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Sex Slings & Love Swings


Sex Slings & Love Swings 

Order 100% discreet & anonymous at MEO. All sex slings, sling frames, fisting slings and love swings are in stock and available for immediate delivery. Here you will find a huge selection of BDSM equipment & products for fisting. Discover now and order online.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 45 items

Sex in a sling or love swing can offer a number of benefits, both physically and emotionally. Here are some of the benefits of using a sling or swing during sex:

  • Increase in physical pleasure: Sex in a sling or swing offers a wider range of movements and positions that allow for deeper penetration, different angles and more intense sensations. This can increase physical pleasure and provide new experiences for both partners.
  • More intimacy: Floating in a sling or sex swing can create a feeling of being at the mercy and trust, which increases intimacy and emotional connection between partners.
  • Less physical exertion: Using a sling or love swing can help reduce the physical strain on partners, especially in positions that require prolonged lifting or holding.
  • Variety and experimentation: sex in a sling or love swing allows for a variety of positions, including those that would be difficult or impossible without this type of aid.

There are different types of slings and love swings, each with different features and benefits. Here are a few of the most common models:

  • Door Slings: these are simple slings that attach to a door frame and allow for different positions, such as standing, kneeling, or lying down.
  • Ceiling Slings: these are more advanced and must be attached to a ceiling beam. They can support more weight and allow a wider range of positions and movements during sex.
  • Mobile Slings: these slings can be used anywhere or even taken on trips. They are usually smaller and lighter than other types of slings.
  • Sling Mats: Designed to hold a person securely, they can be used for both sexual and non-sexual purposes, such as relaxation or support during a physical application.
  • BDSM slings: these slings are more specialized and designed for BDSM or bondage sessions. They may include restraints or other features that allow for dominance and submission play.

We also carry metal sling racks. These are usually made of sturdy, powder-coated steel or stainless steel and provide a durable and stable support for slings or love swings.

Sling frames are available in a variety of sizes and styles to meet different needs. Some are collapsible for easier transport or storage when needed, while others have a solid base and are designed specifically for harder sex.

If you're looking to buy a metal sling frame, be sure to compare the different options and look for quality, stability, and load capacity to make sure it meets your needs.

We also carry other accessories that can be attached to a sling frame, such as lube or Crisco holders, fisting glove holders, mirrors, and more.

Overall, using a sling or love swing during sex can provide a number of benefits and enhance the experience for both partners. It's important that you choose a sling or love swing that suits your needs and preferences, and that you always follow safety instructions to avoid injury.

What actually makes sex or even fisting in a sling so special?

The idea of having a gigantic dildo, a huge penis or even a whole fist inside you can understandably be quite exciting. A complete hand can stimulate a much larger area. Some also like the psychological experience of being "stretched wide" as well as the high level of intimacy. Many enjoy feeling the warmth and power inside the body. Also, with this form of penetration, you can maintain eye contact if you like. This allows the fisting top to directly experience the pleasure of the person receiving it.

What is meant by fisting or fistfucking?

Fisting is basically the sexual penetration of the whole hand or fist into the anus or vagina. Colloquially, this sexual practice is also simply called fisting or fisting. So that fisting or fisting brings fun and satisfaction for both partners, above all a lot of time, absolute trust and a lot of relaxation are important. Also the position in which you practice fisting is important and different for everyone. For a good fisting session, both a sling, the perfect lubricant and the right sex toys or accessories for fisting are important.

What position should I take as a passive if I want to be fisted?

It is important for fisting that the passive finds a relaxed body position. For most fisted people, the "fisting supine position" in a sling or a so-called love swing is the best body position. Others prefer the so-called doggy-style position for fisting, where the "fisted" takes the ideal "fisting position" for him on all fours, i.e. supported on the knees and elbows, on a sling board or on a fuck bench.

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