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Secure payment


You can choose from different payment modes.



At MEO you are always flexible


As a MEO customer, you can pay in advance or COD. Of course, we also offer payment by credit card. We do not offer partial payment, for example installments.

Information on the various payment methods can be found under payment by bank transfer (advance payment), COD, and credit cards.


Payment by bank transfer (advance payment)


We offer all customers this payment method. In this case, transfer the invoice amount indicated in our order confirmation to our account:


Please remit the invoice amount after receiving our order confirmation. Shipping will be made immediately after receipt of payment.


Cash On Delivery


COD is possible in Germany and in several countries of the European Union.

You simply pay the invoice amount directly to the deliverer.




We offer all customers this payment method.


Credit card payment


If you wish, we will charge the invoice amount on delivery to your credit card. The charge generally appears in the next cycle of your credit card institution. We accept MasterCard, American Express, and VISA.

During the ordering process, select credit card as payment method. In the next step, enter your credit card data. For security reasons, we request your verification number (CVV2 and CVC2) when you enter you data, which can be found on the back of your card.

We do not accept debit cards (Visa Electron, Carte Bleue, Switch, Delta, etc.). Customers with only debit cards have the possibility of using other payment methods (COD – within the EU – and bank transfer (advance payment) – all over the world)


But our commitment to your security goes even farther:

We save your credit card data solely for the purpose of the respective transaction and they must therefore be re-entered for every subsequent purchase. We also have our own digital certificate for encrypting data transferred and use the services of a renowned special company for electronic payments for handling transactions. For more security measures, see our security information at a glance.


The CVV2 and CVC2 card verification numbers

To handle payments with Visa or MasterCard credit cards, we need additional information – the CVV2 or CVC2 card verification number. This 3-digit number is on the back of your credit card. The three-digit CVV2 number is written in italics directly above the signature strip on the back of your card. Normally, your card number is just in front of it. We need only the last three digits of this number (the other digits are a repetition of your credit card number).

The Card Verification Code (CVV2 / VISA - CVC2 / MasterCard) is a new security feature for credit cards. It is a three-digit verification number on the back of a credit card. This new security feature prevents the use of counterfeit and stolen credit card data and the associated credit card fraud.

The CVV2/CVC2 verification number ensures that the person ordering actually has the credit card and not only a receipt or a card number. The number is not stored on the magnetic strip and cannot be derived from the credit card number.