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Electrosex from soft to hard


With electrosex, all possible areas of the body are intensely stimulated by stimulation current or electrostimulation. An exciting feeling that you will want to experience again and again.


  • This magical wand of sexual electrostimulation, called the Violet Wand, sends thousands of tiny flashes from the luminous glass attachment to the recipient's skin. Depending on how strong the Violet Wand is set and which attachment is used, each individual flash feels like a gentle tingle or a mean pinprick. This gives you stimulation ranging from tender to painful, combined with impressive and perhaps even frightening, visual effects.

  • Experience intense electrostimulation with products from E-Stim Systems, the experts in electrosex. Discover high quality E-Stim devices for all levels of experience, combined with expert advice and secure shipping.

  • Mystim – E-stim – Punishment or reward. You decide.

    We will bring you to orgasm with electrical stimulation and e-stim. Dive into the fascinating world of electrosex!

  • Electrosex stimulation is an exciting breakthrough in sexual pleasure. We carry a wide variety of electrical units that are compatible with multiple attachments for your pleasure.

  • Welcome to MEO, your expert for anal electrostimulation! In our "anal electrostimulation" category, we offer you an extensive selection of products to realize your fantasies and have unique and exciting experiences. Let's dive into the fascinating world of anal electrostimulation together and discover the many possibilities.

  • Everything you need for cock and balls electro stimulation - from tender to hard. Reach orgasm with our electro cock ring, electro ball ring or e-stim humbler.

  • From tender to hard, our clamps, clips and suckers tease your nipples with e-stim. Electro stimulation has never been so delightful...

  • In the world of BDSM ElectroPlay, advanced technology meets intimate experimentation. It is an erotic adventure in which various sensations are evoked through electrical stimulation. This can be a pleasurable tingling sensation, pulsating vibrations or intense thrusts that cover a broad spectrum of sexual sensations. The BDSM ElectroPlay makes it possible to experiment with the intensity of the electric currents and thus adjust the intensity and depth of the sensations.

  • Welcome to the world of electroplay - here in the MEO Shop you'll find everything your heart desires. In our "Accessories for Erotic Electroplay" category, we have put together a variety of indispensable accessories so that you can experience your electrifying adventures safely, comfortably and with maximum pleasure.

  • Welcome to the fascinating world of vaginal electrostimulation, an exciting area of sexual stimulation that lets you experience completely new and unique sensations. If you're looking for an intense and varied method of satisfaction, vaginal electrostimulation could be just the thing for you.

Electrosex from soft to hard


With electrosex, all possible areas of the body are intensely stimulated by stimulation current or electrostimulation. An exciting feeling that you will want to experience again and again.


E-Stim is electrosex with orgasm guaranteed


Are you interested in e-stim? Great. Then you are in the right place with MEO.


E-stim stands for electrical stimulation, and it is also becoming more and more popular outside of the BDSM community.


There are a lot of nerves in your genital area - much more than in other places, which is why you are so sensitive there - and with a correctly set current stimulation device and the corresponding e-stim sex toys, you can stimulate each and every one of these nerves in your own body or your partner’s to absolute ecstasy.


This works just as well alone as it does as a twosome (or threesome) and there is a whole range of types of games for both, that sometimes bring you to orgasm fast and furiously and other times allow you to enjoy a gentle tingling over a period of hours that slowly spreads over the whole body. Depending entirely on your taste, just the way you want or for as long as you can hold out.


What is electrosex, e-stim man and e-stim woman


Electrosex or erotic electrostimulation refers to the use of electronic pulses in sexual acts. It is also called erotic electrostimulation or e-stim. The required devices are often called e-stim toys, stimulation current devices (electro sex generator) or e-stim devices.


The term electrosex stands for a broad and exciting area that can range from tender foreplay to intense penetration to long-lasting orgasms. MEO's customers with electrosex experience report tremendous pleasure, incredible feelings and "orgasmic trembling” that lasts for minutes.


Is electrosex dangerous?


MEO's electrosex devices meet a high standard of safety. Our stimulation current devices originated from the area of TENS machines, which have been used for decades in the medical field, for example to develop muscle and stimulate nerves. Electrosex or erotic electrostimulation is not dangerous. It simply plays with nerve stimuli that already occur in your body anyway. With electrosex, these stimuli are simply intensified and used specifically on erotic areas of the body.


For all types of games relating to electrostimulation, a combination of the stimulation current device and additional electric toys that can be connected to the device is usually required. The selection of these from MEO is huge. For example, electric penis stimulation (electrosex penis), electrical stimulation current for the prostate (electrosex prostate) and stimulation current plugs or electro-dilators for the urethra are all particularly popular. E-stim accessories for nipples (electro stimulation nipples) or e-stim loops that can be attached to the penis and testicles, are among the most sought-after electro-toys. E-stim electrodes are included with every MEO stimulation current device and can also be bought from MEO again in the online shop.



Vibrator with stimulation current - Electrosex vibrator


An e-stim vibrator from MEO is easy to use and does not require any additional cabling. It is equipped with a pulse generator and conductive surfaces, whereby the intensity of erotic electrostimulation is easy to adjust using various pre-programmed indulgence modes. So it is a perfect introduction to bringing yourself or others to electrosex orgasm either gently or quickly and intensively at the touch of a button.


Introduction to electrosex


We recommend you familiarise yourself with the stimulation current device "outside of body" first. The best way to do this is to experiment a little with the toy in your hand beforehand. You should enclose an e-toy or a toy that is connected to an e-stim device in both hands - so that both poles/conductive surfaces are in contact with the skin.


Then connect the stimulation current/turn on the e-stim device. Have no fear; generally speaking, e-toys and e-stim devices always automatically begin at a low intensity. It makes sense to get to know the stimuli with your hand and to try out different intensities before using the e-stim device on erotic zones such as the penis or anus. The flow of current is spread out evenly on the palms of the hands and in general when in contact with flat areas of skin. If you touch both poles with just two finger tips, the flow of current is bundled on two small surfaces (the fingertips) and suddenly becomes more intense. So don't be afraid and, if possible, avoid small contact areas.


Gel for electrosex and stimulation current devices


We always recommend using water-based lubricating gels for electrosex and electrostimulation, such as our Aquameo lubricating gel, so that the electricity is optimally conducted. Connoisseurs go straight for the optimal e-stim contact gel from MEO called "E-Shock". This water-based gel has special properties that further increase conductivity.