction effect can be quickly increased, so that the feeling can be increased to pain.

Is there really a nipple orgasm?

Again and again you hear about the nipple orgasm. And indeed, there are women and men with an extremely sensitive nervous system who only get an orgasm by stimulating the nipples. In principle, when the nipples are stimulated, exactly those areas in the brain are addressed that also react to the stimulation of the clitoris. However, for a nipple orgasm to occur, everything has to be right - from the atmosphere to the right hand movements. Nipple suckers can of course be enormously helpful! Just try it out - maybe it will work. But even if it doesn't, you're sure to enjoy intense sensations!

What are the dangers of using nipple suckers?

When using nipple suckers, you can expect a pretty strong negative pressure. This, in turn, will inevitably cause the nipples to enlarge over time. The important thing to note here is that this process does not trigger any pain in the sufferers. However, it should be noted that many people do not find such an enlarged nipple very attractive. In addition, regular use of the nipple sucker makes the nipple more sensitive, which can be considered annoying in everyday life. For this reason, this sex toy should only be used for 10 minutes and not permanently.

Choosing the right nipple sucker

These products are available at MEO either as a pair or as a whole set. In this case, you get nipple suckers in different sizes, suitable for any nipple size.