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Lubes & Condoms


Lubes & Condoms 

Grease, lube and condoms – can be used for anal sex. 


  • Enjoy anal pleasure pain free! Here are the best lubricants for anal sex.

  • Our lubes and lubricating creams are developed to improve your sex life. Browse our wide selection and you will find the right lube for your needs.

  • Our lubes and lubricating creams are developed to improve your sex life. For vaginal, anal or fisting.

  • Filmy or extra strong condoms for unforgettable experiences, developed for unique protection and great pleasure.

  • Anal Bleaching, Toy Cleaner, erotic bathing, depilatory cream or lube shooter. Products to enrich your sex life.

  • Soothing massage oil for an erotic massage. Order now from MEO! Erotic, edible, warming and available in different flavours.

  • With our Oral Sex Spray you will become a world champion at blowjobs and our lubes for oral sex will sweeten the oral pleasure.

  • Gentle warmth wherever it is applied. Sensual warming lubricating gel can really enrich your love life.

  • These really do taste great. Whether Tahitian vanilla or Italian biscotti, these flavoured lubricating gels convince everyone.

  • Butt Blanc from the anal bleaching professionals at MEO is an effective anal bleaching product. Order discreetly online at a reasonable price.

  • Bath slime, SLUBE and more, at MEO you can find extraordinary bathing additives

  • MEO delivers lubricating cream for fisting and lubricant for rough sex discretely, quickly and cheaply.

  • Sex toy cleaner, hygiene sprays and much more to thoroughly clean your sex toys.

  • With our lubricating gel injector and lubricating cream applicator, the shot goes directly into the body orifice of your choice.

  • Hybrid lube combines the best of two worlds. Slides like silicone and can be washed off as easily as water.