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Human Puppy Play Shop


Human Puppy Play Shop 

At MEO, you will find the complete Bad Puppy collection. Do you need a dog mask, a puppy hood, paws, knee pads, a dog collar, a leash for the puppy or a toy for the human pup? Here at MEO, the cos play specialists, you will find what you need.


  • At MEO you will find everything for your fetish! Butt plugs and anal plugs in all sizes. Because only a tail on the butt plug makes puppy playtime perfect.

  • The masks from the Bad Puppy collection from MEO will make you the perfect dog. You'll find a leather, neoprene or latex dog mask or puppy hood at MEO.

  • If you are a Human Puppy and you want to give your master your paw, you need the right accessories! We carry all the accessories for the Human Pup, such as paws, knee pads and much more.

  • Whether a fine, leather collar in crocodile, a dog collar with spikes or a collar with spikes. The Bad Puppy collection leaves nothing to be desired.

  • Every human puppy or adult dog needs a dog leash. The Bad Puppy collection offers you the perfect choice if you need a dog leash.

  • A leather harness from the Bad Puppy collection makes you the perfect puppy. You'll find a wide range of harnesses in many colours at MEO.

  • Does your puppy needs the right gag? You can find a gag with or without a bone at MEO. MEO is the first choice when it comes to finding the right gag.

  • MEO is THE specialist when it comes to puppy play. You can find the perfect equipment, such as T-Shirts, hoods, leashes, gags and toys, at MEO.

MEO, the Pup Play Store, is a one-stop store for all the products you need for your Human Puppy.

Puppy Play

In the roleplaying community, a Puppy is a human pretending to be a dog. Puppies can be male or female. Puppies tend to be more submissive, often dealing with more dominant individuals who take on the role of master or trainer.

A Puppy is sometimes referred to as a Human Puppy.

More about the Human Puppy:

Human Puppies enjoy shedding their human inhibitions, forgetting the stresses of everyday life, and discovering their animal side. Some Human Puppies take sexual pleasure in their role play, but Puppy Play does not necessarily have a sexual component. Behaving as a Human Puppy allows for a more spontaneous life where you don't have to worry about bills or work commitments. It is a lifestyle that provides lots of positive reinforcement and attention through verbal praise and petting. As with other pets, discipline may be necessary when Human Puppies misbehave. However, this is never painful or even cruel.

Human Puppies are more mischievous and playful than large dogs, which are also humans in the role of dogs. A person's actual age does not determine whether he or she takes on the role of a Puppy, Human Puppy, or Alpha Dog.

Human Puppies take on the role of dogs to varying degrees. Some Human Puppies live as dogs all the time, while others play the role only occasionally. Some like to talk in character, while others only growl and bark. Some walk on two legs while others are only on all fours. Some Human Puppies dress like dogs, while others only wear a collar or no costume at all. Whatever the preference, at MEO every Human Puppy will find the complete outfit, from dog collars, leashes, paws, knee pads or dog masks.

Although they exhibit many behaviors of real dogs, Human Puppies should never eat dog food as it can make people sick. Human food can serve as a substitute, such as cold canned beef stew or certain grains.

Puppy competitions and Human Puppies parties are appropriate places for puppies to play in public. Puppy anal plugs with dog tails are another novelty for Human Puppies.

What is Pup Play?

Pup Play is a type of role play where humans take on the role and mentality of a puppy. This can take many forms, from simply enjoying the feeling of being a puppy or Human Puppy, to wearing a puppy hat, puppy gloves or other puppy gear, to playing with other puppies or even playing with someone who takes on the role of a handler (dog handler).

What is a Human Puppy?

A Human Puppy is the term for someone who enjoys taking on a role with a canine personality. For some, in Pup Play, being a puppy is a space they dip into for a limited time to relax or just play, while for others it can be an identity they live 24/7. Some Human Puppies are solitary (or strays), others may be partners or have a Puppy collar (belonging to a handler, dog trainer or master). Some Human Puppies even join a larger pack and take on puppy roles such as Alpha, Beta, and Omega.

What is a Handler?

A handler is a person who enjoys playing the role of caregiver or guardian for a puppy. Handlers can take on many different roles, from a caring caregiver to a firm leash holder to an obedience trainer to a master. The relationship between a Handler and a Human Puppy can be romantic, sexual or just platonic.

OK, so is Pup Play a sexual, romantic, social or platonic thing?

It can be all kinds of things, and Pup Play is different for each person. Most Puppies and Handlers find some sort of physical and sexual satisfaction. Many also find a romantic connection and make Pup Play part of a relationship. Others just want to enjoy puppy time with platonic friends. There is no wrong way to be a good Human Puppy!

Who can be a Human Puppy?

Anyone! You don't have to own an expensive leather dog mask or attend events to be a Human Pup. You don't need a handler or an alpha dog or have to belong to a pack. All you need is the desire to be a pup and the openness to discover new things. The rest is up to you!

Are there other types of pet play?

Of course there are! Not everyone who likes to play with pets wants to take the dog's head. Some prefer to play as a kitten, pony, wolf, fox, bull or another type of animal. Each play animal has a different head and attitude. If you think that a different kind of pet play is something for you, we recommend you to explore and ask around to find out how other people experience their own personal kind of pet play.

Is it just something for gay men?

Not at all! Pet Play and Human Puppy Play in general are open to people of all genders and orientations. Puppy Play seems to be most popular among gay men, but there are also a large number of Human Puppies and dog walkers of every orientation and gender. Whether you're a straight Puppy, a queer Puppy, or any other kind of Puppy, you'll find the perfect Puppy Play gear here at